Top 10 Best Professional Portable Massage Tables In 2018 Reviews


Whether for commercial purposes or personal use at home, having the best quality and feature-rich model of professional portable massage table is a highly progressive idea. It is, in fact, one of the most basic essentials you ought to have if you need to have a best massage session experience, either for your customers or for you and your spouse. Quality models of this product are made of durable materials, are quite simple to use, and feature sophisticated systems which ensure a memorable and relaxing massage experience every other session. However, choosing the best ones may be a challenge to first timers, owing to the many models available on the market today. But you won’t ever regret your choice if you opt for any among the following top 10 best professional portable massage tables in 2018 reviews. Just read to the end and discover these high-value units.

10. Merax Deluxe 2-Fold Table


The Merax Deluxe 2 Fold is one of the best performance and most preferred models of portable massage tables you can get from the market today. It is a well appreciated product by many people for their daily life utility. It is a high quality unit made using 2-inch high-density foam and featuring a great beech hardwood construction to provide infallible stability and durability. It is professionally covered by PU synthetic leather, moreover improving the quality and endurance of the massage table. Measuring approximately 72 by 27 inches, it is ideal for your convenient use. It further has adjustable height, ranging between 26 and 36 inches, further adding to the user convenience.

9. Earthlite Harmony DX


The Harmony DX from Earthlite, an eco-friendly but also reasonably priced full-size portable massage table, is made of high-quality hard Maple and features an earth-friendly, water-based lacquer and glues finish for both elegance and durability. It is layered with lightweight but very responsive CFC-free 2.5-inch cushioning system and also wrapped in 100 percent Nature’s Touch upholstery to guarantee your excellent comfort, style, and durability. Earthlite’s reputed commitment to quality and detail added to the lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer of this industry leading premier massage table is the guarantee of years of qualm-free professional utility and delivery.

8. Master Massage Santana Memory Foam


The Santana Memory Portable massage table by Master Massage is another quality model you ought to check if you are looking for professional massage sessions. Measuring about 72 by 24 inches, it is an easy to use massage table that you can adjust in height between 24 inches and 34 inches, according to your individual convenience. It is excellently supported by its thick and quality cushion of small cell foam that provides comfortable massage experience for users. It is constructed from quality and durable beech wood to ensure lasting performance for its users. Its high-gloss elm dura-seal protection allows you to easily maintain the unit’s overall appearance, so it remains attractive for real long.

7. Heaven Massage Massage Table


A widely favored product, this 2-fold burgundy professional portable massage table from Heaven Massage ranks among the most sought after and appreciated models for both commercial and home use for several solid reasons. It has quality construction by use of heavy duty aluminum, making it quite durable—lasting long, supporting colossal weights of up to 450 pounds, resistant to rust and/or corrosion even if used in damp areas. To ensure user comfort, it features comfortable foam padding that most customers heartily appreciate, while its easy to adjust height system—from 26 to 36 inches—is great for persons of all sizes. When you buy this massage table you get additional accessories such as a handy carrying case, high quality hardwood skirting for boosting value, and a removable armrest for added convenience.

6. Sierra Comfort SC-500 Basic


If you are looking for a high quality and best performance portable massage table, you can be confident with a Sierra Comfort SC-500 Basic purchase. It is constructed with high quality maple hardwood and features two inches of premium grade high-density foam to offers a comfortable platform for the best massage experience. At 36 lbs, this folding massage table is conveniently and easily portable. It also features convenient carry handles and has premium stitching which complete the table for durability and support to users. It is 72-inch long and 28-inch wide, and allows 23 to 33 inches of adjustable height, adding to your individualized convenience during the massage session. It has PU leather water and oil resistant deck that is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Sierra Comfort SC-501 Relief


Also by Sierra Comfort, the SC-501 Relief is a portable massage table made of high quality and durable maple hardwood. It has 2.5 inches of high-density foam to provide a comfortable and rewarding massage experience. Its adjustable built-in face cradle allows you a convenient positioning of your head. Moreover, this product includes a quality and convenient carry bag that features shoulder strap, and also has a forward swinging arm-rest. It also has a waterproof, oil-resistant deck, durable and stylish stitching, and table-widening arm supports. It is typically 72-inch long and 28-inch wide, while its height can be adjusted from 23 to 33 inches. It comes backed by a 5-yar warranty.

4. Master Massage Del Ray Pro


The Del Ray Pro from master Massage is another top choice among the best professional grade massage table models. It features a luxury 3-inch thick quality foam cushioning for the most comfortable massage experience. It comes in a neutral sand color, and features up to 34-inch adjustable height. It has a compact and elegant 72 by 30-inch convenient design which works very well even in limited space homes and rooms. At only 35 pounds of weight, this unique model of massage table is conveniently very portable. It further features sturdy high-gloss dual seal protected durable walnut legs, water and oil-proof quality PU leather cover, as well as a 1500-pound aircraft grade quality steel support cables that offers a 650-pound working capacity. It is a very ergonomic table with disposable pillow covers, and includes a 2-pocket carrying case.

3. Saloniture Folding Table


Saloniture is an easily portable, folding professional-grade massage table featuring a durable hardwood and quality steel construction. It had an easy to detach headrest for your convenience, and also has armrests as well as arm slings, and 2-inch thick heavy duty foam cushioning for supporting your body comfortably during the massage session. It is a light design massage table that is simple to carry. It further features sturdy double-tension knobs, oil and waterproof simulated quality leather cover, and a superbly well built-in design that offers a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. This is the kind of massage table you will never regret buying.

2. BestMassage Black Table


This black highly sought after portable massage table from BestMassage is undeniably the most fully-featured yet one of the most economical packages available today on the market. It is ideal for therapy students, professional therapists, as well as for home users. It is a precision-crafted massage table with hardwoods and featuring a full two-section high-density comfortable padding to provide a more comfortable experience during massage sessions. The package is comprised of a standard accessory kit with an easy to adjust and remove face cradle, a forward arm-rest shelf, side arm-extenders, and a handy free carrying bag.

1. BestMassage Premium All Inclusive


It is a best value product in this niche, offering a complete massage solution in order to get you started with your massage business conveniently and successfully. The package has a portable massage table of high-grade beech timber construction with a luxurious high-density 2.5-inch foam deck for keeping users comfortable during massage sessions. It further features a removable face cradle, an armrest and arm supports, and incorporates coated tension wires featured along its leg supports to boost strength and durability. It comes with a full set of 100 percent cotton-made fitted sheets for protecting the table deck. There are other appreciable massage accessories such as an oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, towel hanger, and a handy carrying bag. It allows height adjustment from 23 to 33 inches for added convenience, and has durable and stylish stitching and quality premium carry handles. Measuring 74 by 33 by 28 inches, it comes backed by a 5-year warranty.

Here is the bottom line: while it is evident that the market has more models of massage tables selling, it is also very evident that when it comes to providing the best platform for the most relaxing and rewarding, comfortable and convenient massage experience, the above top 10 best professional portable massage tables in 2018 reviews win. They are easy and convenient to use, comfortable, durable, and feature elegant designs and parts. You can never go wrong with any of the above options.


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