Top 10 Best Romance Books In 2018 Reviews


In 2018, there is a wide variety of newly minted romance books to satisfy the needs of every discerning reader. In our bid to help you enjoy what is available online, we have reviewed the top 10 best selling romance books of 2018 and rated them in an objective fashion. This review is detailed and intended to offer you a good feel of what is available in the year. These books have it all: suspense, intrigue, fast paced action and, of course; the most moving romantic scenes you have ever experienced in print. As you would expect, the books are available in electronic versions for you to read on your Kindle or some other electronic device. For the more traditional reader, you can specify the paperback edition of the books as well. There are also a select few which are also available as audio books you can listen to in much the same way you enjoy your favorite podcasts.

10. Man Candy

Man Candy

Immerse yourself in this intoxicating thriller pitting two adventurous spirits, each of whom knows exactly what they want. This is not the first of their dalliance but rather a reunion that seemed not to offer much. By sheer coincidence, she discovers that the man who drove her wild lives only a floor beneath her. It begins as a casual reunion but soon escalates to something epic. The tale is told form the heroine’s point of view, immersing you into the intoxicating thrills of the romance. The book has been described simply as “sexy and Delicious” by Lauren Blakely, a New York Times bestselling author and we are certain you’ll be sated as well. Here are some quick facts as summary of what the book is all about:

  • Publisher: MH Publishing
  • Author: Melanie Harlow
  • Sub-genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Print Length: 292 Pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

9. Idol (VIP Book 1)

Idol (VIP Book 1)

It is a script only the indomitable imaginativeness of Kristen Callihan could have pulled off. The epic tale of Libby and Killian is at once exhilarating and equally inspirational. For it is the tale of your typical girl-next-door meets the boy-band heartthrob of their dreams and all the glitz of the showbiz life. Each one of the two has their reservations about the other and haven’t much of a hope the dalliance will last. But, as they will soon come to discover, there is nothing as unpredictable as tempting fate. Dig yourself into this modern romance novella and you’ll be hooked to Kristen Callihan for life. Here is a summary of what the novel is about to help you get started:

  • Publisher: Plain Jane
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • Sub-genre: New Adult & College Romance
  • Print Length: 307 Pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

8. Unbreak My Heart (Rough Riders Legacy Book 1)

Unbreak My Heart

If you loved Lorelei James Rough Riders series and was inconsolable the epic tale drew to an end, you can rekindle all the wonderful memories thanks to this newly published novel. Unbreak My Heart is a legacy spinoff of the Rough Riders series though you need not be familiar with the former to enjoy the new books. The tale begins with Sierra, seven years after they parted ways with Boone West. In the heat of Arizona desert, the two star crossed lovers meet yet again. Will their fierce independence get in the way or will love and primal magnetism triumph over it all? As the epic tale unfolds, the reader is taken to epic heights and transported to the most charming places. There are few surprises on the way but you can stand assured that love, resilience and sheer force of will more than suffice even when the protagonists seem to have everything stacked against their finding happiness. Here’s a short summary of what the book has on offer:

  • Publisher: Ridgeview Publishing
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • Sub-genre: New Adult & College Romance
  • Print Length: 371 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle

7. The Contract

The Contract

Richard VanRyan has a reputation and it is not all pretty. He’s a tyrant by day and the irresistible playboy by night. His fiercely independent PA Katharine Elliott can barely stand him. But she has little option but to stick along as she needs the money. It is therefore quite a surprise when Richard offers her a new proposition: she will need to act his fiancé under terms of a contract. She has to act as if she is madly in love with him and what happens next is something she would never have predicted. It is a modern version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but with more of a punch. For Kate soon discovers that the person she despises the most in her life is the one she cannot do without. Here are some details about the book to help you decide before placing your order:

  • Publisher: Enchanted Publications
  • Author: Melanie Moreland
  • Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Print Length: 298 Pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

6. Say You’ll Stay

Say You'll Stay

Is love predestination or dependent on a series of random coincidences? Do not dare to answer this question yet before you have read the very last page of this epic romance novel by Corinne Michaels, the web’s emerging queen of romance. The protagonist had willed her first love to stay but unbridled ambition had come in the way. Moving on she had settled into a marriage of convenience and steeled herself to be the quintessential suburban housewife complete with a white-picket-fenced home and two kids in tow. But her husband left her and now she is down and broken heart. However, a quite unexpected lifeline is in the way. The boy of her dreams is back and old memories are rekindled. Will he choose to stay or not? Never had a three letter word proved as powerful in the affairs of men (and women for that matter). These are the basic facts you need to know about this romance novel before you place your order:

  • Publisher: BAAE Inc
  • Author: Corinne Michaels
  • Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Print Length: 310 Pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

5. Thrill (Book One)

Thrill (Book One)

