Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners In 2018 Reviews


With the recent advent in technology, window air conditioners are currently attainable in a plethora of shape, sizes, and designs. Most models are durable. They are also compact, have high performance designs that work well in all types of homes, and are relatively cheaper and easier to install than most central air conditioning systems. If you live in a temperate environment and want a valuable window air conditioning system that offers the foregoing and other benefits, the 10 models reviewed on this list are among the best in the market. They are durable, have the high quality components, and are efficient.

10. Frigidaire FRA065AT7


To keep your home cool and comfortable during warm summer months, Frigidaire FRA065AT7 is a recommended 6,000BTU mini air conditioner with a convenient window mounted design that works well in several types of homes. The dual fans offered are not only powerful but also works in synergy with its eight-way directional control system to cover up to 216 square inches while its low voltage design is innovative if power consumption is a major concern. Pricing is decent. The remote control that it comes with offers hands-free convenience, while its built-in 24-hour timer (including sleep mode) eases customization of its functionality on demand. Weighing only 51 pounds, Frigidaire FRA065AT7 is easy to install on windows measuring 23-36-inches wide. Its white theme blends well in contemporary homes while the plethora of warranties offered (five-year sealed system and one-year full warranty) attest its value.

9. Koldfront Window Air Conditioner


Sought-after for its power efficiency and ability to cool large rooms efficiently, this window air conditioner by Koldfront is a powerful 12,000BTU accessory with an innovative heat and cool system that offers value. Although compact, this window conditioner cools between 450-550 square feet efficiently. It is also affordable, manufactured using quality components, and has window seals that prevent heat loss and four-directional louvers for directing airflow when in use. Koldfront Window Air Conditioner fits windows measuring up to 26 7/8″ to 36″ wide. It has four operation modes (including an energy saving EER 10.9 mode), an adjustable electronic thermostat that works well for years, adjustable fan speeds for customizing cooling or heating, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all production defects (both physical and electrical). You will appreciate the value of an original one.

8. MIDEA MWK-05CMN1-BI7 Westpointe

MIDEA MWK-05CMN1-BI7 Westpointe


Talking about the top 10 best window air conditioners reviews, MIDEA MWK-05CMN1-BI7 Westpointe is a powerful 5,000 BTU air conditioner with an advanced five-year carry in sealed system that offers valuable service for years. It measures approximately 12.05-inch high by 16-inch wide by 13.2-inch deep, fits a variety of window designs and sizes (2.3-36), and has well-designed side panels that ease installation and usage. The R410A refrigerant it uses is environmentally friendly. The 1-year parts and labor warranty offered attest its high value, while its ability to cool up to 150 square feet of space makes it an ideal everyday air conditioner for small-medium-sized rooms. You also get a rotary thermostat control, two speed and fan settings, and an installation kit.

7. Frigidaire FFRL0633Q1



To enjoy an optimal cooling experience without spending a hefty amount of money, Frigidaire FFRL0633Q1 is an affordable 6,000 BTU accessory that never disappoints. It has a durable and easy to install low-profile design that works well in several types of windows. It also has a fully functional remote control, an Energy Star rated 115-volt electrical system, and powerful fans that cool up to 250 square feet of space fast and efficiently. You also get a reliable 1.3 pint per hour dehumidification feature, easy-to-use ready-select electronic controls, and a long 6.5-foot three-prong power cord for easier installation.

6. RCA RACM5002


Recommended for use in small rooms and or light duty cooling or bedrooms and or living rooms, RCA RACM5002 is a powerful 5000 BTU window-mounted air conditioner with a space efficient electricity powered design (115-volts) that offers value. Attainable cheap in stores, this one of a kind air conditioner has a durable and feature-rich design that you will enjoy using daily. The magnetic controls that it comes with, for instance, are not only sensitive but also ease operation. Its ability to cool up to 150 square feet of space is impressive for its price while the three fan speeds and the cooling modes offered allow you to customize performance on demand to get the best out of it. Many people also appreciate the directional air control system that it comes, its easy to use mounting brackets, and the power efficient electrical system that buyers get.

5. LG Electronics LW8014ER

 LG Electronics LW8014ER

Sought-after by homeowners worldwide, LG Electronics LW8014ER is a reliable 8000 BTU window mounting air conditioner that ranks among the most energy efficient in its class (11.3 EER). It is easy to install, connects to most window types and 115-volt electrical outlets, and has a well-engineered system that cools up to 340 square feet. This air conditioner’s four way air deflection system offers directional cooling. Its three fan and cooling speed boost its flexibility, while its affordability and ease of use make it an ideal conditioner.

4. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1

By choosing Frigidaire FFRA0511R1, you get a trusted 5,000 BTU window mounting air conditioner with a durable mini-compact design that saves valuable space. It is durable, easy to install, and has a well-wired 115-volt electrical system that works fast and reliable, while keeping power consumption low at the same time. If money is a concern, this air conditioner is affordable. It has responsive mechanical controls, a top of the line 1.1-pint dehumidification feature, a two-way directional control, and a super-quiet system with two fan and cool speeds. It is also power efficient and designed to cool 150 square feet of space fast.

3. LG Electronics LW8015HR

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1


A best seller in stores, LG Electronics LW8015HR is a 7,500 BTU electric air conditioner with a compact and easy to mount slide in-out chassis. It is durable, has a supplemental 3850 BTU heating function, and a high capacity mounting kit that does not lose its shape nor functionality over time. It uses standard 115-volt outlets. It also has an energy-saving thermistor thermostat, multi-speed electronic controls, and a well-engineered remote controlled system that cools up to 320 square feet and dehumidifies up to 2.1 pints per hour.

2. Frigidaire FRA054XT7



As the Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 reviewed herein, Frigidaire FRA054XT7 is a powerful 5,000 BTU mini air conditioner with a universal wall-mounting design that works well in homes. It is white-themed, energy star rated, and a fast-cooling system that covers up to 165 square feet. It has dual fans, a powerful two-way directional control, and full-width air discharge vents that keeps environments inside homes habitable. You also get a washable anti-bacterial mesh filter, electronic controls, a full function remote, temperature control, and energy save function, and a five-year sealed and one-year full manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1


Designed to quickly cool rooms measuring up to 350 square feet, this 8,000 BTU wall mounting air conditioner by Frigidaire is our pick of the best in this category. It has space efficient mini-compact design that fits in several types of windows, a sensing remote control that eliminates the need of manual control, and a built in dehumidifier that filters up to 1.7 pints per hour. You also get a clean air ionizer that removes impurities and pollen, and Energy Start rated 115-volt electrical system, and a large exhaust vent that removes bad odors.


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