Top 10 Best Rowing Machines In 2018 Reviews


Sought after by workout enthusiasts worldwide, rowing machines are high performance accessories that remain among the most sought-after for several reasons. For people with space limitation and or lack enough money to pay for hefty gym subscriptions, rowing machines are compact and fulfilling workout accessories that benefit both men and women. They are stable, attainable cheap in reputable stores, and have simple and easy-to-setup design that supports a range of simple and complex workouts. Whether you are looking to tone your abdominals and or leg muscles or want to improve upper body strength without lifting heavy weights, rowing machines never disappoint. All you have to do is research well and buy one of the following top 10 brands for the best experience.

10. Stamina Avari


Fitted with a durable and programmable magnetic resistance system that most workout enthusiasts crave, Stamina Avari is a professional-grade rower with a stable and easy to setup design that works well in homes. The high-grade steel used to manufacture it lasts long. The 12 workout programs built into its on-board computer include manual, cardio, and custom profiles, while its integrated fitness monitor allows you to keep track of count, time, and calories; optimize workout routines; and stay motivated towards achieving your goals. Finally, the extruded aluminum rowing beam that it comes with does not bend nor buckle over time, while its affordability, low maintenance design, and compact and space-efficient design make it a suitable indoor rower for everyday usage.

9. WaterRower Club


Top on our list, WaterRower Club is a well-made ash wood rower with a stable handcrafted design that benefits both women and men. It has a well-made water flywheel that generates an actual rowing feel, has an enclosed water tank that generates quiet, smooth, and self-regulated resistance, and a high performance series 4 monitor for tracking speed, distance, and a plethora of other workout metrics. For those with tight budgets, this rowing machine is affordable. It is also easy to setup, stores vertically to save space, and does not vibrate nor make noise when in use.

8. Stamina 15-9003


A recommended product for workout enthusiasts looking to do lower and upper body workouts in homes, Stamina 15-9003 Conversion II is a deluxe recumbent rower with a stable and compact design that does not clutter space. It is durable, has a well-designed combination system that supports a plethora of workout routines, and has a rust resistant steel frame that supports colossal weight (250 pounds) and has well-finished joints that do not creak nor irritate users when in use. For those that enjoy doing curls, triceps kickbacks, and other upper body workouts, this rowing machine has a sturdy top bar that comes in handy. The eight levels of quiet magnetic resistance offers guarantee a fulfilling workout experience, while its built in electronic monitor and large LCD display tracks and displays workout metrics such as calories burned, time, speed, and even distanced for better planning. Stamina 15-9003 is affordable, easy to use, and has a built in hand-pulse sensor that monitors heart rate.

7. Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower


Considered among the best rowers for both beginners and professionals, Stamina 35-1405 is an advanced ATS air rower with a stable 78 x 31.5 x 19.75 inch (W x H x D) frame that weight approximately 73 pounds. The frame is durable, manufactured using heavy-duty steel that withstands everyday abuse, and has an over-sized chrome seat with foam padding that boosts the comfort level of users significantly when working out for several hours. The ball bearing rollers used to manufacture its rowing system glide smoothly for years. The wind resistance offers guarantees users a smooth yet challenging workout experience, while its on-board computer and digital display tracks multiple workout metrics including time, distance traveler, speed, and calories burned to name a few. Out of the box, Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower is easy to setup. It folds for easier storage, has wheels that boosts its portability, and comes backed by a 3-year limited frame warranty that reflects quality of rower you get.

6. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine


Are you on the market for a compact and high-performance rowing machine on a budget? Instead of choosing the cheap poorly built models available in stores, consider this machine by Sunny Health and Fitness for the following major reasons. Even though cheaper than most comparable rowers in the market, this accessory is durable, feature rich, and has quality components and a plethora of novel accessories that boost its functionality significantly. The 12 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance offered, for instance, allow users to customize workout to match their skill levels. Its adjustable foot straps are comfortable, while its wide and well-padded seat has a smooth running system that makes workouts fun. You no longer have to contend with bumpy rides and or irritating screechy sound when working out indoors. This rower is affordable, very easy to setup and use, and has an electronic monitor that displays many metrics.

5. Proform 440R Rower


Best known for the quality guidelines it employs when producing workout equipment, Proform is a major player in the rowers’ niche, with its 440R model featuring in most top 10 best rowing machines in 2016 reviews for several reasons. Its compact design, for instance, is not only durable, but also fits and works in basements, bedrooms, and space-confined areas in homes. It black and silver theme is eye-catching, while its integrated dual action system is challenging and therefore recommended for strength training. If safety is a concern, this rowing machine has a lot to offer. Its frame for example has sturdy supports that prevent users from toppling in flight. Its oversized pivoting pedals on the other hand optimize grip, while the adjustable nylon foot straps it comes with guarantees a stable, safe, and efficient rowing experience in all environments. Other desirable features are its quiet inertia-enhanced flywheel, space saver design, eight resistance levels, and large LCD screen that display many workout metrics

4. Stamina 1215


Stamina 1215 is an advanced Orbital rolling machine with a stable steel frame and motion arms for support and fulfilling upper body workout. It is durable, has a space efficient design that supports a range of rowing motions, and has a hydraulic cylinder-controlled resistance system with adjustable tension controls that ease usage. When rowing, therefore, you can easily switch between low and high resistance without stepping out of your rowing machine or grappling with complicated setup procedures. You also get comfortable pivoting footplates, a thickly padded seat that stays comfortable for long, and a single button monitor that tracks and displays detailed workout metrics including row count, distance traveled, speed, miles rowed, and the number of calories burned per session. Stamina offers a 90-day parts and 5-year frame warranty for an original.

3. Kettler Favorit


Designed to help people stay in shape without spending hefty amounts in gyms or on expensive workout equipment, Kettler Favorit is a budget rowing machine with a novel dual hydraulic cylinder design that offers continuous resistance for fulfilling workouts. It is space efficient, made of high-density steel, and has an ergonomic and well-padded seat that orients the body naturally and comfortably for long. Unlike some models that strain users or are tough on the joints, you do not have to worry about comfort with one of this rower in hands. You will stay comfortable and safe, and enjoy a fulfilling workout at the same time. Kettler Favorit is affordable, has an impressive 250-pound capacity, and comes with a training computer that monitors calories, strokes, and speed on the fly.

2. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower


This Magnetic Rower by Velocity Exercise is a commercial grade rower with a novel Drum Magnetic Control system that boosts its performance significantly. It is durable, delivers excellent electronic tension control, and has a large PU molded saddle with padding that boosts user’s comfort. With it, therefore, you can work out for long without straining your back or joints, as is usually the case. It also has rectangular tubing support that boost its weigh capacity to 275 pounds, a heart rate monitor chest strap for monitoring heart rate metrics when doing intense cardio workouts, and a built in computer with a large LCD display that monitors speed, distance, and calorie metrics accurately. Instead of paying hefty and or recurring gym subscriptions to stay fit, purchase this magnetic rower.

1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050


With the development of compact and easy to use rowing machines such as this 23.5 x 46-inch Body Trac Glider 1050 by Stamina, working out at home is a no longer a chore. It has a light, durable, and foldable design that works well in home environments. The gas-driven shock resistance offered is adjustable, while its ability to monitor calories burned, stroke count, and time enables users to monitor and or test workout regimens and make changes if needed. With an original model, you also get a durable steel frame that fold for easier storage and an ergonomic rowing system that supports a range of motions when working out.


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