Top 10 Best Portable Beach Umbrellas In 2018 Reviews


Even though often ignored, beach umbrellas are essential outdoor accessories that come in handy in several ways. If you spend several hours on the sand, for instance, and want to protect your skin from harmful rays, consider complementing your preferred sunscreen with a quality portable umbrella, for the best experience. It will keep you cool under the searing hot sun. It will also lower the risk of sunburns and debilitating problems such as skin melanomas over the years. Umbrellas also perfect for breaking winds and create fun socialization spots that you can enjoy with your family members. All you have to do is research well and choose one of the 10 models listed in this review to have a memorable experience. They are durable, portable, and have large and well-built designs that offer better coverage and therefore protection on beaches. They are also easy to setup, have low maintenance designs, and recommended for use by men, women, and families alike. Here are their key features and benefits:

10. Impact Canopies Rainbow


Featuring a striking rainbow-themed design that blends well in beach environments, Impact Canopies Rainbow is a stylish and function beach umbrella with a stable eight-foot design that offers better coverage outdoors. Setup is simple. The sand anchor auger that it comes with eases installation in the sand/ beach environments in general, while its lightweight 1-1/4-inch pole is not only durable but also has a rust-free finish that prevents it from rusting, even in salty beach environments. You also get 16-extra-strong fiberglass support ribs that do not break nor give in high winds, a vented umbrella top that not only facilitates airflow to prevent inversion, a UPF 50+ system that filters up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and a free carry bag for easier transportation.

9. Tommy Bahama


Sought-after by beach-goers worldwide, this 2016 edition of the like Tommy Bahama line of beach umbrellas is a top grade accessory with a light 7-foot design that will never weigh you down on route to the beach. Its blue and green stripped head is durable, aesthetic, and has a tilting system that enables you to track the sun for better coverage. Instead of constantly switching your spot on the beach, as is always the case with most fixed umbrella, all you have to do is shift its head to the right, left, back, or front, to stay cool and well protected. Its telescoping pole, on the other hand, is versatile and comes with an integrated sand anchor that eases setup and usage in most beach environments. You also get an aluminum-coated underside that filters harmful sun rays and a large wind vent that enhances its stability.

8. Rio Brands Deluxe


This Deluxe beach umbrella by Rio Brands is durable and well-shading accessory that you can use to lounge in the sand and or create a favorable environment for picnicking and or relaxing with family. If you live a few blocks from the beach or hate carrying heavy stuff during your outdoor escapades, this umbrella is light and portable. Its classic blue theme is aesthetic while its impressive UPF/SPF 100+ rated design not only creates better shade but also filters harmful rays well to lower the risk of sunburns and melanomas. It also has a novel push button-activated tilt feature for optimizing coverage, a 300×3000 D polyester cover that does not fade nor rip over time, and a powder-coated 6-foot tall steel pole that does not rust, corrode, nor break easily over time.

7. BeachBUB Umbrella System


By purchasing this umbrella system by BeachBUB, you get a valuable all-in-one accessory that consists of a top-grade BUBrella, a stable ULTRA Base, and a detailed accessory kit that will improve how you entertain outdoors. The umbrella offered, for instance, is durable and has a stable US-patented design approved for women aged 30 to 75 years. Men and families also appreciate its value, while its ability to withstand up to 35MPH winds makes it an ideal accessory for use is windy beach environments. Buyers also get a 120-pound sand base that boosts its stability, a light 9-pound pack that you can carry easily to the beach and back, a two-piece 1.5mm thick aluminum pole that withstands everyday abuse, and 10mm fiberglass ribs that do not break and or lose their structural strength over the years.

6. Rio Brands Deluxe Sunshade


Manufactured using a multi-colored high-density (75-denier) polyester fabric and powder-coated ribs and pole that resist rust and corrosion over time, this Deluxe Sunshade umbrella by Rio Brands is a good looking family accessory that surprisingly works better than it looks. When lounging on the sand and or watching your kids play in the water and or with sand castles, the cool shade that it creates is relaxing. Its aluminum-coated underside, on the other hand, filters harmful UVA and UVB radiations before they reach your body (SPF 50+) while the durable carry bag that it comes with has an integrated strap for easier transportation to the beach. This umbrella is affordable, easy to setup, and lasts long.

5. Rio Brands Ultimate


Manufactured using 20 high density and multi-colored polyester panels, Rio Brands Ultimate is a stylish beach umbrella that outperforms most drab solid color models that people have relied on for years. If you spend a lot of time on the beach with family and or friends, consider making a style statement with an original version of this beach umbrella. It is affordable, shades better that some standard editions, and has a 7-foot UPF and SPF-ready design that keeps harmful UVA and UVB radiations at bay. It also has a vented canopy that channels wind out of its interior for optimal stability, a tilting canopy that you can adjust to match the location of the sun, and a durable carry bag for easier storage and transportation.

4. Tommy Bahama (2015)


Since its release in 2015, this red-themed Tommy Bahama beach umbrella has remained sought-after by both individuals and families alike for many reasons. Its stable design, for instance, appeals to individual that spend a lot of time in windy beach environments. Its large canopy, on the other hand, is durable and tilts for better overall while its telescoping pole is not only durable but also has a stylish powder coated finish that minimizes rust and or corrosion. It also has a special aluminum undercoating that filters UVA and UVB rays to lower the risk of sunburns and melanomas, has a wind vent that maintains its stability in high wind, and an integrated sand anchor that prevents it from blowing off whilst in use. You will not regret purchasing one.

3. EasyGo Beach Umbrella


Ranked among the top 10 best portable beach umbrellas in 2016 reviews EasyGo is a giant eight-foot beach umbrella with a stylish rainbow-themed canopy made of heavy-duty polyester fabric. The material is durable, tear proof, and has well-finished seams that do not rip over time. The anodized aluminum pole that buyers get is also durable, rust resistant, and has a heavy-duty plastic stake that penetrates sand, grass, and dirt well. Other notable attributes that buyers consider invaluable are its adjustable full height system that you can customize to meet your needs, silver UV coating that offers superior UVA and UVB protection, and its portable design.

2. Tommy Bahama (2013)


Purchase this Tommy Bahama (2013) umbrella to get a durable beach model with an integrated wind vent, a sturdy sand anchor, and a large and tilting canopy that offers better coverage and protection against harmful sun rays. Pricing is decent. Setup and usage are simple while the high-density polyester used to manufacture it does not tear nor rip easily, as poorly built ones. Tommy Bahama (2013) is affordable, UPF/SPF 100+ rated and has durable fiberglass ribs and an aluminum pole.

1. Sport-Brella Umbrella


Top on our list, Sport-Bella is an SPF 125-rated beach umbrella with a durable 210 D Polyester canopy and a portable design that offers instant protection from the rain and sun. Its rugged design is durable and optimized to offer full protection whilst in use. The side window and top wind vents that it comes with manage airflow well to lower the optimize its stability while its internal pockets are ideal for storing gear and valuables as you spend time by yourself or with loved ones outdoors. You also get a carry bag with a sturdy shoulder strap.

While spending time on the beach, carry one of the 10 beach umbrellas listed herein to have a memorable time outdoors. They are portable, durable, and have well shading designs that also filter harmful UV rays.


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