Top 10 Best Shutter Remote Control Review In 2018


There are at least two ways for you to take selfies: holding your phone and switching the lens to yourself AND, more and more often, using a selfie stick and pressing the button for the shot. Well, believe it or not, this couple of photo taking styles will probably be made obsolete with the arrival of shutter remote controls. While the digital device market welcomes this newbie, you must be wondering how to select the best shutter remote control for your travel and hobby? Alright, you’re reading the right piece now that we’re going to present to the top 10 shutter remote controls you’ll ever find from leading brands across the globe. Good news is, they are all available online. So we believe in your good taste of which remote to choose from.

CamKix Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control


This shutter remote control is Bluetooth-embedded, which enables its easy connection with your phone cameras. Simply pairing both devices, once recognized, your shots will be under your control. Its convenient and easy hands-free mode works perfectly for taking selfies and steady tripod shots. It looks small enough to to keep on a keychain or in your pocket so you can carry it around with no hassle. Its operational diameter is 10 meters away, a decent distance to take photos from your device. For its compatibility with your mobile devices, you need to download its app or Google Camera 360 app. Workable devices range from iPhone 4 to 6 Plus, iPad 2 to Mini Air, from Samsung Galaxy S3 to S5, Note 2, 3 and other Android devices.

Premium Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter Release


Wanna shop only for the best shutter remote control? This version is claimed to replace classic shutter remote controls for its feather-like weight, one-year-long-battery life, with no recharging need. Gadgin’s Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows you to sync your phone or tablet and operate it from an up-to-10-meter distance. So whether your pictures are taken in group or long distance or with a tripod, your shots and videos will appear perfectly clear. It is compatible with Android 4.2.2 or later and iOS 6.0 or later devices. With this compatibility, you’ll sure enjoy a wide range of applicable smart devices, such as phones, tablets, iPad, or iPod, except Window Phones. This 2″ long and 1 oz. shutter remote control goes nicely into your pocket or purse for convenient usage, as a keychain add-on. This is a high quality product, given its super easy usage and connection and incredible practicality. Despite its relatively high price – $29.95, this shutter remote control will assure your peace of mind with its one-year-valid refund and replacement guarantee, if anything wrong happens to your purchase.

UFCIT Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter


This small UFCIT shutter remote control can be added to your keychain. It works really well with the cameras of iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy / Notes. What sets this model apart is that you do not need to download any app when used with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. However, to make it compatible with Sony Xperia Z, HTC New One and other cellphones, you can simply download “Camera 360” app from Google Play. Like other remotes, it is operational within a 10-meter distance. Despite its most affordable price – $2.15/unit – caution needs taking upon purchase and usage, as half reviews turn negative about this product.

Hapurs Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Self Timer


If you are looking for a shutter remote control simple and easy to set up, try this one from Harpur. Its CR2032 battery can be used for six months to one year without replacement. Its operational distance is up to 10 meters. You can use it with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 3, which supports only Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 6 or later. Its beauty and convenience allow you to carry it with other tiny items along. Plus, it comes in different colors for your taste and can be purchased in combo with its monopod with a few more dollars.

Smart Bluetooth Remote Control & Selfie Camera Shutter


Mooni marries instant photos with advanced technology. Thus, please consider its values like lightning fast wireless connections, zero shutter lag and lower battery consumption, rather than its price. Using this remote helps you eliminate shakes, “fat arm”, blurs. It can be mounted with a tripod and radiates 30 feet away. Just smile and click to capture that special moment forever. It works with all camera mode, including pressing flash or a button to record high quality videos. Again, taking selfies has not been any easier with this shutter remote control, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 Edge, Note or Tab, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia. Besides, your purchase matters to Sightsavers International, a registered charity, through Selfie World, devoted to saving and restoring sight in children and adults in developing countries.

Fintie Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia Remote Music Control Camera Shutter for iOS


The alternative remote is embedded with Bluetooth V3.0 HID and suits most iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, etc. except Windows system. All of which support Bluetooth HID. You can take a perfect selfie without your arm in the way and eliminated instability. Its other function is to play all your favorite music from a player, control the volume and track selection while busy with other chores. This remote is small and light enough to easily slide in your pocket or add onto your keychain. Its wireless setup proves so simple and easy, with an operational distance of up to 15 meters. This Finti product holds a long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery. The plus is its USB cable included for recharging.

Fintie Bluetooth Wireless Multimedia Remote Music Control Camera Shutter


Yet another shutter remote control rolled out to help you take great selfies without your arm on scene and assure camera stability: Fintie. It uses Bluetooth V3.0 HID technology that works with iOS (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc) and Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, etc) phones and tablets, except Windows System. You can even play all your favorite music from a player, control its volume and select tracks while driving, hanging out, exercising and dancing with your friends. This pocket-sized remote is small and light enough to go with your keychain and be carried around. Its wireless connection is easy and simple to set up, with an operational distance of up to 15 meters. With this, you can take photos from distance of your device. This model comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and a USB cable for recharging purposes. By the way, the product offers you six colors to choose from: black, white, red, blue, yellow and orange.

QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release for Smartphones


Our list of top 10 shutter remote controls still goes on with this from Solo Stick. Its compact design fits the palm of your hand and makes for easy placement in your pocket and add-on to your keychain! Its operational wireless range can reach 10 meters, based on QuikPic Bluetooth. The remote is compatible with iOS devices and Android phones and tablets: iPhone 4S, 5, 6, 6S+, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, Note 5 and more. The product also offers 10% off 2 unit purchase and 20% off 3 or more unit purchase. This offer remains valid for only a limited time. So what are you waiting for?

Bluetooth Remote Control Wireless Shutter Camera Android Smartphone


Let’s welcome another shutter remote control for smart devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy / Notes. It works wirelessly with Bluetooth technology. Use it to take selfies and other photos from a distance, during parties or special occasions. Its very small size and light weight make it simple and easy to use as a camera remote. If you use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 S3, Galaxy Note 3 2, Galaxy Note 8 10.1, this Shutter product requires no app to download and comes in different colors for your preference.

Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter


Even this Abco Tech is reviewed the last, it does not mean it is the least. Its pocket-sized design enables you to take selfies and wefies, 10 meters from your phone. So relax your arm as this shutter remote control can fix your shots with a stand or tripod. No app download is needed to make it compatible with such devices as an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 S3, Galaxy Note 3 2, Galaxy Note 8 10.1. However, if you use Sony Xperia Z, HTC New One and X+, “Camera360” from Google Play can be downloaded to go with this remote.


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