Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets In 2018 Reviews


Whether you are professional or a teenager looking to join skateboarding, finding a good suit helmet is a very significant idea you ought to consider. Well, many kids may find it cool and trendy to skip putting on a helmet, but stay reminded that many dangers are associated with such an option. Injuries are generally unpredictable, and even the most minor margins can lead to serious head injuries. It is always better to take caution and stay smart and safe than otherwise. The most distinctive difference skateboard-approved feature over cycling models is that they are professionally designed and rated for low-motion collision risks, while the latter are designed for the rare top-speed collisions. However, most models can be appropriate for a broad range of extreme sports since modern designs have been enhanced over the years.

If you are shopping for a great quality skateboard helmet, the most significant factor to consider is how well a model is rated regarding safety compared to the price point. Among other considerable factors is how lightweight one is and conveniently tight they fit, for these can make a big distinction for your comfort. Having a breathable inner lining is also vital for improved comfort. The colors and style the helmet comes in may be important too, given the importance of individual fashion tastes in the skateboard culture. Mindful of those factors and more, here are the top 10 best skateboard helmets in 2018 reviews. Read on to discover.

10. Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet


The Unlimited Watts EPS is a hands down classic design that has indisputably helped place BERN clearly on the map. Featuring a light yet sturdy design, this is a great skateboard helmet able to impressively stand up to a lot of abuse. It is a favorite of many customers who fancy picking the winter kit and go enjoying year to year usage while skateboarding. It is a nice option to consider if you really are looking to purchase a high quality model of skateboard helmet.

9. Pro Tec Street Lite Helmet


If you consider weight as a significant factor when choosing your favorite skateboard helmet, the Pro Tec’s Street Lite model is one of the finest picks you will appreciate. It is a high quality design, CPSC-approved helmet that incorporates an ultra-light in-mold technology without compromising your safety. It features the classic style while again cutting down up to 30 percent of the weight through fusing the molded shell with the EPS liner for your great comfort. With an overall reduced weight makes it less interfere with your performance as you jump or speed down the ramps. It further allows users to maneuver their bodies more naturally since it doesn’t weight you down.

8. Critical Cycles Classic Skate Helmet


Another great model, the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter helmet is a great solution to your safety when skateboarding. It is a minimalistic design classic helmet that is simple but satisfying, protective and comfortable. Thanks to the featured 11 vents that are appropriately positioned around the helmet’s top, it is a super-stylish model that promises to keep you with a feeling as cool as it makes you look. It is available in 3 sizes and 6 sleek matte colors to offer a range for different customers to choose their most favorite. It has an ABS exterior and an EPS interior which make it the industry standard choice for safety. It is a great pick for protecting your noggin whenever you go skateboarding or for any other extreme sport.

7. Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet


Durably designed with a stylish white plume matte finish, this is a highly advanced multi-sport model of helmet which fits most heads of circumferences from 22.75 to 24.75 inches. It features an in-molded shell of quality ABS plastic for durability. It has an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable fit on the head, while the segmented EPS liner offers good support, is breathable, and excellently absorbs shock in order to protect your head against injuries in case of a collision. The Bell Segment is ASTM and BMX certified, and features 8 cooling vents for extra comfort, a greatly convenient flexible flight design for orienting your head motion, and a powerful reinforcing skeleton for boosting its functionality.

6. Protect Original Classic Helmet


This is one of the top rated safety helmets great for any skateboard enthusiast today. It is made of premium-grade plastic to offer durability and long time value. It further features high-impact ABS shell in order to offer convenient and comfortable fit for any users. The interior of this awesome helmet features an EPS foam liner for support and comfort to the wearer. It has 11 open air vents for ensuring a cool feeling and comfortable experience throughout its use. It is easily adjustable to fit different users’ heads comfortably in order to ensure the best performance in your sporting activities.

5. Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Youth Helmet


A highly popular and still ranking among the most sought-after models available on the marketplace today, the Razor V-17 is a multi-sport youth helmet that combines a cutting-edge design with superior quality. An ideal headgear choice for skateboarding among other sports, you will enjoy superior protection and comfort with this helmet whether on the street or in the half pipe. It has ergonomically designed padding and an extra sizing pad set to provide ideal individual fit to ensure you ultimate support and comfort. It further features 17 air vents for keeping your head feeling cool always, while its side-release buckles make it easy to adjust and conveniently fasten the chin strap for a custom fit.

4. PROTEC Original Classic Certified


This is one of the most famous helmets in the action sports category that meets NZ, CPSC, and ASTM-safety and quality standards. It is a high quality model certified for use by skateboarders, among many other sports. As the industry standard for assured optimal impact absorption, this PROTEC’s original Classic has the EPS quality liners coupled with a tough yet comfortable ABS hard-shell build, and further features a comfortable inner quality foam wrap. It further features fully adjustable quality nylon-webbed straps and secure buckles that allow for proper fit and make the helmet stay in place even during the toughest impacts. It also has strategically positioned vents, each working to exhaust out hot air while bringing in cold air to guarantee you cooler and drier comfortable feeling during longer sporting sessions. It also includes durable stainless steel rivets to allow you ride confidently assured that your PROTEC Original Classic is the securest helmet for you in action sports, skateboarding included.

3. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet


Just like the Bell Segment Helmet highlighted here in, this helmet, Bell Fraction, is an innovatively improved multi-sport lightweight model at 425 grams. However, it is a durable accessory with an excellent shock-absorbing ABS premium plastic shell, a high quality dual-density EPS foam liner which works in synergy to provide great support while keeping users incredibly safe and comfortable. It is an ASTM and CE-certified product featuring 12 well-built and functional air vents, is free of chemical contaminants and fillers which might irritate the skin, and comes with an attractive price tag and in various sizes for various head sizes and shapes. It is a great choice for skateboarding enthusiasts.

2. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet


Liked and appreciated by both professional and novice skateboarders, Triple Eight’s Brainshaver is a superbly designed multi-impact helmet made of premium-grade rubber and featuring a novel sweat-saver for keeping your head cool and the interior odor-free. Ergonomically designed, this model features side-cut helmet design and has adjustable straps to ensure a comfortably custom fit. It doesn’t weigh down its wearers; therefore it doesn’t compromise on your sporting performance whatsoever. It is affordably priced and comes in a range of youth and adult sizes to serve different ages and sizes.

1. Krash Vector Victor Helmet


A widely sought-after brand for its highly innovative designs, the Krash is a very reputable maker of top performance helmets, with their Vector Victor Skateboard Helmet ranking among the bestselling models in this niche today. The helmet features a durable cube black ABS plastic shell and great performance aerodynamic cool vents for keeping your head cool and the helmet ever fresh. It has one-of-a-kind innovative design, while the fitted EPS liner is excellent in providing reliable shock absorption to protect the head against bruises or injuries that may occur while skateboarding. It is an ASTM and CPSC-approved product. It further has an aesthetic 3-dimesional design and includes quality nylon straps to offer adjustable custom fit.

The above listed top 10 best skateboard helmets in 2018 reviews are not the only the market offers today. However, if you want the best models of your skateboard headgear accessory ensure impregnable protection to your head while staying comfortable and free for full performance, the above option are your right choices—you cannot get it wrong with any of them.


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