Top 10 Best Snowshoes In 2018 Reviews


Snowshoes are the footwear used for walking on snow. These shoes work by distributing your weight over a large area so that your feet don’t sink completely in the snow. Snowshoes are raised at the toe for better maneuverability. They have latticework that prevents them from building up snow, and are fitted with bindings to attach them to the feet. They are built with binding mechanisms that adjust your foot. Snowshoeing is a type of hiking. Modern snowshoes are made of various materials such as plastic, lightweight metal, and synthetic fabric. Snowshoes are a necessary tool for anybody who must move around locations inaccessible to motorized vehicles because of heavy snow cover.

Choosing the right snowshoe needs some forethought regarding your personal weight, terrain, gear, and may be the brand choice. The size depends on your preferred footwear and the purpose for the snowshoes. The style and sizing of these shoes vary greatly among users, and many avid users have a number of pairs for different uses ranging from heavy load backpacking to lightweight running. Although sizing is adjustable, many brands have separate style for men and women. Testing the binding before buying the shoe is a wise move. Your weight and equipment are taken as the recommended carrying capacity or load on snowshoe specifications.

10. Lucky Bums Youth Snowshoes

Your kids may want to go out and hike on the snow too. Lucky Bums Youth Snowshoes are sturdy and lightweight 22 inch snowshoes for kids and young adults. They have a lightweight and an indestructible aluminum frame and adjustable children friendly bindings that provide a secure hold for completely efficiency during outdoor expeditions. With each step the hinge lifts the tail of the shoe for extra mobility and speed while offering added lateral support.

9. MSR Women’s Revo Exp Snowshoe

These snowshoes are comfortable and make it easy for you to tackle all day mountain explorations. They provide a confidence inspiring performance and their cradle binding completely eliminates pressure points. They have an aggressive traction. This shoe has an easy entry cradle and a fast strap ratchet mechanism that provide exceptional all day efficiency and comfort. It has a modular flotation tails that allow you greater maneuverability. It features ergonomic televators that reduce fatigue and increase traction on the steeps.

8. Tubbs Wilderness SnowShoes

These Tubbs men’s shoes feature a frame technology that minimizes impact to your body and thereby reducing stress. It has a binding that fits very well around the front of your shoe and on the heel ensuring that you have a secure stride. It is fitted with compact carbon steel teeth on the ball of your feet to bite ice and hard snow. The heel crampons will help you move across rolling terrain. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and its swings separately from the bindings, allowing the shoe to release snow build up with every step. This saves you energy. The decking provides you with durable and lightweight floatation with a soft and smooth texture.

7. New MTN Blue Snowshoes

These snowshoes are suitable for men, women and children. The shoes frames are made from a sturdy and durable lightweight aluminum. The decks are crafted from Nytex which is a durable and lightweight plastic material. The binding are designed to fit comfortably, eliminating pressure points. The lacing mechanism holds your feet easily and securely. They feature Fast-Loc buckles which make donning and doffing simple and quick. These snowshoes have a recommended carrying capacity of 250 pounds.

6. Tubbs Women’s Snowshoe

These snowshoes are easy and comfortable to use. The aluminum step frame is designed with an upturn, and rounded tails, which help reduce muscle and skeletal impact in the hip, knee and ankle joints. It features a rotating toe cord that enables the tail of the shoe to drop and shed off snow. This reduces your straining as you step forward. It has an underfoot pivot point that allows the toe traction teeth to sink deeply into the snow. The binding consists of a simple single buckle system paired with an easy to use urethane heels traps for lightweight and efficient support. The carbon steel toe has front and back braking teeth for a secure grip in heavy snow conditions.

5. MSR Evo 22 Snowshoe

These snowshoes are designed to offer great efficiency across rolling terrain. The traction bars are molded into the deck to provide the essential grip you will require for even the most modest slope in adverse weather conditions. They feature a duo binding design that you are well secured for rolling terrain. The bindings are freeze resistant, have a friendly glove design and provide lightweight performance. Steel traction rails and brake bars have been molded directly into the deck to provide the security you will need for flat and rolling terrain. The flotation tails add 6 inches of on demand flotation to the snowshoe.

4. MSR Lightning Snowshoe

These snowshoes are designed for high performance. They are comfortable and efficient, be it for your casual weekend trip or a long traverse through frozen terrain. These are built to provide maximum efficiency across rolling terrain. They feature a unique binding system which uses a two piece body that locks tightly to the contours of a broad range of footwear to provide a secure binding for steep ascents and all terrain stability. They also have an innovative televator heel lift that conserves your energy on the steeps. They distribute weight across the frame, increasing traction and safety, and reduce calf fatigue. Footwear sizes range from 4.5 to 15 for men and 4.5 to 14 for women. Load ranges from 180 pounds for the 22 inch to 280 pounds for the 30 inch.

3. Atlas Snowshoe

This shoe features a spring loaded suspension that keeps the shoe close underfoot for easy suspension and maneuverability. The shoes have a sturdy aluminum V frame that enables it to track straight in deep snow. The tapered tails pull less snow as you move forward and help you save energy. The snowshoe’s upturned tail rolls easily with each step forward for a natural gait. These shoes have an easy strap binding which provides great support and one pull uni-loop design that allows for great performance. The deck is made of durable lightweight plastic material that can withstand long term heavy duty usage in extreme weather conditions.

2. Chinook Trek Snowshoes

These snowshoes provide great comfort and traction on both moderate and heavy snow terrains. They are a great option if you want to enjoy long winter months hiking through forests and trails. Chinook Trekker Snowshoes are made from a strong and lightweight ergonomic frame designed to provide easy and comfortable walks. These shoes feature UV resistant polyethylene bindings and decking that is flexible up to -40C, heel straps with easy and quick release buckles that keep your foothold secure, and easy to use dual freeze resistant ratchet bindings which give a secure fit and are easy to adjust. It is fitted with heavy duty aluminum crampons that rotate freely to bite into the snow and shed it. The heel crampons offer traction for heading down on mild slopes. The package includes side handles, Velcro pole carriers, adjustable backpack straps and a bag.

1. ALPS Adult Snowshoes

ALPS Adult All Terrain Snowshoes are high performance, lightweight shoes for both men and women. They have a sturdy frame made with an alloy material. The deck is made from durable, lightweight plastic material that is suitable for long term heavy duty performance in extreme weather conditions. The shoe binding is molded around a man’s boot to cradle, arch, and ball of the foot. The shoe has no pressure points. Its lacing mechanism holds your feet easily and securely. It features fast Loc-Buckles which make doffing and donning simple and quick. The ALPS Adult All Terrain Snowshoes have a special frame design to provide the maximum flotation in heavy snow conditions. This snowshoe fits most sizes and you can use it if your weight and the gear up total up to 250 pounds. It comes with a pair of anti shock snowshoes walking poles and a carrying bag. The optimized weight ranges from 80 pounds for the 22 inch shoes to 250 pounds for the 30 inch snowshoes.

Snowshoes allow you to hike on the trails that you can hike in boots and also broaden your access to off trail expeditions and explorations including deep snow. This is possible because their surface area is four to five times larger than that of hiking boots. When purchasing your snowshoes remember that the snowshoe length is the most important aspect of sizing choice as it determines the surface area available to carry your weight. Beginner and standard models come in lengths ranging from 25 to 30 inches are designed for average size people from 150 to 250 pounds. Models over 30 inches are ideal for trekking and heavy load applications.


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