Top 10 Best Tower Fans In 2018 Reviews


Tower fans are compact household accessories that have eliminated the need for expensive central air conditioning systems in homes. Even though simple, they are durable and have powerful electrical systems that offer a superior cooling experience in rooms of various sizes. They are also affordable, relatively easier to setup and use, and are attainable in a plethora of innovative design and sizes that can meet the needs of individuals of cadres. Even though most contemporary tower fans work well, our picks of the 10 best models include:

10. Lasko T14300


Lasko T14300 is a compact desktop fan with an innovative wind tower design that cools small to large rooms fast and efficiently. It is durable, has front-mounted electrical controls that ease setup and use, and a well-engineered ETL-listed system that cuts down power consumption without compromising its performance. If look is a concern, this tower fan has an aesthetic dark charcoal themed finish that is also easy to maintain when dirty. It has an integrated carrying handle for easier relocation within and between rooms, and independent bottom and top sections that move air independently for a faster and efficient cooling experience.

9. Lasko 2511

Top 10 Best Tower Fans In 2016 Reviews

Measuring approximately 36 inches, Lasko 2511 is a tall and well-made tower fan with three quiet speed settings that you can use to optimize performance. It is black themed, has easy-to-use electronic touch controls, and a programmable timer that you can tune to turn it off automatically after a set duration. Its ET-listed design lasts long. Its patented and fused electrical system boosts safety in the home environment, while its super-quiet and space-efficient design works well in living areas such as sitting rooms and bedrooms. You also get a sturdy handle for easier transportation, an oscillating fan that distributes air efficiently, and a multi-function remote control that eliminates the need for manual setup every time.

8. Holmes HTF3110A-WM


Are you shopping for a new tower fan for everyday use? By purchasing Holmes HTF3110A-WM, you get an aesthetic white-themed oscillating fan with a slim profile design that cools small to medium-sized living areas efficiently. Whether you are looking to enjoy cooling relief during warm summer months or drive out the stale air in your home, this budget accessory will never disappoint you. It is durable, has a well-designed three-speed system that grants users control, and has a stylish and well-finished design with an integrated carry handle for easy transport and relocation between rooms. You get a three-year warranty for an original one.

7. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07


Manufactured using high-density plastic, Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 is a durable high-performance tower fan with an aesthetic white silver theme that complements contemporary décor in homes. It is durable, has streamlined air channels that muzzle noise by up to 60%, and has an energy-efficient air multiplier technology that accelerates air through an annular aperture to generate cooling airflow. You also get a programmable timer (15 minutes to 9 hours) that you can use on demand, 10 precise airflow settings that guarantee a custom cooling experience, a remote control, and a compact and space-efficient design that installs out of sight.

6. Lasko #4930


Considered among the most powerful and reliable products in this niche, Lasko #4930 is a durable grey-themed tower fan with a high velocity 35-inch design that works excellently in small to medium-sized rooms. It is fully assembled, made of high-density plastic, and has an innovative ETL-listed design with a patented and fused safety plug that prevents electrical damage in the event of a power surge. This fan is compact and easy to setup. Its integrated easy-carry handle is sturdy, while its novel back-mounted remote control storage comes in handy. You do not have to worry about cluttering your living space or losing your remote over time.

5. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan


Featuring a passive noise reduction technology, Ozeri 3x is a large (44-inches) and super-quiet tower fan designed for heavy duty cooling in home and office environments. It has a striking black and chrome theme, canted fan blades that generate a soothing airflow without polluting the environment with noise, and an unrivaled 3X technology with three controllable fan speeds that offer up to nine levels of cooling. You also get three pre-programmed airflow patterns for use in different environments; a 7.5-hour timer with 30-minute increments, and a remote control, and a large touch-sensitive LED control for easier access to all features.

4. Vornado 184


An acclaimed whole room tower fan in the market, Vornado 184 is a large 41-inch air circulator with an advanced V-flow technology that offers total coverage of all room sizes. Its powerful motor moves up to 500 cubic feet of air per minute up to 100 feet. Its unique crosscut air outlet creates a wide span of airflow without air turbulence, and a stable base that does not rattle as most poorly designed models. Vornado 184 is affordable, has four speed settings and a 1, 2, 4, and 8-hour timer, and comes backed by five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for all parts.

3. Honeywell QuietSet


As its name suggests, Honeywell QuietSet by Kaz is a high-performance yet super quiet whole room tower fan with eight pre-programmed speed settings for a custom cooling experience. It is durable, features easy-to-use electronic controls, and has advanced breeze and oscillation settings that boost its performance further. The multi-function remote control that it comes with eases usage, while its adjustable thermostat and large digital display are one of a kind. Honeywell QuietSet tower fan is affordable and comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

2. Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan


A bestseller in stores, Ozeri Ultra Wind is an adjustable oscillating tower fan with an advanced noise reduction technology that boosts its suitability for indoor use. Its sophisticated design is stylish and space-efficient, while its pre-programmed airflow patterns guarantee an efficient cooling experience in small to large rooms. It is also easy to assemble, has a 12-hour programmable timer (in one-hour increments), and come s with a multi-function remote control that eases usage.

1. Lasko 2551

Top 10 Best Tower Fans In 2016 Reviews

For those shopping for tower fans, Lasko 2551 is our pick of the best for 2018. It is durable, made of high-grade plastic, and has a remote control that eases usage. It also has a built-in fresh air ionizer, a programmed three-speed system that oscillates to offer greater coverage, and a safe ETL-listed design with a sturdy carrying handle that eases setup and or transportation.


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