Top 10 Best Shower Caps In 2018 Reviews


If you do not want to ruin your expensive hair treatment while bathing, then you probably need to have a shower cap. A shower cap can be used to cover your hair and head thus prevent water from entering and messing things out. This comes in the variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. However, the purpose is just similar. These top 10 best shower caps in 2018 reviews will give you the most in demand list of shower caps according to verified users review. Some are very stylish while others are economical.

Why Wear a shower Cap?

Most people tend to think that the main reason why people wear bathing caps is to prevent the hair from getting wet. However, there are more reasons to why one need to put on a bathing cap while bathing or swimming. Here are some of the reasons why you need a bathing cap besides what you thought of.

  • Protects your hair from discoloration given that, most water contains chlorine.
  • When you have long hairs, the cap keeps the hair off your face
  • Prevents filters from clogging in your hair

Benefits of a wearing a shower Caps

Bathing cap is of great importance especially to the ladies who regularly treat their hair. Therefore, having the cap makes you not worried of water coming into contact with your hair, hence comfortable bathing. The reasons named above for wearing a bathing cap are also benefits of having a bathing cap while bathing or swimming.

Types of Shower Caps

In the recent years, companies have been trying to improve on their production in various fields. Shower caps manufacturers were never left behind, and today different types of the caps offer a wide range to choose from. The following are the major types or categories of shower caps in 2018.

Latex or Rubber

This is the most famous type in the market today. The caps are made of rubber material and come in distinctive colors and various styles. Even though it is one of the most affordable types, the latex material can get torn easily. However, its merits are that they are stretchy to fit any head size and also less expensive. It, therefore, offers you a snug fit that takes the real shape and size of your head. offers swimmers a snug fit.


For those who needs something stretchy and are allergic to latex, there is still something for you. The silicone material shower cap is the close substitute of latex and is more durable compared to the rubber material. Because of the durability, they are more expensive than latex made caps. Besides, they are also stretchy and can stretch up to three times the original size. The only major disadvantage associated with latex shower caps is the possibility to slip off the head given its slick design.


Something more durable than latex and silicone is here, the Lycra shower caps. Besides, this cap is associated with comfort and durability. However, it does not protect the hair from getting wet since it is not as snug around your head.

Choosing the Right Swimming Cap

In choosing the right shower cap, you have to determine what you are for between comfort and durability or both. Therefore, it is important to establish how you intend to use your cap and where you want to use it. Here are what can guide in making an informed decision.

Temperature of the water

Do you intend to use your cap while bathing in cold water or warm water? Caps made from latex, given that they provide some warmth when worn, they are the best for bathing in cold water. Similarly, the rubber caps are not favorable for hot water or extremely warm water since they are not hardy and can tear off if subjected to a hot of water.

Choose the Right Size

Even though most of the shower caps are made of stretchable materials, it is better to get the right size for you. This is necessary because overstretching makes the cap wear off with time. Anyway, there are some universal sizes that fit nearly all head sizes.


When it comes to normal showering, the choice of the color depends on one’s color preference. However, if you intend to use the cap for swimming, then you need a brighter color. A bright cap is recommended since it can make you be seen while in the waters. Therefore, for swimming, bright colors such as orange, yellow, and green are the best.

Taking Care of the Shower Cap

Durability is one of the features that any other person would look for before purchasing any item. However, with the shower caps, the durability goes hand in hand with the level of care that you offer. You need to be very careful with the maintenance of the cap in order to retain its elasticity, fit, and comfort. You need to rinse the cap daily with cold water after use and dry with a soft and dry towel. You can also maintain a mint condition for the cap by sprinkling talcum powder on the cap after use. Lastly, you should keep it off direct sunlight, and also away from sharp objects.

Our Best Picks in 2018

10. Fashion Design Beautiful High-Quality Reusable Shower Cap – Set of 3

Fashion Boutique shower caps is more dedicated to fashion, beauty and design. And these beautifully designed shower caps can prettify your life and bring you fun colors. These shower caps are the very stylish cap that can keep your hair from getting wet in a shower. Also, it is useful to cover hair for perms, colorings, and deep conditioning. At the same time, this full-sized adult caps will surely fit for everyone, even if you have thick or long hair with sewn0in elastic stretches for easy on and off. It’s an excellent water resistant and suitable for hand feeling and is easy to use. Likewise, it is made from high-quality waterproof EVA material with the special process applied. Finally, this shower cap product will surely prettify your life and its colorful design and make your life more convenient.


  • Works for a long time
  • Stops water on hair
  • Big enough to cover all hair
  • Poufy
  • Very stylish


  • Have heavy petroleum odor

9. Eslite Waterproof Double Layers Shower Caps for Women, (Sky Blue)

This Eslite shower cap with double layers is made with a waterproof but very fashionable design. The material used in this product is pearl slice and translucent EVA. This shower cap product will surely fit you because it measures the approximate size of 10.24 inches on top diameter by 4.72 inches for the elastic diameter. Use this shower cap product to prevent water from entering your head and wetting your hair in your bath. Finally, keep your hair dry with this product that is also perfect for traveling.


