Top 10 Best Sandboxes For Kids In 2018 Reviews


When it comes to boosting your kids’ imagination and creativity, nothing does it better than a sandbox. It makes your kid to have a place to write their own stories as they get entertainment. Below are the Top 10 Best Kids Sandbox Reviews of 2018. Read on to know which one suits your kid the best.

10. Step2 Play and Store Sandbox


This is a fun sandbox that it made with the design to offer more space for multiple kids. It is an ideal sandbox for many kids as most of the kids will not love to play alone. It has four molded sit to offer a sitting place for the kids when they are playing. It has a lid feature that protects it from weather and critters. This means that the kids will not worry about rain and wind when they are busy playing outside. The sandbox has a storage place for many other toys that your kid may want to use while still playing. Its design is that of an outdoor texture plus natural color so that it will blend nicely with your backyard with no difficulty.

9. My Little Sandbox – Big Builder


This a nice tabletop construction play set for your kids. This means that the kids can continue with their creativity and imagination even while in their bedroom. It is an action packed sandbox and is easy to assemble and let your kids write their stories on it. It will lead to your kids to dig the sand with fun and entertainment. This is a nice gift for your kid and they will surely love it and love you too. It has a play mat, ultra-fine sand, a digging shovel, grooming rake 2 die-cast construction among others.

8. Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox


This a sandbox that has a mesh cover to cover it when the kids are not playing on it. It is large enough that accommodate many children who can play at the same time. It has a reinforcement made of wood panel to prevent it from weathering and warping. This ensures that the sand area is large enough for kids to showcase their creativity by writing their own stories. This is a sandbox that you can assemble by yourself as it comes with step by step assembly instruction. This is a sturdy and smart construction that your kids will love to spend time instead of disturbing you while you are busy working on your house chores. It offers the best place to build sand castles, dig for treasure and playing with their favorite toys.

7. Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox


This one of the sandbox you want your kids to have as they provide an avenue for creativity and the same time entertaining. It has the sand area molded into ramps and roadways that you kids will use to play with their toys. It uses real toy excavators to dig in the sand and load to on the dump toy trucks. This makes more exciting than most of the sandbox that you will see in the market. The truck ramp doubles as the lid to keep the sand dry for the best playing experience. It’s well known for its durability, imaginative and active fun for your kids. It holds up to 100 pounds of sand which can be filled with your kids imagination and creativity. Try this and your kids will surely love it.

6. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table


This an elevated sandbox that your kids can use while standing, unlike most of the others that they can only play on seated. This increases their mobility from one place to another, allowing more than one kids movement. The fact that it is like a table, offer easy to rich options of play, plus it keeps the little ones clean. It comes with some digging toys that will be used by kids as they enjoy playing. It has a capacity of up to 80lbs when empty. It also has a cover that doubles as a cover for the sand and at the same time a die-cast car race track. The sandbox offer plenty to your kids when they are in the mood for sand digging.

5. Badger Basket Covered Convertible Cedar Sandbox


This sand box has two benches that can be covered when they are not being used by the kids. This acts as protection to keep the sand dry when the weather is not favorable for playing. When the benches are unfolded, they hide the sand that is in the sandbox. It has an open bottom to allow for drainage making it easy to adjust the depth of sand with no difficulty at all. They are made from treated cedar which are far more rust resistant hardware than materials that manufacture the other sandboxes. Its uniqueness makes the best for your kids to hang out with the neighborhood kids showcasing their creativity and enjoying the play. This sandbox has a large space for multiple kid to play together with minimal or no difficulty.

4. BrookStone Sand Box


This is one of the sandbox that your kid will enjoy writing their own stories on. It stores, shape and mold and build for any table. It is small in size, making it possible for your kids to play while still in the house as it occupies a little space. It has a polished wood to make it look very good everywhere. It also ensures that the sand box last longer as they cannot be attacked by termites. It comes with a cylindrical mold and shape tools to assist your kids in their endeavor. This sandbox is best suited for kids who are about 5 years and above. It increases your kids’ ability to create and recreate the things they see in the real world like sand castles among very many other things

3. Naturally Playful Sand and Water Center


This sandbox is divided into two parts, one for the sand and the other on is where the kids can put water. It’s wood crafted styling which makes it blend with the natural landscape. It includes 8 pieces of the accessory kit for your kids to use while playing. It has an umbrella that protects your kids when it is raining or when the sun it too hot. This will enable your kids to play even when it is raining or even when the sun is too hot. It also has an elastic tie-down to keep the lid secure where it is not in use. Since it has a detachable legs, it is very easy to store as it occupies a small storage area.

2. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox


This one of the sandbox you would love to give to your kids who love playing in the sand and covering their fingers in the sand. It is molded with details at the bottom to encourage kids to dig in the sand which they love doing more often. It is built with a large space for more sand and also to enable many kids to play together and enjoy play time. It has a removable lid that coves the sand protecting when it’s not in use by the kids. It has two seats that the kids will sit on when they are playing. The seats are molded outside the sand area so that they don’t reduce the sand area at all. This sandbox is perfect for your kids’ creativity as they can write stories and enjoy the power of playing.

1. Activity Sandbox with Canopy


This is one of the best sandbox that you can get for your kids to boost their creative ability and at the same time have fun. It has a shady canopy to keep your kids in a shade and protect them from the hot sun that may give them sunburns. It has two plastic sand and water bins. It’s large in size to accommodate several kids to play together at the same time. It is reinforced with wooden panels to prevent warping and weathering. It is a smart and a sturdy construction for your kids.

Your kids are the most important people that you have around. Many parents strive to give them the best playing toys to boost their creativity. The above sandboxes are the best there is in the market to ensure the they enjoy their play and learn too.


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