Top 10 Best Model Airplanes In 2018 Reviews


If you are looking for the best model airplanes in 2018, you have landed on the right guide. Here we have compiled a set of reviews depicting all the latest designs in the industry especially from the top hobbyist suppliers. The airplanes featured here include several passenger models as well as a number of Air Force concepts popular for their accomplishments in aerial combat. A number come fully assembled from the factory but others are sold as kits you have to assemble yourself. Whichever of the alternatives tickles your fancy; you can settle back and enjoy endless hours of fun and games. But as these are all precision molded plane models, you have a unique chance of expanding your knowledge of aeronautical creations and demonstrate to others just how good you are.

10. Revell Of Germany Fokker Dr.1 PL Triplane Model

The Revell of Germany Fokker Dr.1 PL Triplane model is a distinctive toy plane in the mold of the original Fokker. It is made with a series of fine details including the cockpit as well as several bodywork accessories. In the cockpit is an uncanny pilot’s seat and all the controls on display. The shipping package includes all the parts you need to assemble the whole plane from scratch. There are over three dozen parts and components to do this. In other words, assembling this plane to perfection will exercise your DIY acumen and leave you panting for more. The only rather disconcerting fact is that the proportions are rather too tiny. With the model being a 1:72 scale replica of the original, it is somewhat minute in comparison with other triplanes of the same series.

9. HASEGAWA 07231 1/48 RF-4B Phantom II USMC Airplane Model

Featuring the precision tooling of Japanese technology, this model Phantom II USMC fighter plane will give you endless hours of fun and assembly challenge. Hagesawa molded toys are well known for their precision accuracy, rugged construction and uncanny reproduction of the planes on which they are modeled. The Phantom II USMC is no exception in this sense. It is however worth noting that the seller ships these toys directly from Japan and you may therefore have to factor-in at least a couple of extra days before the package arrives to your address. But once you have it ready, the potential for fun is endless.

8. Fascinations Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model – F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet

Get an uncanny reproduction of the superfast F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet in the form of this model. The famous F-15 was designed by the US Air Force in a bid to gain as well as maintain superiority in aerial combat and the model shows just how aggressive the jet is. It has vast aerodynamic efficiencies and firepower to rival the very best. The precision cut model will offer you a unique opportunity to add this jet to your collection and it is more than worth it. This is after all a jet which has a catalogue of well over a 100 aerial combat victories to its name and virtually no defeats on record.

7. P38J Lightning 1:48 Model Airplane

This is more than your run-of-the-mill fighter plane model. It comes with enough sections and parts to enable you build three different versions the inimitable P38J Lightning fighter jet. Of course you can only have one version at any one time but there is enough of a Do-it-yourself challenge to make you scratch your scalp severally before you can accomplish it all with precision. It will give you a unique opportunity to demonstrate of your friends and colleagues your mastery of the jet aircraft. The package includes a number of different armament packages as well as decals you can use to alter the final model as desired.

6. Revell of Germany B-17F Memphis Belle Plastic Model Kit

With this model kit, you can assemble the full replica of the B-17F Memphis Belle fighter jet in the comfort of your home. The model includes all the features of the famed fighter jet including a set of four radial jet engines, a tail-end MG, a rotating MG turret, bomb bay racks and four bombs ready to fire. Even for a model this size the manufacturers have gone to the trouble of reproducing a complete cockpit display with all the instrumentation on the ready as well as individual pilot seats and the radio com set.

5. A10 Warthog 1:48 Model Airplane Kit

Now you can model the famed A10 Warthog right to the minutest level of detail with this Revel model kit. Special mention is reserved for the cockpit, coming as it does complete with accessories such as a boarding ladder as well as a clear canopy. It is just as you have seen the jet depicted in military documentaries or at the last US Air Force demonstration show. The airplane has been finished off with uncanny detail including the very distinctive camouflage pattern as well as armament bays. Indeed, you will find a distinctive fighter pilot model included in the package. This model pilot comes complete with realistic uniform depicted well down to the US Air Force insignia on the breast pocket as well as the chevrons placed on the sleeves. The parts are designed for easy fitting. This is not to mean that you can assemble the whole plane in a matter of minutes. Unless you are a specialist in this, it will take quite a while to figure out where all the 167 parts included in the shipping package should go. But you should not fret even if this is your very first airplane model to assemble. There is a detailed instruction manual showing you how to get started and even place all the components in their rightful place.

4. HobbyZone 4480 Sport Cub S BNF with SAFE

Take your aerodynamic flight fancy to another level with this model airplane from HobbyZone. The toy plane has been designed to offer excellent flight pyrotechnics as well as the ability to maneuver around obstacles with ease. It is capable of swooping, zooming and banking with irrepressible ease, just as a functional plane would do. It is great for indoors use but it is more suited for outdoors flight if you like. This deal is only for the model plane itself. You will have to order a transmitter if you do not own one. Luckily for you, the model place is compatible with any SpektrumTM DX4e transmitter or even other variants provided they feature a standardized control engine platform. It is a great model plane for both dyed in the wool hobbyists and beginners.

3. The P – 40B Tiger Shark 1:48 Model Airplane by Revel

This is a very easy and detailed model airplane you can put together in no time at all. It comes with a detailed interior as well as a cockpit with all the instrumentation visible. Unlike other model planes in this review, this one includes a number of functional parts including a smoothly rotating propeller as well as wheels. In addition, the model plane’s gear bay doors open and close with ease and it features a retractable landing gear and a movable tail hook. If you are an avid DiY’er, you will love assembling this model plane and putting it back together all day long. In the cockpit you can place the provided model pilot figure to complete the illusion. And if you are just getting started, refer to the detailed assembly instructions manual included.

2. Wright Flyer “First Powered Flight” 1:39 Model Biplane

Reenact the magic and wonder of man’s first powered flight with this uncanny reproduction of the original biplane flown by the Wright Brothers. It is also a great challenge as the plane is a kit comprising well over 60 different parts and components you can assemble to complete the model. All the parts have been precision tooled and molded to ensure they are in the exact proportional dimensions as the airplane which was awarded the very first patent a century back. To offer you an even more realistic feeling the shipping package includes two figures bearing uncanny resemblance to the two inimitable bicycle mechanics turned inventors: Orville and Wilbur Wright.

1. Revell 1:48 P – 51D Mustang Model Airplane Kit

Challenge yourself both as a Do-it-Yourselfer and aeronautics hobbyist with this model airplane kit from Revel. The kit contains 49 precision molded sections you can put together to make an aerodynamically elegant model plane. That said, it is important to note that this is not a powered flight airplane model. The only way it will take off is if you physically throw it off on the flight path. This does not mean that assembling the parts together will be any less of a challenge. It is a great collector’s piece as well. Overall, it is an uncanny reproduction of the actual Air Force 51D Mustang including the lift off engine panel as well as the wing machine guns.

In a bid to provide you with a complete guide to the best model airplanes selling online in 2018, we have scoured hundreds of hobbyist catalogs. These have yielded the following designs as the very best in the industry in terms of robust construction as well as resemblance to the original airplanes that they depict. We have tested each one of them for quality and all you have to do is select your choice, wait for the shipment and settle back for endless hours of fun.


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