Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters In 2018 Reviews


The best travel adapters are designed to help you work with your electric appliances and electronic devices even as you travel across countries with different electrical standards from your domestic ones. As there are well over a dozen different types of power sockets and plugs in use around the world, it takes a very innovative power adapter to lay claim to being universal enough for use across different countries in the world. In our bid to help you get nothing but the best as offered on the web, we reviewed the top 20 best travel adapters available in the market for the year 2018. These are the power adapters which proved most innovative, convenient and fully adaptable to suit almost everyone’s needs. Read our recommendations and we are sure you will find a power adapter that is not only well priced but functional enough to cover all your needs as you travel. Read on and thank us later…

10. Power Bright PB-12 US to UK 3-Prong Travel Outlet Plug Adapter


If you are travelling to the United Kingdom from the United States or other parts of North America, you need to stock up on this affordable but very convenient travel adapter. As such, you can still plug in your North American specific devices and appliances to the power and sue them without danger or hitches. Designed and marketed by Power Bright, the adapter is portable, intuitive and built to last; guaranteeing you effective value for your money. However, it is important to note that the adapter does not convert voltage and therefore should only be used with electronic appliances which are designed to work with either 120 or 240 voltage power standards. Electrical devices and appliances such as hairdryers often include a toggle switch to enable you adapt them for use with your particular electrical settings without damaging them.

9. Travel Inspira Universal Adapter All in One Adaptor


This is a very useful adapter plug for travelers as well as people who regularly have to switch between different devices built for a variety of electrical standards. This particular offer features a redesigned plug meant to fit both the two pronged standard US plug as well as the 3-pronged grounded type and a host of other plugs from around the world. Being an all-in-one adapter plug solution, the adapter works with 5 different input plugs and comes with built-in fuse protection as well as surge protection. However, it is worth noting that the adapter does not have any form of converting the voltage to match your device’s specifications. For convenience of charging your portable devices, the adapter features a dual set of USB ports and will charge your iOS or Android devices with ease.

8. Travel Ready AC Power Travel Adapter Plug

For all your travel needs, especially when traversing through Europe, this power adapter will help you connect virtually any device, computer, appliance or tool directly to the local power settings in spite of any inherent electrical standards differences. Easily adaptable, the single adapter is durable and has no moving parts. Moreover, its distinctive purple color is certain to stand out and make it less likely that you will forget it in your hotel room inadvertently. It is designed to offer two ports or receptacles; allowing the user to plug in two devices simultaneously to power. It has a built-in surge protector so you need not worry even if you have to leave your devices running as you step outside. The adapter’s main outlet located at the front is universal in design, meaning it accepts all types of connectors (Including: the two pronged “polarized” US design, the 3-pronged US grounded type, UK, European, Australia and India plug standards but is not compatible with the larger South African plug).

7. BESTEK [World Set] International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set


Travel around the world with ease, convenience and peace of mind as far as charging your devices and connecting your laptop and other appliances to power are concerned. As a package, this product offers you a comprehensive set of eight power adapters suited for different electric standards around the world. That said though, it is important to note that none of the adapter plugs comes with inbuilt voltage converters and therefore it is important to ensure that the voltage of the power socket is compatible with your device before connecting via these plugs. Featuring the latest in internal metal interfaces, the adapters are optimized to ensure the best conductivity of electricity. The sale is also backed by BESTEK’s comprehensive manufacturer warranty extended now to eighteen months from the date of purchase.

6. Yubi Power Dual Outlet Travel Adapter with 2 Universal Outlets


Before you set out on international travel you need to pack up a power adapter which will help you connect your devices and small appliances to the destination’s power sockets. This Yubi Power Dual Outlet Travel Adapter is the perfect travel; companion for such needs. It will plug into most of the world’s power sockets and enable you connect up to two devices without risk of surges or short circuits plaguing your mind with worry. The adapter comes with built-in surge protector as well as neon light indicators. It also includes a number of foldable prongs suitable for Type A, C, G, and I power outlets found in almost all countries around the world. Unlike many other adapter kits, including those reviewed in this detailed guide, this particular universal adapter includes the larger type M electric plug peculiar to South African electrical standards.

