Yogurt and the human health: surprising benefits of yogurt that everyone should not overlook


Do you notice that the yogurt section in most grocery stores has taken over the dairy aisle? It is worth noting that yogurt has been prime real estate in the supermarket recent days. This kind of food is fermented milk that was originated in Eastern Europe, but is now being manufactured and consumed by most areas all over the world. So, why it is loved like that? Check out top benefits of yogurt here to find out the answer.

Benefits Of Yogurt – Say Yes To Yogurt

1.      Give People Flat Abs

It is said that if people consume 18 ounces of yogurt per day, they can reduce their jeans size. People who consume that much can cut down their total calories and decrease belly fat than those who skip this snack. Yogurt also retain one-third more calorie torching lean muscle mass that could help people maintain a healthy weight. Fat around the waist manufacture the hormone called cortisol, telling the body to store more belly flab. When eating yogurt, the calcium in yogurt will signal the fat cells to pump out less cortisol, resulting in fat loss, while the amino acids support fat burning process.

2.      It Is Easier To Digest Than Milk

The fact is that a lot of people could not tolerate milk, either due to their protein allergy or lactose intolerance. An alternative is yogurt. Thanks to the culturing process, yogurt is more digestible than milk. In yogurt, the live active cultures will create lactase, enzyme lactose-intolerant that the human body lacks, and other enzymes. Some bacterial enzymes made by the culturing process, partially digest milk protein casein, promoting the absorption as well as making it less allergenic. Therefore, those people who cannot consume milk can take advantage of yogurt without intestinal upset. Generally, yogurt does not contain as much lactose as milk while providing people with more lactase than milk.

3.      Contain A Lot Of Essential Nutrients

This is one of the most obvious benefits of yogurt. Yogurt provides people with many nutrients such as calcium, protein, riboflavin, B vitamins, and folic acid. Consuming yogurt can help you increase the calcium absorption thanks to active cultures present in this food. The calcium in 8 serves of yogurt is more than in the same amount of milk.

Moreover, yogurt is also a great source of protein compared to milk. Protein in yogurt is usually called “pre-digested” as during fermentation process, these proteins become easy to digest.

The lactic acid found in yogurt can assist the digestion, make it easier to absorb. And, because yogurt provides a variety of vitamins, the mineral absorption is also increased.

4.      Promote Immunity

Studies indicated that those people who eat two cups of yogurt each day might produce higher level of immunity boosting interferon. The bacterial cultures in live-culture yogurt are able to stimulate infection-fighting white cells in the blood stream.  The lacto bacillus found in yogurt can strengthen the intestine, and boost the absorption of essential nutrients in the body that might maintain the health of digestive system, which in turn will promote the immune system.

5.      Prevent High Blood Pressure

Those individuals who usually consume high amount of salt might suffer from hypertension, heart disease, and kidney. When consuming yogurt, the potassium can help stimulate the absorption and eliminate redundant amount of sodium in the body. If you consume at least a cup of yogurt every day, you will be less likely to suffer from high blood pressure than those who do not. Make yogurt a part of your diet to stay away from high blood pressure condition.

6.      Keep Colds Away

If you consume about four ounces of yogurt each day, you might find yourself sniffle-free in the next months. Those women who often consume this amount will have stronger and more active T cells, which can fight off sickness as well as infection than those who do not. Such healthy bacteria present in yogurt can help send signals to the immune-promoting cells in the body to power up and battle harmful bugs. Actually, allergy sufferers who have low levels of certain T cells might also see relief when adding yogurt to their daily diets. According to some studies, individuals who ate seven ounces of yogurt per day will have lower symptoms of allergy than those who do not.

7.      Face Saver

Some people might know the effects of yogurts on complexion. Indeed, yogurt includes lactic acid that is a component in several in-office chemical peels. It can gently exfoliate top layers of the epidermis, which is able to clear up blemishes and discolorations, and even decrease fine wrinkles.

