Top 10 Best Turntables In 2018 Reviews


Turntables have over the years changed a lot with the advancement of technology. Some of the turntables have embraced and changed a lot thanks to this technology while others have still managed to maintain their original vintage look and functioning. The following article is going to give you some of the best turntables in 2018 that have balanced new technology and the traditional one to give the fans the best experience:

10. Pyle PLTTBA1 Professional Manual Turntable

The Pyle manual turntable is one of the most affordable turntables that provide high – end audio sound. It’s a professional turntable that operates on a manually driven belt with an “s” weighted tone arm that tracks efficiently. With this turntable you can regulate its pitch control by as much as +/- 16%. With this pitch adjustment option you will therefore be able to listen to all your songs at their right pitch for maximum enjoyment. For improved performance this Pyle turntable is equipped with two playback speeds of 33.3 and 45RPM. A stroboscope lamp is installed in this turntable shining beautifully on all the markings on the exterior edge. It thus assists you to see the markings better in order to regulate speeds more accurately. Its dust cover and anti – skating functions are here to ensure that it remains functional for as long as possible.

9. 1byone Belt Drive Portable Turntable

Top 10 Best Turntables In 2016 Reviews

The 1byone belt drive turntable is housed in a wooden cabinet wrapped with a PU leather. This cabinet is designed as a briefcase with a handle on top. With this cabinet, you will always be in a position to carry the turntable with you anywhere you go very easily as it is also lightweight. It is manufactured with three different speed settings that you can choose from, and they are 33RPM, 45RPM, and 78RPM. Its dynamic arm has a soft-damping system of control and well-balanced for optimal performance. It produces excellent sound quality from its inbuilt speakers that are constructed facing forward. You can also listen to your songs by headphones through the headphone jack outputs. There is also an RCA jack and other ports located on its sides for quick operation with various playback modes.

8. Sony PSLX300 USB Turntable

Top 10 Best Turntables In 2016 Reviews

This Sony turntable is fully automatic turntable constructed using some of the most advanced technologies to come up with a unit aimed at satisfying your music needs. Its torn arm has a static balance technology, and the turntable operates on a belt – driven system. This arm will, therefore, work efficiently with the CD to produce the best audio output. To further boost audio output, it has two-speed settings of 45RPM and 33.3RPM. The turntable will always try to select the better of the two speeds that match your particular song. It has a USB audio output in case you want to connect it with your smartphone of other gadgets.

7. Electrohome Wellington Wood Turntable

Top 10 Best Turntables In 2016 Reviews

This electrophone turntable lets you enjoy your soundtrack in style thanks to its incredible retro vinyl designing. The turntable is fully housed in a mahogany wood case with smooth edges and finishing. The 4 – in – 1 vinyl turntable allows you to enjoy music in four different ways; it can play mp3 songs directly from your phone through its 3.5mm input or USB, it can play CDs, vinyl records and will also tune into AM or FM radio. With all these options the turntable can guarantee you that all your music desires will be fulfilled! It is also important to note that its auxiliary input of 3.5mm can connect with most smartphones including iPhone and iPad. Its acoustic cabinet hosting the inbuilt speakers provide optimal sound performance. In case you want to listen to music privately you can also connect your headphones. This turntable can also be used to record a vinyl album through to a mp3 by just connecting a USB drive and pressing record!

6. Electrohome Archer Classic Turntable


This is a classic turntable whose designing has been greatly inspired by the 1960s. Therefore, if you want a major through back turntable, then this is for you. This 3 – in – 1 turntable lets you listen to music from your smartphone or tablet through the 3.5mm input, and you can also play your vinyl albums in it. In case you want to listen privately, the jack input port will allow you to connect your headphones. Its inbuilt stereo speakers produce full range quality audio that graces your ears smoothly with your songs. To further boost audio performance a ceramic needle has been included in the set, and its impact has been astounding. It spins 7”, 10” or 12” records at speeds ranging from 33.3rpm, 45rpm, to 78rpm.

5. Electrohome Signature Vinyl Turntable

The retro inspired Electrohome Signature turntable will fill your home with high fidelity sound performances. The ceramic “diamond tipped” needle also plays a crucial role in boosting the audio’s performance. It can play music from four different sources. These include mp3s through a USB, AM/FM radio, songs from your smartphones through the auxiliary 3.5mm input and all vinyl records. Its casing has been constructed from an authentic handcrafted wood. This real wood and the deep walnut finishing give the turntable a vintage look that’s impossible not to love. The turntable will also allow you to records your vinyl albums using just a USB without having to connect it to a computer.

4. Audio Technica Automatic Turntable


The Audio Technica turntable has put to use the current advanced technologies to come up with a hybrid turntable that will give you a vintage experience through latest technologies. With this turntable, you will, therefore, be able to convert your vinyl records into digital audio media with audacity. To facilitate this, the turntable has had to be installed with some computer programs. The unit is hence compatible with both PC and Mac. The turntable can help you boost the audio output either through the RCA outputs or the inbuilt phono pre – amplifier which is switchable. The turntable can play in two speeds i.e. 33.3 or 45RPM, and the belt turntable operation is fully automatic for general improved performance and convenience. The turntable is housed in a sturdy anti-resonance aluminum platter with a very attractive design.

3. Jensen Three Speed Turntable


Jensen JTA-222 3-speed turntable is housed in an antique wooden cover. This case has been designed carefully to give room for the various accessories that are to be used together with this turntable for ultimate enjoyment. The case, for example, gives room for easy accessibility to the stereo headphone port, the external speaker terminals, and the power indicator. This power indicator helps you in knowing when the turntable is one while the stereo headphone jacks give you the privacy you may need when listening to some songs. It has two inbuilt speakers producing quality sound. A dust cover is included to protect it from harmful dust thus increasing its lifespan.

2. Jensen JTA230 Stereo Turntable


The Jensen JTA – 230 turntable has a belt driven speed system that plays music in three different speeds 33, 45, or 78rpm the turntable has integrated some of the latest technologies giving it the ability to record, edit and convert audios to mp3 format. Another USB port has been included to assist in converting your vinyl contents to a digital format that you can also copy to your smartphones. The turntable has a stereo headphone jack, and an RCA line–out slot. With this turntable, you will also be able to enjoy your mp3, iPod or smartphones songs with the turntable through the auxiliary input. A convenient control will give you power over the tone, volume, and speed of the content that you are trying to record. The turntable is also equipped with an automatic stop switch that stops the turntable each time your cd or music ends. This, therefore, helps to save energy and also prevent the turntable from overworking.

1. Audio Technica ATLP60 Automatic Turntable


The Audio Technica at – lp60 automatic turntable is covered in an aluminum platter. This aluminum material gives the vintage a very excellent and professional appearance that would look great not just in a living room at home but even in an office. This is why this particular audio technical turntable is so popular among most people. Its top cover is well constructed to ensure that once the turntable is closed dust or any other fine wastes will not be able to penetrate the turntable thus keeping it safe and secured. The turntable can play songs in two speeds; 33 1/3 or 45 rpm. The turntable can record and edit audio contents using some of the software installed in it. The software is fully compatible with both the Mac and PC. The turntable also has a CD – RW or CD – R writer where you can burn and install CDs. The Audio Technica turntable has, therefore, blended classic and modern audio system to provide the optimal music experience.

Revolutionize your music experience with the above turntables today. Just make your order and watch how positively your music life will be transformed from now on!


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