Top 10 Best Ride On Toys In 2018 Reviews


Our guide to the top 10 best ride on toys in 2018 reviews the best scooting and bouncing toys your child will absolutely love to play with this year. The beauty of ride on toys is that the toys offer much more than many hours of pleasure and fun. They are integral learning aids helping to reinforce a variety of skills and even diction abilities. As you shop for the best ride on toys for this year, you can save yourself time and valuable cash by following our selected designs in this guide. They are good for every growing child’s needs.

10. Kettler My Activity Push Car Ride On


Made from a form of structurally enhanced synthetic resin, this is a toy which will take plenty of rough and tumble play while guaranteeing plenty of sun and learning opportunities fro your growing kid. The design follows a wide body concept complete with rear stabilizers that prevent tipping over. Unlike some other toys which bear a steering wheel that is more decorative than functional, the Kettler My Activity Push Car Ride On toy is fitted with a highly responsive steering wheel complete with some limited turn steering mechanism.

9. Disney Mickey Playtime Activity Ride On by Kiddieland


Let your kid relive Disneyland’s Mickey Mouse fantasy all over again when they ride this distinctive ride-on toy from Kiddieland. Emblazoned with the unmistakable Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters, the ride on truck is also easy to maneuver and fitted with smoothly rolling wheels. There are different touch buttons on the dash which will elicit plenty of fun sounds including some of Mickey’s most memorable signature tunes. And, when your kid figures it out, there is an imitative gear-shift stick and an ignition key which will give out distinctive revving sounds. All in all, this is a toy which will prove a well thought out gift idea for your growing kid.

8. POCO DIVO Digger Scooter, Ride-on excavator


This is a large sized toy that is actually more than just your ordinary ride on for your growing child. It not only combines the functionality of a scooter with that of an excavator but can also be used to pull a cart. In other words, there is ever3ything your kid needs for inspirational construction site play in this innovative ride on toy. The steering wheel operates with accompanying music and also flashing lights for added effect. Within a matter of twenty minutes you should be able to assemble the ride on and your kid will be all set for endless hours of fun and learning.

7. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant


Cute and adorable in appearance, this is a really enjoyable ride on toy for the young adventurer in the family. Designed to offer three play options, the ride on toy combines the sit and bounce motion with stand and walk as well as scoot and ride, there are endless possibilities of having fun, learning new tricks and reinforcing physical development in your toddler. To ensure all round suitability, the Ride Elephant is fitted with well over a dozen different melodies, songs tunes and phrases to help with your kid’s diction as well. There are some colorful light-up buttons which will help making the experience all the more memorable.

6. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer


Give your kid’s imagination a timely boost with this inimitable John Deere Ground Force Tractor from Peg Perego complete with a trailer. Intuitive and functional, the tractor is the ultimate outdoor (and even indoors) playtime distraction for growing kids. It is two speeds including reverse. The tractor can trudge along at 4.5 miles per hour or full throttle at a feisty 2.25 miles per hour. However, especially for beginners, there is a foolproof lock mechanism to keep it all at 4.5 mph setting. Moreover, ride on tractor is not only fitted with a responsive steering wheel but also automatic breaks and accelerator pedals.

5. PlasmaCar Blue Ride on Toy


With its distinctive shape, smooth curves and easy maneuverability; this is a toy that will suit children of all ages. The toy is easy to figure out: it doesn’t feature pedals or gears. Your kid only needs to steer intuitively and the ride on toy will roll as they go. Very stable and sturdy in design, the cart will prove the toy of choice whether the kids are playing indoors or outside. With its innovative design and inherent safety measures too, this is a toy that has won many awards in the sector and is destined to win over the heart of your beloved kid this year.

4. Scoot Around Ride on Wood Bike


Simple in design yet packed full of innovative features, this ride-on bike offers much more than meets the eye. In other words, this is a toy that will bring loads of fun for your effervescent toddler while helping them learn how the world works without all the hurt they may have undergone otherwise. Fitted with a functional four-wheel drive, it is easy to maneuver; turn and even brake on a dime. The chief use of this Wood Bike is to help your kid develop balance and muscle strength and will be a good choice for children between 12 months to three years of age. The bike is sturdy and finished off smoothly with no removable parts so your child is always safe. It is a perfect choice for a rewarding toy that not only brings fun to playtime but plenty of learning, growth and development benefits as well.

3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter


As innovative children learning toys go, very few can boast the same adaptability as what is inherent in the design of this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter. Designed to include the innovative Fisher Price “Smart Stages” learning feature, the scooter is designed with adjustable learning elements which are progressively activated as your kid grows. The most distinctive of these learning elements include pre-recorded songs, verses and phrases which will help the child connect with the toy and discover what the joy of personalized mobility brings to the heart. As the baby scoots along on the floor, a motion switch is activated so that the learning is disseminated almost intuitively.

2. Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster


This is yet another toy which will endear you to the Little Tikes brand, a company which has been delivering quality toys for all children in a period spanning close to half a century. This cozy roadster is friendly, easy to maneuver and destined to give endless hours of playing fun for your young kid at home. Distinctive features include a distinctive canopy, two cup holders and a zippered compartment that will come in handy during outdoor play. Your kid will also love the functional horn which blares sound but not to irritating decibel levels. The tires have also been optimized to ensure they are gentle enough to use indoors without leaving marks on the floor yet are treaded well for adequate purchase on smooth surfaces.

1. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-On


Fun, safe and very functional as a toy that will help develop your toddler’s motor and problem solving techniques, this giraffe shaped toy is a sensation for new parents in 2018. Available in a choice of colorful designs and resplendent in a friendly giraffe look, this bestselling rode-on toy is also very sturdy in structure as to minimize any accidents. It comes with three polyurethane wheels including an oversized single rear wheel which will add to maneuverability and stability of the toy as a whole. Also in the package you will find a set of customizable spot decals you can use to help make the toy truly personal for your young one’s temperament.

Ride-on toys are becoming the most popular gift ideas for the year 2018. These toys are loved by children and parents alike as they not only enhance the fun of playtime but also help with development of motor and diction in young kids. As outlined above too, there are many choices for a variety of ages and skill levels. Happy shopping…


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