Top 10 Best Shoe Racks In 2018 Reviews


With the thirst for shoes engaged in the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide, shoe clutter has become a major problem in homes with most individuals confused on how to manage it. Even though installing a walk in closet for shoes is a good idea, the space required and the costs involved makes it an in viable option for shoe lovers. Even though donation or sharing with family and or friends is another great ideal, those that want to manage clutter without giving out their pricey collection should consider purchasing and installing shoe rack. Most model are affordable, space efficient, and manufactured using high-grade materials that blend well in homes. They are also easy to assemble, offer sufficient storage for several types of shoes while managing clutter at the same time, and are attainable in a plethora of interesting designs that offer value. Keep these top 10 brands in mind when you are out shopping:



Do you have several pair of shoes that have becomes nuisance rather than a treasure? Are you on the market for a spacious and durable rack that you can use to store them neatly in your bedroom or the hallway of your home? D-ART COLLECTION Veranda is a dark brown wooden model with a spacious four-tier design that offers sufficient storage for shoes. The solid mahogany used to manufacture it is stable, warm, and has a well-finished design that bends well in hallways and rooms. Its stackable design is space-efficient, while its tight locking tiers and skid-proof feet work well on various types of flooring without scratching and or compromising their structure in any way. Order an original to get a budget handcrafted shoe rack that will secure you shoes well and restore your living space.

9. Whitmor 6026-2516


An excellent space-saver in homes, this stackable shoes rack by Whitmor is an advanced expandable accessory with a stable and low profile design that fits well in hallways, closet, and even bedrooms. It is durable, well-finished to complement the décor in most modern and traditional homes, and has a stable wooden and chrome construction that does not bend nor lose its shape over time, even when filled to capacity. The stackable racks offered save horizontal space in homes well. They also allow users to organize shoes into categories (work, office, and hiking, for instance), and are easy to assemble tool less design that eliminate need for professionals during setup. Whitmor 6026-2516 is affordable, naturally beautiful, and lasts long.

8. Oceanstar SR1231


For those conscious about the environment and or looking for a functional shoe rack that does not compromise style, SR1231 is a unique three-tire rack for both home and office use made of an environmentally friendly bamboo. If storage space is a challenge, its compact design fits well in tight spaces without compromising storage space. Whether you have flats, heeled office shoes, and or large hiking boots, you will never run out of space with this one of a kind shoe rack installed. Set up is very simple and straightforward. Its well-designed parts fit seamlessly to create a sturdy and durable rack that will never tumble and stress, while the 13 d x 29.5 w x 20 h inch frame that buyers get is very easy to clean using a damp cloth. This rack houses between 9 and 12 full sized adult shoes. You can also use it to organize bags and other household accessories.

7. Whitmor 6579-1975


Featuring an aesthetic faux leather finished frame and a large three-tiered design that you can expand to fit over 18 pairs of adult shoes, Whitmor 6579-1975 is a versatile shoe rack that requires minimal skill to assemble and use. The sturdy 25.5W-47 x 8.5D x 18H inch steel frame that it comes with is stable, rust resistant, and has a faux leather finish that improves its aesthetic value significantly. Its tiered design (three) saves valuable horizontal space in homes, while the stable chrome tiers offers are not only stable, but also design to support a lot of weight without crumbling, as some poorly built ones often do. If you do not have sufficient funds to invest in a walk in closet, Whitmor 6579-1975 is a recommended alternative. It is affordable, easy to install, and importantly, works as needed.

6. Seville Classics 2-Tier


By choosing this classic shoe rack by Seville, you get a resin slatted 26.2D x 11.6W x 15.4H inch household accessory with a convenient two-tiered design that blends well in all areas of the home. It is stackable, has a durable iron frame with Mocha Epoxy coating that resists rust and corrosion, and has a classic elevated bottom design that offers additional floor storage for shoes, bags, and other belongings. If aesthetics is a concern, this rack has an eye-catching finish. Its no-assembly design is super convenient, while its ability to hold up to six pair of adult sized shoes side by side is impressive for its size. You also get leveling feet for added stability and removable shelves that you can remove and or adjust to customize its storage space.

5. ClosetMaid 8983


A perfect accessory or organizing shoes and other household accessories almost anywhere in the home, ClosetMaid 8983 is a versatile 15-cube organizer with a striking white theme, a durable tear proof construction, and a stackable design that you can customize to match your needs. Even though larger and heavier that some comparable models, its high aesthetic value and well organized design had it a sought-after product by individuals worldwide. Categorizing shoes is also easy, while the laminated wood used to manufacture it is not only easy to clean, but also lasts long. ClosetMaid 8983 is easy to assemble, CARB 93120-compliant, and has a useful design that you can also use to store media, hobbies, or office supplies.

4. Honey-Can-Do SFT-01242


For Individuals with space limitations, the area behind doors is a spacious yet often under-exploited storage space that you can use to organize your shoes and other belongings neatly. All you need is this 24-pocket over the door shoe organizer by Honey-Can-Do for the best experience. It is durable, had a stylish white theme that blends well in rooms, and has a true to size pocket that you can use to store several types and of sizes of adult sized shoes with minimal hassle. Designed to fit on most standard closet rods and doors, this organizer is not only versatile, but also suitable for daily usage. All pouches are also durable, manufactured using clear nylon, and are thus perfect for highlighting shoe collections, while protecting them from environmental elements at the same time. Honey-Can-Do SFT-01242 is affordable, attainable in several colours, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

3. Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT


Favored in top 10 best shoe racks in 2016 reviews, Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT is a spacious 20-shoe capacity rack with a stylish white resin frame that withstands constant abuse well. It is durable, measures approximately 9 x 35.8 x 18.8 inches, and has an executive looking freestanding design that you can also use in your office or dorm room without cluttering space. The no tool system that buyers get eases setup. You can also transform it to fit vertically or horizontally without worrying about or marring your delicate flooring. Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT is affordable and does not require special tools to clean.

2. Whitmor 6060-3510 Chrome Supreme


Measuring 14.6 inches D x 36.5 inches W x 59.5 inches H, Chrome Supreme 6060-3510 by 6060-3510 is a large capacity indoor shoe rack with a stable and rolling tower design that accommodates up to 50 pairs of shoes. It has a heavy-duty frame with an elegant chrome finish that protects it from rust and corrosion. Its ten-tiered design is versatile, non-slip, and eases organization of shoe types, while its ease of installation and maintenance makes it an ideal organizer for people with large batches of shoes that they use often. Instead of cluttering your room or tripping on shoes whenever you are preparing for work, order an original Whitmor 6060-3510 for best results.

1. Seville Classics Resin-Wood


Top on our list, this Resin-Wood shoe rack by Seville is a well-made classic accessory with a durable composite frame that offers value. It measures 27 x 12.8 x 19.2 inches, has stackable units that you can connect vertically or horizontally, and has a durable steel frame with a stylish epoxy finish that also protect it from scratches, corrosion, and or structural damage in general. It is easy to assemble, folds flat for easier storage and transportation, and has corner caps for safety and sturdy yet removable shelves that you can customize.


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