Top 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets In 2018 Reviews


Motorcycle jackets are supposed to protect you, keep you comfortable, add some taste of class into your full appearance and remain usable for as long as possible. Getting all of these from a jacket requires taking into considerations some elements that most motorcyclist regularly overlook. In this article, however, we shall consider all factors and give you a list of the top 10 best motorcycle jackets in 2018 as shown below:

10. Xelement Armored Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

The Xelement armored motorcycle jacket has a mesh lining in its interior and another detachable quilted liner. The underneath mesh lining is made of some high-quality materials that help in keeping you comfortable. This mesh lining is also important in allowing for smooth rotation of air within the jacket. It has several pockets throughout with zippers where you can keep you documents or equipment. Its waist straps are adjustable, and this is critical in helping you to regulate how the jacket should fit you. The shoulder, arms, and the back are all equipped with safety armor.

9. Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The pro mesh motorcycle jacket is made of light weigh polyester mesh material. This material has some breathable abrasions that allow for adequate circulation of air in and out of the jacket. The jacket has been manufactured with armor systems all aimed at ensuring that you get maximum protection. One of the armor is made of plastic material stitched on the exterior shell of elbows and shoulders while the other is made of density foam that is found inside the elbows and the shoulders. It has several liners some of which are removable and as a result, you can be able to use this jacket in different weather conditions. The arm straps are adjustable for better fitting, and the two exterior pockets will keep your documents/devices safe.

8. Xelement Premium Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is made of premium cowhide leather that has been stitched using quality nylon thread. The leather and the thread will hold the jacket together for many years. It has a front zipper closure with the zip being made of a suitable waterproof material that protects It from any damages that are usually brought about by water or moist. The jacket has five pockets; two zipper exterior pockets, a single mobile phone pocket, and two other interior pockets. The vest inner liner acts well to insulate and keep the wearer comfortable.

7. Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket


The Viking Warlock motorcycle jacket has a well-made mesh shell that perfectly covers your back, arms, and torso. This mesh cover ensures that you are well protected from the strong wind when riding while at the same time making sure that your body is receiving sufficient air to avoid cases of sweating. The jacket has a SureFitTM system of adjustment that will keep the jacket adjustable enough for you to fit the jacket in a manner that you feel comfortable. The jacket has approved armor on its elbows and shoulders that have been designed to give you as much safety as possible while making the jacket look attractive at the same time. It also has a spine pad for optional protection, but the pad can be removed. The jacket has several interior pockets where you can store personal stuff and two exterior pockets for keeping credentials that you may need to access quickly.

6. Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

This nice looking motorcycle jacket has been manufactured in a very attractive design giving it a pleasant outlook that most women love. For safety measures, the jacket has been made with approved armor pads at its elbows and shoulders. At the spinal region, the jacket has another detachable spine pad that is supposed to give you spine protection, but the pad can be removed. The designing of this jacket also took into account the need for the motorcyclist to remain well ventilated throughout their ride. That is why the jacket has an efficient ventilation system that allows for adequate flow of air to keep fresh. It also has a comfortable vest liner that can be removed in case you don’t need it.

5. Cortech GX Sports Motorcycle Jacket


This Cortech GX motorcycle jacket prioritized security of its users, and that is why they have a well-made polyester material at the shoulders and elbows region for your safety. It has then been manufactured with a mandarin – like collar that has a smooth microfiber trim. This material helps to ensure that your neck is as comfortable as possible. The jacket has some breathable barriers and a waterproof guard thus allowing you to enjoy your riding even during rainfall. It has vents around the sleeves, rear and along its chest zips. This vents all work together to ensure that there is sufficient flow of air keeping your body properly ventilated. The jacket’s sleeves usually come in a pre – curved position. This feature is essential in ensuring that you remain comfortable inside the jacket as you assume the various riding angles and positions.

4. Joe Rocket Atomic Women’s Riding Jacket

The Joe rocket atomic women’s jacket has been made using a treated waterproof material. With this jacket rain will therefore never limit you from enjoying your ride as you are guaranteed that your body won’t be exposed to the rain and neither will it harm your jacket. It has a user defined system of adjustment where you can regulate the jacket to fit seven different kinds of fitting points. With these points, you can always be able to get one that will suit you at any given time. All its zippers are also waterproof ensuring that water or rain never makes the zippers get any sorts of rust or be damaged in any other way. The jacket also comes with approved armor material on the elbows and shoulders for your safety. At the spine regions, there is also another removable pad armor that has been designed for your spine’s protection.

3. Xelement Women’s Armored Jacket

This women’s jacket has been designed with a sweet combination of pink mesh panels and black fabrics giving it a staggering appearance. The black fabric Mesh is a breathable polyester and hence allows for air to quickly rotate inside and outside of the jacket keeping the wearer always ventilated. These making materials of this jacket are all super light, and thus, this jacket will never be a huge bother in case you want to take hold it when off your bike. The front exterior of the jacket has two zippered pockets where you can keep your light credentials safely. Its sleeves have several buttons that allow you to regulate how much you want the jacket to fit you.

2. Track Armor Motorcycle Jacket


The Track Armor motorcycle bike is manufactured from high-quality cowhide leather. With this leather, you have assured a quality jacket that will not tear for an extended period. The jacket was designed with a few reflective stripes located on its back, sleeves and chest. These stripes will always help other motorcyclists on the road to spot you from a distance, and hence, they assist in keeping you safe. The jacket is packed with several safety armored pads found at its back, elbows and on the shoulders. All of these armors are however removable in case you don’t need them. The front has a zipper closure with high-quality zips that won’t crack easily. On its sides, you will find some adjustments that you can use to regulate the size of the jacket and how tight it fits you. Its collar has a conveniently placed snap button. The two zipper pockets at the front will help to secure your personal stuff.

1. Milwaukee Leather Classic Motorcycle Jacket

This is probably a lot of people’s dream motorcycle jacket. The jacket designing is perfect helping to give it a vintage appearance that anyone on a bike would wish to have. It is made of premium cowhide leather that will check that the jacket remains in its original shape and appearance for many years. It has a half belt at the bottom that helps in regulating its size to fit the wearer as he desires. The side laces will help you to adjust the jacket even further for optimal fitting options. It has a total of three exterior pockets. Two of them have zippers while the third is a snap close pocket where you can keep your notebook or map that you need easy access to as you enjoy your ride.

A motorcycle jacket is no longer just about protecting. They also need to keep you comfortable while also remaining attractive. Make your order right away for any of the above jackets and they will offer you just exactly that.


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