Top 10 Best Winter Boots For Men In 2018 Reviews


The best of 2018’s winter boots for men have now been profiled, rated and ranked. This is our deliberate effort to save you from the trouble of having to sift through dozens of offers almost all which seem to pander to the same marketing spiel. As such, we have selected a set of ten high performance men’s winter boots and reviewed them here. After considering a set of remarkable features including toughness of the construction, waterproofing, design and treading of the sole as well as how well padded (and comfortable) the interior of the shoe is, we arrived at this objective ranking offered in ascending order of performance. Better still, all the shoes are now on offer at, retailing for highly discounted prices. Take advantage of the special offers while they last and guarantee that when the biting cold weather comes, you will not be caught flat footed.

10. Sorel Men’s Cold Mountain Zip Casual Boot


If the nature of your daily duties compels you to head out in the most inclement weather conditions, you need a pair of boots which are not only completely waterproof but also fully padded to protect your feet against the biting cold. If it can be helped too, such boots should be resilient and lightweight in design as well. This Sorel footwear product for men makes a great claim to being the most effective in meeting this exacting criterion. Made from a combination of suede leather as well as breathable but nonetheless moisture resistant fabric for the upper shoe, the boot is certain to offer delight for the heavy duty user. It also includes a resiliently waterproof thermal rubber shell made using the injection molding technique to guarantee the best waterproof performance.

9. Northside Men’s Dawson Winter Shoe


With its attractive suede upper shoe, grippy rubber sole and the most functional padding in the inside, this is a winter boot which will take you through the worst of weathers and ensure you are the better for it in the end. The boot is indeed much more lightweight compared to competing offers, even most of the ones featured in this review. It is yet another proof that a useful winter boot needs not be too tough or unwieldy as to drag you down. The deep lug sole is deeply treaded as a guarantee that whenever you opt to walk on slippery snow, there is little danger of slipping or falling. The suede of the upper shoe is also easy to take care of and will live for at least a couple of years with minimal care and attention.

8. Kingshow – Mens Warm Waterproof Winter Leather High Height Snow Boot


It is now possible to face up to the daunting challenge of winter weather when you take up these cold weather boots now redesigned to offer more resilience in 2016. They are yet another proof that those who depend on the Kingshow footwear brand are assured of foolproof protection against inclement weather conditions while guaranteeing that you will feel just as comfortable when taking the shoes off in the evening as you were when you donned them earlier in the morning. The boots are carefully tolled to ensure complete compliance to true size so there is no need to worry whether the boots will fit well once they have been shipped to your address. The shoes are designed to be rugged and tough to the outside while being soft and encasing to the inside. The padded tongue and collar as well as the cushion insole are designed to offer extra level of comfort even for the most rigorous uses.

7. Timberland Men’s Schazzberg High WP Insulated Winter Boot


While it is very important that a winter boot offers the necessary protection from the coldest of weather conditions, it is equally important that such a boot should be made to be as comfortable to wear for lengthy hours. This Timberland boot has not only been made with these excellent qualities in mind but is also rugged enough to take you through a myriad winter seasons without any drop in performance or need for repairs. The upper shoe is made from carefully cured premium quality, full grain leather guaranteed to offer the best protecting against sleety, snow and any other extreme weather elements. The use of the highly acclaimed Pendleton wool for padding further improves the resilience and comfort of this boot. The foot is also offered unmatched support and orthodontic comfort thanks to the inclusion of the OrthoLite footbed complete with shock absorbing padding.

6. Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot


When you need a pair of boots which are resilient enough to face up to the worst of outdoor conditions you can always count on Merrell to provide a selection of worthy footwear products. This totally waterproof boot is just another reason why many outdoor adventurers as well as field workers are opting to put their faith in Merrell’s shoes as they meet and even exceed the basic criteria for durability, comfort as well as heavy duty performance. The boot combines a selection of leather, synthetic resin as well as fabric elements to offer you a boot which will go through the harshest outdoor conditions without subjecting you to discomfort or fatigue. The sole of the boot is also distinctively treaded to guarantee that you are not only stable but also surefooted as the snow turns slippery and treacherous beneath your very feet.

