Top 11 bodybuilding tips for men that reveal eating plans for natural bodybuilders you must know


If you are bodybuilding beginner, this might be confusing. In order to gain the best result as you want, you obviously need to make sure you are following some sound strategies so that the meal plans and workouts you are following will help you build muscle. Follow these top bodybuilding tips for men and you will enter the upper ranks of gym rats at your local iron jungle in no time…

Bodybuilding Tips For Men – 12 Tricks For Beginners

1. Eat Frequent, Small Meals

In terms of high energy level, muscle growth, reduced body fat, and good gastrointestinal health, in order to have the best results, men should eat from five to six meals a day with calories quantity ranging from 300-1000 depending on their size and targets. Keep a stash in your office, your car, your gym bag. It is said that the longer you make the body wait between meals, the less effective it can burn fat and build lean muscles. In fact, long waiting period without consuming will dramatically enhance the opportunity of overeating when you have a meal.


2. Consume Enough Protein

Proteins are considered as the major building blocks of the human body. Similar to carbohydrates, one gram of protein includes 4 calories. Those active people should add approximately a gram of protein per pound of ideal weight each day in order to maintain their lean massive muscles. Strength athletes, bodybuilders, and endurance athletes tend to be in a continual cycle of muscle reconstruction and degradation; thus, they have larger protein need than others. Foods, like cheese, milk, eggs, poultry, fish, and red meat are rich sources of protein. You can eat them to get adequate protein for muscle building. In other words, if you feel it is hard to take enough protein by eating, then I recommend you to supplement your body with a low-fat/ low-carb protein powder like HDT’s Problend-55.


3. Beware Of Carbohydrates Types

As you know, carbohydrates consist of four calories per gram. Also, they are the major source of energy for the human body. When more than three 6-carbon sugar molecules are linked, the resulting molecule will be known as a complex carbohydrate. Then one or two 6-carbon sugar molecules joined together comprises a simple sugar. Complex carbs are classified into fibrous and starchy carbohydrates.

When taken, simple sugars like dextrose and sucrose, as well as refined complex carbohydrates such as white flour, supply a burst of energy that usually gives people feelings of lethargy. Especially, unrefined complex carbohydrates are digested by the system more slowly than simple sugars and will supply sustained and constant energy levels.

4. Limit Sugars

Actually, the lower glycemic index of a given carbohydrate, the more gradually it will be digested into its component parts and absorbed from the GI tract into the bloodstream. Pasta, whole grains, legumes, and yams are among the best sources of complex carbohydrates. Some processed foods like white rice and bread, even non-processed foods such as potatoes have high glycemic volume and are more readily stored as fat.

One main exception is fructose, which is the simple sugar found in fruits with a low glycemic index. One thing to concentrate on when it comes to carbohydrates is that you need roughly a 2:1ratio of carbs to protein in your post workout meal plan. The post meal should include high quality carbohydrate, Glutamine, and carbohydrate.

5. Consume Adequate Fiber

As fiber could not be assismilated by the human GI tract, so it cannot contribute caloris and is passed as waste. A deficiency of fiber will lead to a sluggish GI tract, bloating, water retention, constipation, and an enhanced risk of developing colon cancer. In other words, besides being rich in antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are excellent fiber sources. The recommendation proportion of fiber consumption is at least 5 servings each day.

In order to get optimal fat burning result, you should control starchy carb consumption later in the day. Instead, you can eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.

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6. Eat The Proper Fats

We all know that fats are critical energy sources if stored glycogen is limited. Because fats include 9 calories per gram, which are more couple times than the amount found in proteins and carbohydrates. The saturated fats which are derived from animal sources can trigger heavily the development of cardiovascular disease when compared with unsaturated fats derived from plant sources. Therefore, you should limit the intake of fats so that fats are consumed less than 30% of the caloric intake.

