Top 10 Best Steam Mops In 2018 Reviews


Marketed as replacements for the traditional bucket and mop cleaning techniques individuals used in the past to keep their homes clean, steam mops are novel cleaning accessories that work well on all floor types. Instead of using detergents and or chemicals as is always the case, the natural steam that they generate clean fast and deeply without polluting environment. Steam mops are also safe (on flooring, pets, and humans), have light and portable designs that do not weigh down nor irritate users as is always the case using traditional mops, and have fast and easy to use designs that offer greater coverage to save users valuable time that they can use to perform other house chores. If you are a stay at home mom, are looking to improve how you clean your home, and a steam mop ranks high among your most desired accessories, this article reviewed the top 10 best in 2018 that you will never regret purchasing. They are durable, have quality components, and are very easy to use.



Are you shopping for a new steam mop for everyday use? By choosing BISSELL 94E9T you get a durable titanium-finished accessory with a light and easy to use design and a versatile system that most individuals appreciate. Its triangular shaped head, for instance, is not only durable but also penetrates hard to reach areas well for a thorough cleaning experience. The washable microfiber mop that it comes with is durable, super-absorbent, and is easy to wash after each cleaning escapade while its chemical free steam-powered design works well for people with pets and young children. The 17-ounce removable tank offered is large and designed to offer several minutes works of steam for continuous cleaning. The dedicated steam trigger that it comes with eases operation (without pumping) while its certified safe design works well on several types of floors.

9. Dirt Devil PD20000B

Dirt Devil PD20000B

A popular product in the Dirt Devil line of steam mops, PD20000B is a versatile handheld accessory with a powerful 1500-watt electrical system that creates heated bursts of steam in just 30 seconds. It is power efficient, has a well-designed mop head that glides on and cleans several types of surfaces without damaging, and has a light and portable design that is easy to maneuver on all environments. As such, when cleaning large swaths of flooring, it will never weigh you down as most traditional vacuums often do. With an original, you also get a super-efficient ejection nozzle that distributes steam evenly on its pad, a V-shaped steam head with a pivoting system that eases cleanup of hard to reach areas, a durable and easy to refill water reservoir, and a one-year warranty.

8. Oreck Steam-It Steam100LRH

Oreck Steam-It Steam100LRH

Recommended for individuals who clean often and those that are shopping for powerful handheld steam mops for everyday use, Oreck Steam-It Steam100LRH is a powerful handheld model with a large and easy-to-refill tank system that offers approximately 40 minutes worth of steam at full capacity. The quality plastic used to manufacture it is durable. It head is ergonomic and fitted with an absorbent microfiber pad while its well-designed chemical-free system focuses steam well for faster and efficient cleaning without damaging floors. Whether you have solid wood, ceramic tiles, or linoleum, this steam mop will benefit you immensely. With an original, you also get a leak-proof design that works well upright, a high-temperature system that melts away dirt, grime, and grease for thorough cleaning, and adjustable steam settings that you can optimize to match your floor type.

7. Amariver Microfiber Euro-Pro Replaceable Mop Head

Amariver Microfiber Euro-Pro Replaceable Mop Head

Do you have an original Shark Deluxe steam mop that you use to clean regularly? To get a quality set of replacement pads that you can use to clean several types of floors, Amariver is a package of six microfiber pads each made of a durable 30% polyamide and 70% polyester. They are durable, USA-made, and have super-absorbent designs that leave floors clean and dry in a single pass. Replacement is also simple while their tri-layered 5.5-inch by 10-inch by 2-inch designs are not only durable but also washable repeatedly without losing their shapes and or functionality. Purchase an original set from Amazon web store to get authentic products at discounted rates.

6. Hoover TwinTank WH20200

Hoover TwinTank WH20200

An acclaimed TwinTank steam mops in homes and offices alike, Hoover WH20200 is a professional-grade accessory with a well-designed and efficient system that eliminates dirt, grime, and up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria in the environment. It is light, very easy to use, and has a large dual tank design (one of water and one for detergent) that enables you to clean using steam alone or combine steam with detergent for a thorough cleaning experience. It also has a convenient clean control dial (light and heavy cleaning) that you can adjust to meet your cleaning needs, power indicator lights that reflect its status, and a durable and low-maintenance design that you can use worry-free on an everyday basis. You even get an innovative carpet glide tool for refreshing the low-profile carpet in your home and an angular swivel head that cleans hard to reach areas well.

5. Eureka Enviro 313A

Eureka Enviro 313A

Designed for use on hard-surface flooring such as wood, tile, and laminate, Eureka Enviro 313A is a powerful 6.5-amp steam mop with a stable and adjustable height handle and a large 12.5-inch cleaning head that covers larger areas when in use. Its durable and chemical-free design is innovative. The water level light indicator offered tells you when water level is running low, while its built-in preheating and cooling tray optimized safety and therefore, its suitability for use in homes. In addition to this valuable 7 by 12-1/2 by 49 inch accessory, individuals who order originals from reputable stores (online and offline) also get a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and a plethora of third party cleaning accessories including two steam pads, a funnel, and a measuring cup for water.

4. Shark S3601D

Shark S3601D

Featured in several top 10 best steam mops in 2016 reviews, Shark S3601D is a professional-grade steam mop with a 99.9% chemical-free steam-cleaning technology that works well on all floor types. The steam pockets it comes with support fast two-sided cleaning. The extra-large water tank it comes with keeps users cleaning for long without running out of steam, while its quick-release mop head not only clean well, but is also easy to replace when damaged. Although affordable, Shark S3601D not only lasts long, but also has an intelligent steam control system with three distinct steam settings (scrub, dust, and mop) that you can adjust to meet your specific floor needs and or complement the type of flooring that you are cleaning.

3. Shark S3101 Light & EasyTM

Shark S3101 Light & EasyTM

By purchasing this Light & EasyTM S3101 steam mop by Shark, you get a soft-gripped cleaning accessory with a well-designed mopping head that generates a natural motion for fast, safer, and efficient cleaning of all floor types. Its super-fast electrical system generates heated steam in less than 30 seconds, while its ability to sterilize up to 99.9% of germs in the environment without damaging flooring has won the hearts of millions of homeowners globally, especially those with high-traffic homes that they have to clean regularly. The washable microfiber pad that it comes with lifts and locks dirt well for a faster cleaning experience. Its ergonomic handle is comfortable, while the long 20-foot power cord offered has a quick release technology that comes in handy during storage. You will enjoy using it daily.

2. Shark S3501

Shark S3501

As most shark steam mops, Shark S3501 is an advanced yet easy to use, mop with a well-designed electrical system that produces super-heated steam in just 30 seconds. It is durable, has an on demand steam technology that you can use to boost performance, and has a well-designed mopping head that moves naturally when cleaning for a faster and better cleaning experience. The extra-large water tank that buyers get keeps it running for long. Its steam pocket technology guarantees better cleaning and faster drying results, while its ability to eliminate 99.9% of germs without using harmful chemicals is impressive for its price. Shark S3501 is affordable, made using the best quality components, and does not require skill to use.

1. BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh

BISSELL 1940 Powerfresh

Topping our list, Powerfresh 1940 by BISSELL is an aesthetic blue-themed steam mop that works excellently. Its flip down design is durable and designed to clean the toughest of messes without damaging flooring. Its integrated scrubber is durable, while its smart digitized system works up to two times faster than most standard mops available in the market. You also get variable steam control for customizing cleaning experience, spring-breeze fragrance disks that leave your floors and home smelling fresh, and a large and refillable water tank that offers hours’ worth of steam using demineralized or distilled water.


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