Top 10 Best Mouse Traps 2017 Reviews


When you need a mouse trap, you must be aware of the difference between mice and rats. A rat trap may not be effective for mice. Even mice also have different species. House mice, deer mice, and white-footed mice are the most common among them. When all these three major species invade your house, it will be a very serious situation. In such cases, you need the most effective traps to kill these mice. The modern mouse traps are highly effective and more user-friendly. Different types of mouse traps are available today. Some of them are automatic traps, mouse traps, and even electronic traps. These 10 Best Mouse Trap 2017 Reviews is highly useful for picking the best mouse trap.

10. Humane Mouse Traps by Kat Sense


Mice infestation can occur in any house. There are plenty of ways to handle this problem. Humane mouse trap is one of the best solutions to trap them. You can simply put this trap on a mouse run. This trap can trap mice humanely, which means without hurting them. Once the mouse is trapped, it can be released in a safe place. Thus, you need not kill them cruelly. Kat Sense Humane Mouse Traps are the best in this category. This trap comes in a set of three. Thus, you can catch the mice alive and release them into the wild. This is really a wonderful gift for animal lovers. The other mouse traps are just cruel and unnecessary.

9. Trap Mouse Ultra Set by D-Con

Trap Mouse Ultra Set by D-Con

d-CON mouse trap is used for identifying and solving the rodent problem in your home. Ultra set is a safe and easy way to ensure the rodents are killed inside the trap. You can set this trap without the fear of snapping your fingers. If you use this mouse trap, the chance to contact with the rodents is very minimal. Thus, you can avoid the risk of contact with a dead mouse. This is a cost effective, reusable mouse trap. This is a covered snap and it has sensitive trigger and tunnel entrance. It has only one door, so the mice will not escape from sides.

8. made2catch One Click Mouse Trap

made2catch One Click Mouse Trap

You can definitely purchase made2catch One Click Mouse Trap if you are concerned about injuries that may occur when you use a snap trap. You can set this mouse trap very easily with one click. Metal is used for constructing this trap, so it offers higher level of durability. It can capture and kill a mouse with one click. The catched mouse can also be released in one click. It has a clever construction, which considerably reduces the risk of injuries. Recyclable materials are used for constructing the trap and the package. Thus, this trap is friendly to the environment.

7. Ketch-All Mousetrap

Ketch-All Mousetrap

Ketch-All Mousetrap is a very simple device but it is highly effective. It is also safe to use this mousetrap around your family and pets. It does not require any baits, poisons, or chemicals. This mouse trap can catch several mice at a time. It has a clear lid, which is helpful for monitoring the mouse trap very easily and quickly. Galvanized steel is used for making this mouse trap, so you can use it for several years. The clear view lid allows you to monitor the trap efficiently. Thus you can save time when you pull back the lid and check for a catch.

6. Victor M142S Power Kill

Victor M142S Power Kill

It is very hard to avoid Victor M142S Power Kill Mouse Trap. It has an oversized trip pedal, which is activated when the mouse eats the bait. When this trip pedal is triggered, its power kill bar powerfully and immediately springs closed for humane kill. Therefore, this mouse trap is considered as one of the most effective mousetraps on the market. It is ideal for using both indoors and outdoors because it does not use poison or chemicals. Thus it is safe for children and pets.

5. Victor M154 Metal Pedal

Victor M154 Metal Pedal

The Victor M154 Metal Pedal is an effective mouse trap that offers a straightforward, simple design. It can provide you instant result in rodent control. This mouse trap is constructed in the USA by Victor. This is a century-old brand and a highly trusted leader in the industry. Environmentally responsible wood is used for constructing the platform of this mouse trap. Thus, it is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This mouse trap is extremely safe for household use. The trap does not require any chemical or poisons to kill mice. So, you can use it around water, food, pets, and children.

4. Tomcat Press �N Set

Tomcat Press �N Set

If you want to kill mice in a convenient way, Tomcat Press �N Set is the best option. This mouse trap is non-toxic, easy, and ready to use. You can set it up with just one touch. Plastic is used for constructing this mouse trap. This snap trap does not require any assembly. Compared to wooden mouse traps, the Tomcat Press �N Set is more effective to catch mice. Disposal is very easy because of convenient grap tab.

3. Intruder 30442

Intruder 30442

The Better Mousetrap, Intruder 30442 is really the best mouse trap because of many reasons. It has a very simple design. Only a few mechanical parts are used for making this mousetrap, but it is one of the most effective mouse traps on the market. This trap can capture and kill mice very quickly. If you use this mouse trap, you can avoid unhealthy contact or unsightly messes. This is also safe for children and pets. It has a precision stainless steel spring, which holds mouse tightly. Tough non-absorbent plastic is effective for suffocating mice cleanly without breaking its skin.

2. Atomic Barbie Rat Trap


The Atomic Barbie Rat Trap has a clever design. Besides catching rats, it is helpful for trapping other lightweight animals as well. You can also set up this trap very easily. The Atomic Barbie Rat Trap is safe for you, your children, your environment, and other animals. There is a handle that is extended from the cage. This is helpful for avoiding any contact with the trapped animal. This is a complete escape proof rat trap. It also offers a better alternative to poison the trapped animal.

1. Kness’ Snap-E Mouse Trap

Kness’ Snap-E Mouse Trap

Most mouse traps come with the same design because of the efficiency of these design in capturing and killing mice. But, in recent years, some manufacturers are introducing mouse traps with innovative, novel design. Snap-E Mouse trap is the most effective mouse trap that comes with an innovative design. Manufactured by Kness, the Snap-E Mouse Trap comes in 4 pack. The company uses a smart mechanism while developing this mouse trap, so it offers increased efficiency in trapping mice. It is simple, safe, and sanitary. So, you can use this trap for many years. Durable polystyrene and steel materials make this mouse trap tough and durable. It has a smart engineering. It is easy to release and easy to set. All these features make this mouse trap an excellent one for capturing mice.


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