Powerful, intoxicating and vastly readable. These are just some of the more prominent descriptions of Lucia Jordan’s series of romance novels. Though bearing mononymous titles, there is nothing truncated about the tantalizing tale of epic romance this book has to offer. It is at once succinct, epic and addictive to leave you sated and aching for more. Ms Jordan uses every tool in the trade to take you on an adventure of a lifetime with two larger than life characters. Hannah has no reason to be fond of men. All the ones she has had to deal with in her recent past have been domineering, treacherous and downright contemptible. All the more the reason she’s taken aback by the taciturn Brandon. When she finally figures him out, the seeds of an intoxicating romance have been sowed and sprouted in splendor. All she has to do is move in and take her fill…

  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Author: Lucia Jordan
  • Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
  • Print Length: 31 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle

4. Resisting the Bad Boy: Sullivan Brothers Nice Girl Serial Trilogy, Book #1

Sullivan Brothers Nice Girl Serial Trilogy

This is one of the bestselling romance novels of 2016 and a glance at its intriguing plotline offers adequate proof why it has become such a universal favorite amongst fans of the genre. This is indeed the book which started it all. The first publication in the runaway popular Sullivan Brothers Nice Girl serial trilogy by the enigmatic Violet Duke; it is a 218 page thrilling tale of romance, triumph and the indefatigable belief in doing the right thing for the right motivations. The heroine, Abby Bartlett, is the quintessential nice girl. She works hard at work and volunteers her services in the name of rightful causes. When the chance presents itself for some dalliance with Connor Sullivan, the city’s hotshot and not-so-righteous attorney, she grabs it with both hands. It may have started as a dare, but none of the two protagonists would have any idea the heights of passion and personal discovery their little tryst would take them through.

  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Author: Violet Duke
  • Sub-genre: New Adult & College Romance
  • Print Length: 218 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

3. The Substitute: The Wedding Pact #1

The Wedding Pact

In a series of events so improbable but detailed out in very convincing lingo, this is a book which will raise your spirits, exercise your sense of suspense and bring you to heights of euphoria with its dramatic plot. Two tortured souls happen to sit next to each other on the plane, each of them pondering what to do next. Megan is headed home to her own wedding though she’s already broken up with her boyfriend but failed to inform her parents. Josh is headed same way in a desperate attempt to save his flailing business. Megan passes out as they disembark and when Megan’s parents mistake him for Megan’s fiancé, he decides to play along. Indeed, the situation fits in rather nicely to what he has in mind for getting his business operation back on track. So they decide to back each other up and try to sort their messy situations. However, the longer the pretend engagement lasts, the more real it becomes. Sound like a book you’d like to dig into this weekend? Take a look at its basic details before adding it to your shopping basket.

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Author: Denise Grover Swank
  • Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Print Length: 368 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback, MP3 Audio Book

2. Pretend You’re Mine

Pretend You're Mine

It is said that we often come across the best things in life in the most serendipitous of circumstances. This is a story of unrequited love, epic romance and the sheer resilience of the human spirit that will make you pine for more. Luke Garrison is a gung-ho military type and has no time for romance. However, he needs to keep his pesky family off his back and in Harper he has the perfect decoy. Harper is also looking for a clean break after a pretty messy relationship. Sharing a bed for a night turned out something that either could not have predicted or bargained for. Luke finds that the enchanting girl is intoxicating and he’s enchanted for good. It is a great read whichever way you look at it. Here are some basic details on the book to get you started.

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Author: Lucy Score
  • Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Print Length: 450 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback

1. Vanished (Callahan & McLane Book 1)


Written by the 2015 Overall Daphne du Maurier Award winner, this is a mystery romance novel which will prove a great revelation to any fan of the genre. The book is available in a Kindle edition and you can also order a paperback edition or indeed download an MP3 audio book version. The book combines romance and mystery detective whodunit plots in a manner you have not experienced in recent times. As two detectives, one form the local police department and the other from the FBI, take on the challenge of solving a heinous murder, each not only comes to discover that the other is an adept purveyor of clues but they also begin to fall deeply and inextricably in love. Will their new found feelings make them better of a team or impede on their work? Here are some insightful details about the book to aid your decision of whether to place an order:

  • Publisher: Montlake Romance
  • Author: Kendra Elliot
  • Sub-genre: Mystery romance
  • Print Length: 337 pages
  • Version(s): Kindle, Paperback, MP3 Audio Book
  • Word Wise: Enabled

Lovers of the romance genre of popular literature are spoilt for choice throughout 2018. There are dozens upon dozens of books coming up for publication throughout the year. In a bid to help you make a good choice we have selected the top 10 bestselling romance books of the year. Enjoy the best, enjoy a couple or order them all and we are sure you will come back panting for more…


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