It is recommended that people should mix yogurt with 2 or 3 drops of olive or almond oil and a tablespoon of honey, then apply this mixture to your face, wait for 20 or 30 minutes before rinsing out and patting it dry.

8.      Lower Cholesterol

Many studies proved that just 2 cups of yogurt intake daily can reduce the cholesterol level thanks to the presence of live nutrients in yogurt that may assimilate the cholesterol formation and fight off infection in the human bloodstream. Those people who take yogurt pro-biotic have reduced cholesterol level by 6.3 percent when compared to those who take medications.

9.      Offer Curable Antibiotic

Antibiotics found in the yogurt can kill not only the negative harmful bacteria, but also the good heavy bacteria present in the intestines before reaching your kidneys and urogenital system. And, the live active bacterial nutrients in the yogurt can help you recover the intestine with useful bacteria before harmful ones build in it. Therefore, it is recommended that people should take at least 2 cups of yogurt in order to get effective antibiotic treatment.

10.      Reduce Yeast Infections

The majority of women may suffer from candida or yeast overgrowth in their vagina, especially women suffering from diabetes. Hence, it is important for women to follow a well-balanced, healthy diet which contains various foods including natural bacteria and yeasts. Yogurt is considered as the most beneficial form of yeast which is good for the vaginal and intestinal infections. A variety of studies as well as researches pointed out women consuming 6 ounces of yogurt every day can alleviate yeast infection symptoms. And women suffering from chronic vaginal infections after consuming yogurt each day see decreased symptoms in their problem naturally. Therefore, people should consume at least 8 ounces of yogurt packed with useful bacteria to reduce the formation of the yeast organisms in their vagina and lessen the incident of yeast vaginal infection safely.

11.      Prevent Colon Cancer

Yogurt includes lacto bacteria, which are beneficial in fostering a healthy colon and preventing from colon cancer. In reality, lacto bacteria are a type of intestine friendly bacteria that enhances the development of healthy bacteria in the colon, resulting in decreased colon diseases risk. These bacteria damage the harmful microorganism in your colon before they turn carcinogenic. People who consume a large amount of calcium will have low rate of getting colorectal cancer. In other words, old people who have run out of lactase as well as have more sensitive colors can take advantage of yogurt because it can make it easier for them to digest.

12.      Keep A Healthy Weight

Yogurt can be a natural solution for weight loss because of its low calorie content plus with fat-burning capabilities. Obese people who add yogurt into their diet lose more excess body fat and retain more lean tissue than people who do not eat yogurt. As yogurt is contained in a decreased-calorie diet, people will get weight loss which might be due to the calcium that maintains a healthy weight.

13.      Acne Fighter

When it comes to beauty benefits of yogurt, yogurt is rather high in zinc, which can help people reduce and prevent pimples and acne. Try applying a little bit of yogurt on the affected area once per day, then you can see the disappearance of acne in just one week. If you apply this method regularly, then your skin will be kept in healthy shape and prevented from breaking out. It also assists in subsiding any inflammation as well as redness. It plays a role as a natural astringent for the skin.

14.      Abolish Tan, Dark Circles, And Alleviate Skin Discoloration

Because the high-content of zinc, yogurt can clear your blemishes, shrinks the pores naturally. Thanks to the mild skin bleaching properties, yogurt consumers will reduce skin discoloration overtime. Keep in mind that you need to remove your makeup before applying the yogurt on your skin.

Besides, in order to get rid of dark circles, apply just a thin yogurt layer under the eyes, leave it for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse it off before hitting the hay. It is good for you to apply this method for one week and you will see great improvement.

For the purpose of blotches or age spots, you can rub some tablespoon of yogurt mixed with the lemon juice onto your skin for about 30 minutes. Rinse off and dry your skin. Repeat it several times per week to get the best results.

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This article covers some of the most typical health and beauty benefits of yogurt. Actually, yogurt is the best when taken it simply. So, go on and get some yogurt from the grocery store or prepare fresh yogurt right at your home. You will see how valuable it is.

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