5. DP Mens 0613W Water Proof Fur Interior Rubber Sole Winter Snow Rain Boots


In your quest for the best winter boot this year, you will never miss out on the most ideal specimen if you prioritize quality of construction as well as proven performance. This premium winter boot has a host of features predicated on offering the most effective protection for your feet as you go about your business sin the most inclement weather conditions. It is at once cozy, warm and comfortable enough to wear all day long without any sort of harm getting to your feet. The shoe is constructed from a waterproof combination of materials offering the best protection as you go round and about in wintry outdoor conditions. The rubber sole is also worth a special mention for how well it offers great traction even in very slippery snowed out surfaces.

4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot


Do not become a victim of frigid weather when you don this pair of Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot from Columbia’s exclusive line of high quality footwear for men. The shoes have been carefully designed to offer you the most formidable performance and protection in the most incredible weather conditions you can face up to. Engineered using the latest technology and high performance materials, the boots are not only completely waterproof but lightweight enough to let you go about your duties without dragging you down unnecessarily. The boots go past the ankle and are made of a seam-sealed construction to guarantee you are fully insulated against the biting cold. Moreover, the Omni-Heat reflective lining delivers even more resilience in changing weather conditions.

3. Merrell Men’s Thermo 6 Waterproof Winter Boot


No other footwear brand pronounces that you are prepared for whatever nature or caprice may throw at you while out of doors as does Merrell. In this exquisite winter boot for men, this pedigree is plain and clear for any one to see. It is a boot carefully put together to make the demands of the most exacting off-road adventure and the most treacherous snow conditions nothing more than a simple trifle. Indeed, the boot’s design has now been enhanced meaning the 2016 version of the Thermo 6 waterproof winter boot offers more warmth as well as incredible traction. The well known Vibram sole is certain to help you gain purchase and stability even as you move up or down a snowed out incline. A 200g Thinsulate insulation is also a sure guarantee that the boots will remain ideally warm without adding even more bulk to the shoes’ weight. The shoes are also among the most breathable out of the ten featured in this review., This is mainly thanks to the inclusion of one of the most breathable yet waterproof membrane covering the entirety of the shoe’s interior.

2. Cole Haan Men’s Bryce Zip Winter Boot


When the biting cold of winter strikes you need to ensure you are not only clothed but also shod well enough to face the grimmest of outdoor conditions without coming off the worse for it. These robust winter boots have been put together with the sole aim of not only giving you a fighting chance as the temperatures plummet and the snow comes falling down but also guarantee that you can enjoy comfort as well as breathable convenience even when you are forced to face such conditions day in, day out. With the boots’ zip up closure, it is just as easy to put them on as it will be for you to discard them once you are back in the house. A round toe design is as elegantly fashionable as you are likely to find in this class of footwear and has earned this pair of boots no small amount of acclaim. To the interior you will find the boots no less imposing. The synthetic lining as well as the footbed are made from the softest of materials and are also delightfully porous to keep your feet not only protected but also fittingly dry.

1. KingShow Men’s Waterproof Leather Duck Boots Snow Winter


If you are intent on not letting the most inclement of winter weather conditions from going out either for work or for fun, you had better ordered for yourself a pair of these resilient winter boots by KingShow. In practical tests the boots have proven a cut above the rest in terms of their durable construction, ability to withstand the harshest outdoor temperatures without giving you a frostbite risk and even how well they help ensure you walk stably and sure on the snow. The boots are made from a mix of synthetic leather and textile (for the upper shoe) to guarantee they are resiliently waterproof while offering your feet the breathing space needed for all day long comfort. A lace-up design makes it even easier to put on and off while you can count on the rugged duck boot toe to make your way even when the snow is piling up relentlessly. The heavy duty work outsole is made from a form of vulcanized rubber to guarantee flexibility without structural weakness.

There are many winter boots for men currently on offer on the web. However, not every one of them is good enough to prove resilient enough for all weather purposes. The ten winter boots for men as profiled above will however meet even the most exacting requirements when it comes to structure, durability and even fashionable style. Choose yours today and you will have started 20-16 on a sure footing no matter how treacherous the ground beneath you is.


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