Top 10 Kitchen Garbage Cans 2017 Reviews


A proper trash can is essential for every home, which is helpful for disposing of swept up dirt and dust, food remains, litter, and every other kind of wastes. This trash accumulates in your home on a daily basis. Garbage cans can effectively keep all the collected garbage in a single place till you can dump it outside. Trash cans are highly beneficial for storing awful things after cooking. You must always have one garbage can for each cooking. Otherwise, the odor will be spread over the house. You will not feel to cook anymore if your kitchen is not cleaned properly. This trash can is also helpful for keeping your kitchen hygienic. These are the Top 10 KitchenGarbage Cans 2017 Reviews, you can pick the best one from here.

10. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


Made by using stainless steel, the Simplehuman Semi-Round Trash Can comes with a liner rim. Thus, you can flip it up for an easy and quick liner change. The patented lid shox technology offers a silent, smooth close. You can place it very easily against the wall because this garbage can have a flat back. Thus, you can keep the can out of the way. The large capacity allows you to keep the busy areas in your home clean. It has a strong steel pedal, which is highly durable. This trash can is perfect for getting a cleaner trash experience.

9. Knape & Vogt USC15-2-35PT Trash Can


The Knape & Vogt is a double trash can that comes with a 35-Qaurt platinum soft close. A heavy duty plastic platform is the feature of this trash unit, which offers durability and ease of cleaning. It holds two garbage cans on a pull-out system. You can install it very easily by using only 4 screws. Soft-close technology is used in this garbage can. The color coordinated aluminum side rails offer you stability and it can conceal slide hardware. It is the best trash can for preventing debris from falling on the floor or cabinet.

8. EKO Waste Bin from Household Essential


If you want to accommodate all trashes in your home, you require a large garbage can. However, EKO from Household Essentials is highly useful to you even though it is a 6L waste bin. It is the best alternative to traditional square or round waste bins. A gently curved shell shape is a major feature of this waste bin. It allows this bin to bow around to a flat back. It has an elegant design, which is helpful for fitting snugly against walls, pantries or cabinetry. This garbage bin is ideal for those who live in small apartments. This is a small, hands-free unit that comes with a removable liner. So, you can take out the trash and change the bag effortlessly. This unit offers you a cleaner and more comfortable experience. This is very small, so you can keep it in powder room or bathroom. It is also convenient to keep one in each bedroom.

7. Knape & Vogt PSW10-1-35-R-P


The PSW10-1-35-R-P is the other stunning garbage bin from Knape & Vogt. This is an in-cabinet, pull-out trash can. It has heavy-duty ball-bearing slides. It firms perfectly into the cage because the capture cage is constructed by using steel. It can hold one garbage can on a pull-out system. So, you can install it by using only 4 screws. This is an ideal solution for handling all trash at your home. You can keep your home clean and safe if you use this garbage bin.

6. Simplehuman Semi-round Sensor Can


This touch-free automatic trash can is the second generation garbage bin. Stainless steel is used for manufacturing this can, so it is free from rust and it is highly durable. Motion sensing technology is used in this bin, which can sense the area above the can. So, it opens automatically with the wave of your hand. It has a planetary gear system, which can transfer speed to torque for consistent lid operation. The nano-silver clear coat can protect the stainless steel from germs and fingerprints. It is free from false triggers and unexpected lid closures. The can has a high-resolution sensor, which is able to make a fast and precise detection.

5. Mini Countertop Trash Bin from Estilo


The Mini Countertop Trash Bin from Estilo is a very small trash bin, thus it is ideal for coffee grounds, crumbs, peelings, packets, wastepaper, and every small trash. Thus, this little garbage bin is perfect for coffee makers, office workers, housewives, tailors, etc. stainless steel is used for constructing this trash bin, thus it is free from rust. It has a swing lid, which will swing back once you push the lid. It has a satin finish. It is a perfect match for all your circumstances.

4. Tramontina Step on Waste Can


The stainless steel step can of Tramontina is a stylish alternative to regular garbage bins. Stainless steel is used for creating this durable, rectangular shape trash bin. It can do any functions beautifully within your room. A sleek, satin finish, stainless steel body is the major feature of this trash bin. It has a print and stain-free coating and a dense, polypropylene lift-out liner. The vented base offers easy bag removal. You can also step open this bin very easily. It has a freshener system, which helps to reduce odors. Corrosion resistant, hard-wearing materials provide durability to this bin.

3. Levpet 13-Gallon Trash Can


The Levpet 13-Gallon Trash Can has a sophisticated design and intelligent capabilities. Thus, it is an ideal for upgrading any trash bin in your kitchen. It is able to create an odor-free, germ-free, automated environment. Thus, it is perfect for keeping your hands clean when you are playing with your children or cooking. It is also helpful for preventing contamination, which is essential for reducing the threat of certain infections and illnesses. An energy saving technology is used in this bin, so it can keep the battery life 20 percent longer.

2. simplehuman Round Step Trash Can


This waste bin has an oversized rim, which is designed to hold and grip the can liners in place. Therefore, you can keep the can in the place tightly without sliding. It has a minimal unibody construction. Thus, it does not need any additional inner bucket. So, it is lightweight and you can clean it very easily. The can has an iconic round shape, thus you can keep it against the wall, in corners, or almost anywhere. It has a strong steel pedal, which is highly durable. The lid shox technology offers you a smooth and silent close all the time.

1. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


The Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can is considered as the best garbage can due to a number of reasons. It is highly useful for almost all types of kitchen. You can make a smooth, silent close because of the proprietary lid shox ® of simplehuman. Thus, the lid of this can will not open accidently by kids or pets. This is a space saving trash can, which is great for all busy households due to its large capacity. You can also keep it away from foot traffic.


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