5. Kensington K33117 International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter


When it comes to innovative electronic gadgets, appliances and accessories; you can always depend on Kensington to provide you with the very best available in the industry. In this travel adapter, the company has yet again proven their innovative genius by offering one adapter which will suit all your electronic power requirements. The all-in-one unit is indeed a power adapter which can be used in well over 150 countries including all the major worldwide destinations for business and leisure travel. Unlike other universal adapters which come with multiple pieces and detachable sections, this is a single unit which can be adapted by the minute to suit the power settings available. It makes use of slide-out plugs which are all built-in and therefore offers zero risk of any parts getting lost or going missing. The sale is also backed by a comprehensive one year warranty straight from the manufacturer.

4. Ceptics 3 Outlet Travel Adapter Plug Type C


This is an all-in-one adapter for people travelling around continental Europe and in parts of Asia including Turkey. The two-pronged adapter is of the Ceptics Type C standard and is fully grounded for electric safety. The two round pins of diameter 4.0 millimeter will plug in well through the socket and you are good to go. The adapter can be used to connect up to 3 electric powered devices (note that the third outlet is not grounded and should thus be used only with appliances without metallic edges). The adapter has been adapted to include virtually any socket and plugs (except South African ones). The adapter follows a new conductivity design. The inclusion of internal metal interfaces ensures better conductivity of electric power as you charge your devices. The adapter has been optimized to withstand electrical currents of up to 3,000 watts with a maximum voltage of 250 volts and 13 amperes.

3. Ceptics UP-5KP International Worldwide Travel Adapter Plug


With this travel adapter plug set, you are all suited to keep your electronic devices charged up and protected from surges and high temperatures. The set is made of five carefully calibrated as well as polarized adapter plugs to suit all your charging requirements. Each one of the adapters is carefully labeled to indicate the country or region where it is suitable for use,. If you are a globe trotter, you will certainly prize this collection. However, it is important to note that none of the adapters works to convert voltage and therefore you should check to see if the voltage is in the acceptable range before using the adapter width a particular appliance. The adapters are designed to fit in both two prong polarized and standard power sockets from around the world. To ensure convenience in your travels, the adapters are sold with a convenient travel pouch.

2. BESTEK 200W Travel Voltage Converter with 6A 4 USB Charging Ports


Now you can travel with the assurance that your electronic devices will not run out of power unnecessarily because you cannot find a power socket or charging adapter that is suitable to connect them to power. This innovative travel adapter kit offers you every solution you need to keep all these electronics juiced up and safe from current surges. The adapter includes 4 USB charging ports; all isolated from the AC outlets just in case the voltage is not in sync with the settings of your electronics devices. The set also includes a set of three international adapters which help you connect the converter to virtually any wall socket (the adapters have been proven to work in well over 150 countries ranging from North America to the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Japan, China and many others). Measuring only 6 by 3 by 1.5 inches, you will scarcely find a more portable and convenient travel adapter set on the web. It also includes multiple protection measures helping guard your device from dangers like surges, high temperature, over-current and even short circuiting.

1. Ceptics GP-5PK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set


This is a universal set of travel power adapters to help you connect your electronic devices to power wherever and whenever you travel. The set includes five adapter plugs to help you plug your device to any type of power socket wherever you may be travelling. The Ceptics Type B adapter works with electric systems in the USA, Canada and Japan. The Ceptics Type C is suited for most of continental Europe. On the other hand, the Ceptics Type D adapter will work well in India and Africa (except in South Africa) while the Type E/F adapter is meant for countries like Germany, France and Russia as well as other areas in continental Europe. The Ceptics Type G is suitable for use in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia. There is also the Ceptics Type L adapter plug recommended for travelers heading to countries like Italy, Chile, Ethiopia and Uruguay. Finally, the package includes the Ceptics Type I adapter that is specially designed for use in Australia, New Zealand and China. With the above in mind, it is not hard to see why this is the most popular travel adapter set selling on the web. To make it an even more convenient purchase, the set is sold with a fitting travel pouch. The company also commits to replace any adapter which fails to work.

It is now possible to ensure that you have all your electronic gadgetry. Devices and even small electric appliances working well as you travel around the world,. The top 10 best travel power adapters in 2018 reviews featured above are based on a very extensive review process. They are all tested to ensure compliance with the best standards in the industry. Moreover, they are all available now at bargain prices if and when you order yours from the web.


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