Top 10 Best Selling Camping Cots Reviews 2018


Outdoor camping activities are exciting social activities liked by women as well as by men. If you’re planning on developing into the activity and are looking for best experiences that you’ll remember for years to come, the main thing you need to do is to take survival training. For example, do you know how to tie non-slipping knots? Are you able to set up sturdy shelters as well as first aid tips? After acquainting yourself with these skills, you should then buy a top quality tent as well as one of these 10 sleeping or camping cots listed in this review. Light in weight , these products feature long lasting designs that support colossal weights to help you sleep peacefully all through the night and day. If you’re camping in rain forests, also, the raised design of these products lift your body off the ground for maximum safety. All in all, you have no worries of water logging into your bag or cot or biting insects getting into your jeans while sleeping. Below are the top benefits and features of the top camping beds.

Kamp Rite Green Economy Cot

With compact, low profile designs, these economy cots are travel-worthy accessories with attractive green colors that blend well with every camping environment. Unlike many comparable products, their lightweight designs don’t weigh users down during transporting. These spacious and comfy beds support adults and teens comfortably, and their strong frames have ingenious interlocking system that make assembly easy (during usage) as well as breakdown (during storage). On top of that, you don’t need to use specialized appliances or tools to perform this task effectively. When completely set up, they measure at 74-inch long by 24-inch wide. Their durable constructions and affordability also make them great for occasional travel uses but at the same time for disaster preparedness needs. You also no longer need to be sleeping on the floor or compromise your safety while you’re camping with family, colleagues, or friends.

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Trademark Innovations Folding Aluminum Portable Camping Bed Cot

This product is made from well-finished, lightweight aluminum. These camping bed cots are first class black-colored accessories with attractive black theme as well as portable designs that can be carried along easily. Built to support about 250-pounds, they are amazing adult-sized accessory. Their rust resistant frame works effectively outdoors and their completely assembled foldable designs eliminate needs of complicated assembly or setup, unlike is the case with many other models. They also come with a no-cost, light weight carrying cases with handy carrying straps that ease transportation outdoors. You no longer have to use poorly padded beds that you often used to travel with. With these 250-pounds capacity bet cots, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep in most challenging outdoor environments.

Byer of Maine Portable Folding Aluminum Easy Cot

With long lasting welded steels legs, durable and comfy 600D polyester sleeping surfaces as well as rust- resistant fabric reinforcements which enhance their performance considerably, these are portable full-size cots with many amazing features. Their lightweight aluminum frame, for example, folds for easy portability. Their comfy surfaces also conform to your body’s orientation and their simple to setup design (less than 1-minute) isn’t as frustrating as many other models available on the market. Instead of having to waste time trying to set up your camp and sleeping bed by extension, you’ll be able to snap them into place fast, and then focus on enjoying your camping activities. These products also have amazing 330-lbs weight capacities as well as stylish tan and blue themes that don’t fade or lose their attractiveness over time.

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Coleman Trailhead II Cot

These are by far, among the highly recommended products on the market. Coleman’s cots are functional, comfortable accessories with huge popularity worldwide. These grey-colored cots offer many key advantages and more. Their stylish designs, for example, blend well in households as well as camping environment. Their construction also is supportive and lightweight, and features unique dual-cross-bar steel frames with amazing weight capacities of about 300-lbs. While sleeping, you do not have to worry of these 75 x 30 x 17-inches cot bet breaking down or compromising your safety in no way. They also come with rip-proof, water-proof polyester Carry Bag (heavy duty) which last long. They also come with 18.3-pounds carry weights and 1-year’s limited warranty.

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Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

If you kick or roll around while sleeping, then you should get a comfortable and large camping cot. Kwik Rite’s oversized cot is high quality accessory you should consider buying. Measuring at 84 x 33-inches, these beds are spacious. Their lightweight frames and water-resistant tops make them quality travel accessories and their feature-rich designs will improve the way you entertain or camp outdoors. Their 2 drop-down pockets, for example are great for storing items like keys, cell phones, etc. They also come with zippered carry bags that make transportation easy and their huge weight or load capacities of 400-pounds is great for all types of adults. Many people also like the affordability and low maintenance design of these products.

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Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot

This product is built with optimal comfort of users in mind, these deluxe cot feature a convenient 30 x 80 x 15-inch design that you’ll enjoy. Their spring coiled suspension system, for example, maximizes comfort. The free thick foam mattresses, also maximize comfort more and their strong steel frames are rust resistant and at the same time have quality designs that support about 300-pounds. People who measure about 6-ft and 6-inch tall fit comfortably in these camping cots. Portability is easy thanks to their light and foldable designs (foldable up to 39.6 by 30.7 by 5.5-inch) and their one-year’s limited warranty cover every component including their covers and frames.

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Kamp-Rite Double Kwik Cot

Just like the oversized Kwik cots or beds reviewed above, these double Kwik editions from Kamp-Rite are other valuable outdoor and indoor accessories comes with a comfortable large-sized 85 x 55-inches sleeping surfaces. Built to support about 550-pounds, these ingenious cots support and accommodate about 2 adults comfortably. Their 32-lbs lightweight fold-down designs (42 x 9 x 11-inch) are ultra portable in every environment. Their standard, zippered carry bags make the transportation and storage easy, and their convenient wipe clean designs make the products simple to clean or maintain regardless of the environments in which they are used. Even with their spacious designs, comfortable and durable accessories they come with, Kamp-Rite’s cots are very inexpensive in online stores.

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Earth Products Jamboree Military Style Folding Cot

Earth Products Store’s Jamborees are first class military-style folding cots that comes with very portable, foldable design as well as convenient, handy storage bag systems that makes the transportation easy. Their green-colored 600D polyester is used to make them water resistant, tear proof, and fade proof. Their frames are contoured and durable for better comfort and support and their amazing 350-lbs capacity accommodate heavy adults effectively without bending and compromising the safety. A lot of users like their rust-resistant aluminum tubing material used for manufacturing these products. Users also like their mildew-resistant and washable polyester covers, and their 1-year’s limited warranties. Get yours today for an amazing experience all the time you’re out camping or sleeping outdoors.

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Coleman 2000007753 Pack Away Cot with Side Table

Coleman’s cots are pack away twin sized sleeping cots comes with removable, comfortable washable cottons upholstery. They are one-sized, great for outdoor and indoor uses, and have stable, 300-lbs capacity heavy-duty frames that withstand abuses effectively. They also come with detachable side tables that offer sufficient spaces for placing or storing snacks as well as personal items such as phones, keys, and magazines. Although inexpensive, their powder coated frames resist rust and corrosion. Their portability and versatility boost their suitability and appropriateness for use in camping sites and guest rooms as well as their 1-year’s warranty cover all manufacturer’s defects and issues.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables

The original Coleman’s cots help you to sleep comfortably indoors and outdoors without having to spend much money. They are long lasting, have strong, elevated designs that increase comfort and support, and have versatile side tables that offer enough storage spaces for items like books and phones. Their 4-Dimensional mattresses also are deflatable for easier transportation and their abilities of supporting about 600-lbs make these products one of the top one in the market. These products also come with 1-year’s limited warranty.

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