  • Heavy duty
  • Very durable
  • Waterproof
  • Very thick
  • Protects hair in or out bathroom


  • Leaves a mark on skin

8. Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap, three counts, Colors May Vary

This shower cap from Goody Styling Essentials helps protect your hairstyle. It is known to be durable elastic for a secure fit. This shower cap is perfect for home or travel and is ideal for all hair types. Moreover, this product is expertly made from waterproof material to keep water and steam from ruining your style. This shower gel is just great fo all types of hair whether its long, short, thick or thin. Included in the package are three assorted colors of Goody Styling Essentials shower gel.


  • Unlined and durable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Large enough to cover all hair
  • Very sturdy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Economical


  • The elastic band is not tight enough

7. 8-Pack Reusable Disposable Elastic Shower Caps – Full-Size Adult

This 8-pack reusable shower caps from VIP Home Essentials are very economical. You can wear the shower to protect your hair style in between salon visits. More so, it can cover your hair for perms, colorings, deep conditioning, and it is very reusable or either disposable. These shower caps products come in full-sized that will fit everyone. This shower cap product can sew- in elastic stretches to 15 inches for easy on and off. Also, this set of 8 shower caps in fun dot patterns and assorted colors are very lightweight and are perfect for travel. Another use of these shower caps is for bowl, dish or plate covers.


  • Did not smell so strong
  • Can be used as pot covers
  • Big enough to cover the entire head
  • Reusable
  • Durable


  • The color rubs off

6. Home Spa – Large Silicone Shower Cap for Daily Use

Home Spa’s shower cap is designed to comfortably fit over longer, thicker hair that won’t even pulls hair or expose edge. This shower cap product is found to be environmentally-friendly, sustainable and reusable which is way cheaper than disposable shower caps. At the same time, this extra-large shower cap is designed to protect high, hair styles like weaves, braids, and dreadlocks. More so, this vast shower cap product is made from quality silicones that are just perfect for bathing or the spa. This shower cap is found very essential for high-volume in several attractive colors including black, blue and purple. Finally, the use of this shower cap will eliminate the need to use the old disposable kind of shower cap. Save money by safeguarding your high hair styles while bathing and showering with this high-quality caps.


  • It’s slightly tight
  • Won’t drop or leak
  • Very stylish
  • Folds neatly into a compact size
  • Fits perfectly


  • It will cause your head to sweat in hot shower

5. Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap, Diva

This Betty Dain’s shower cap product is made from waterproof nylon exterior and eco-friendly PEVA lining. Furthermore, this product is mold and mildew resistant. The oversized design of this shower cap is perfect for all hair lengths and thickness. Also, this elasticized hem with stylish accents and is pretty available in a variety of fabric patterns. There are two layers to the cap, a top outer layer of printed nylon and a thin inner layer of plastic. This shower cap product is accented with stylish ruching and trimmed in bright satin with a matching bow. You can choose from a fun variety of patterns to match your style and personality.


  • Never messes with long and thick hair
  • Made from very high-quality materials
  • Fits perfectly
  • Very thick
  • Durable


  • The band is too broad in the forehead

4. Shower Cap – Extra Large Adjustable Satin Lined Water Proof ShowerCap By Simply Elegant

This shower cap from Simply Elegant is commonly known as your Grandma’s shower cap that is a perfect waterproof shower cap to maintain your hairstyle. It’s the only extra large size with adjustable drawstring shower cap that will surely fit your comfort level. At the same time, this is made from eco-friendly with the highest quality EVA. It resists mildew and dries quickly making it the perfect travel accessory along with your flat iron, curling irons and blow dryer. Moreover, this shower cap with the double lined satin will protect your hair.


  • No hard scratchy edges
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Recommended for thick and big hair
  • Simply and elegant
  • Very durable


  • None

3. Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap, Houndstooth, 3.36

This socialite collection from Betty Dain is made from waterproof nylon exterior and soft terry cloth lining. What makes it different from other Betty Dain’s shower caps is that it has a reversible design that allows for use as a shower cap or sleeping cap. At the same time, this oversized hat is perfect for all hair lengths and thickness and can elasticized hem with stylish accents. This shower cap is available in a variety of fabric patterns. It is accented with elegant ruching and trimmed in bright satin with a matching bow. Match your style with this shower cap.


  • Fit comfortably
  • Has a super soft lining
  • The elastic keeps the lid secure
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable


  • None

2. Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap, Deco Dots, 2.8 Ounce

This Betty Dain lined shower cap is one of the best-selling shower caps in the market today. This product is made from a waterproof nylon exterior and eco-friendly PEVA lining. Likewise, this product is mold and mildew resistant. The oversized design is perfect for all hair lengths and thickness. With the elasticized hem with stylish accents of this shower cap, you can be sure to have the best quality. This shower cap product is available in a variety of fabric patterns.


  • Never snags long thick hair
  • Has a pink piping that will touch your skin instead of the elastic
  • Keep hair dry
  • Fits perfectly
  • Has double layer of elastic


  • None

1. Diane Processing Caps, 100-pack

This best-selling shower caps in 100-pack from Diane made it to the top of this review. First of all, this shower cap is very economical and comes in a one size fit all. This shower cap is somewhat ideal for salon professionals and colorists. Also, this is made specifically for perms, coloring and conditioners and the caps feature sewn edges to provide extra strength and durability. More so, it has the soft elastic band that ensures a comfortable fit.


  • Very economical
  • Very durable
  • Not fragile or delicate
  • Fits very well
  • Perfect for deep conditioning


  • None


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