It is so important for you to consume the right fats. When choosing fat, you should look for anything high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon or use a necessary fat supplement like fish oil or flax oil.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water

The next one in bodybuilding tips for men that you should know is consuming enough water. The active individuals had better consume a minimum of one gallon of water each day. Water assists the liver as well as kidneys in detoxifying of poisons and the eradication of wastes from the human body. When your body is lack of water, you will become dehydrated and your organs, containing liver, muscle and kidney, will not be able to function optimally. Optional kidney function allows the liver to be free to perform maximum lypolysis, or fat burning.

Additionally, water is also an appetite suppressant and an excellent diuretic. The high intake of fluid not only promotes urination, but it also reduces overall water retention and bloat. Though you might have to work up to a gallon per day steadily about a week whilst your bladders modifies, you are going to reap the benefits of your attempts instantly.

Actually, drink the water which is below the body temperature will help you lose weight. If you consume one gallon of water chilled to 32 degrees, then your body will burn 300 calories to heat it. What an easy manner to burn fat!

8. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is not precisely classified as a nutrient, yet it is drunk and warrants mention. Did you know that alcohol is the enemy of the athlete and dieter? It consists of 7 calories grams, approximately as much as fat. Moreover, it does not include nutritional value. Not only does alcohol provide empty calories, but it also reduces your body’s metabolic rate. As a result, fewer calories are burnt.

Furthermore, alcohol consumption might also lead to a transient subsequent food cravings and hypoglycemic state. Lastly, alcohol is hepatotoxic and even a moderate amount of alcohol intake also results in deposits on the liver. When consuming alcohol, the liver has to work hard to detoxify your system, and it is less efficient at fat burning or lypolysis.

9. Focus On Lifting More Weight Over Time

The critical bodybuilding tip is to add more weight to the bar.

It will not matter how many rules you apply, if you are not increasing the sheer volume you lift over time, then you cannot build toned muscles as rapidly as you wish.

The initial priority of any bodybuilding workout program needs to be heavier weights lifting.

When you are not able to raise the weight up higher, that is when you begin considering other plans such as drop sets, or supersets, and so on. By this way, you will help to enhance your body’s potential, thus in several weeks later; you could explode it up to the higher weight level.

10. The Rule Of Failure

The next one in bodybuilding tips for men is to focus on the rule of failure. A lot of people believe that lifting to failure every single set is considered as the best manner to gain muscle. They claim that to get certain muscle grow, it is necessary to entirely exhaust it.

Though it is right that you need to push your muscles pass the comfort levels for getting progress, you could run into some problems when you are lifting to failure each as well as every set.

First, it is central nervous system fatigue. Normally, exercise programs designed to go to failure every time will be so draining on the central nervous system. If you follow such a program, after several weeks, you will be likely to find your central nervous system exhausted so that you cannot lift even the usual weight you often do.

Second, if you do this on the first exercise, you will not have much energy for the next exercises after that. Because you should do at least a couple of various exercises in every workout, this will be very hard to complete.

Instead, you should focus on one or two reps. This will get to help your body work at the intensity level necessary to build lean muscles rapidly. Nevertheless, it will also not entirely damage you so that you must end that routine prematurely, then take one or two days to regain your energy.

11. Perform Exercises Working At Least Two Muscle Groups At A Time

The last tip on how to build muscle for men is to concentrate on compound exercises. People just have a limited amount of time they could spend in the gym each day because of recovery restraints and time. Thus, if you waste this amount of time on exercises that just focus on one or two small muscle groups, then you are not maximizing your muscle building potential. Therefore, instead, you should follow the principle of performing at least two groups of muscle. For instance, the shoulder press is going to work the triceps and the shoulders. The squat will incorporate the hamstrings and the quads. And the bench press will work the shoulders, chest, and triceps.

Compound lifts will typically be able to lift more weight, so you should take a try and see what will be your best choice.

After covering quick but straightforward bodybuilding tips for men above, will you apply them right instantly for yourself?  If you could incorporate them into your program consistently and successfully, you’ll be on the right track to get results.

Leave all your ideas at the end of this post of bodybuilding tips for men to let us know what you think. We will answer all your comments as soon as possible.


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