Top 10 Best Makeup Removers In 2018 Reviews


Across the world, make up has become necessary for majority women, especially on their faces for improving overall appeal and covering blemishes. However, although that is perfectly in order, removing the makeup is also necessary for the health of their skin, since overusing the makeup without cleansing the skin appropriately can bring its own disadvantages. For example, oil-based mascaras are known to significantly lower skin’s elasticity, clogging the skin pores and also dampening its luster and grace over the long term. Additionally, old makeup is feared to irritate the skin, causing adverse effects to the skin health.

The market is full of different types of makeup cleaners, which is why it can be quite challenging for a first timer to tell the best formula apart. Some may be too tough, causing the skin to break out. It is therefore essential to know the safe yet effective make up remover to buy. In this article, you will get to know the top 10 best make up removers in 2018 reviews. They are safe to your skin, and help you remove the makeup you had applied for your day completely before you get to bed. Read on to know them.

10. Philosophy Just Release Me


Created by Philosophy, this is a uniquely formulated product to help in the removal of any form of makeup from your eyes completely. Ranked among the best quality and safest products in this niche, it is an effective yet safe formula that removes all your eye makeup without the risk of any irritation on your eyes or the skin around them. It is a very simple product to use and if properly used, it will never leave any kind of annoying residues on your beautiful face. As such, you can wear any makeup for your brilliant day sure enough that you have a great product to remove it before you go to bed to avert any effects caused by long-worn makeup.

9. The Body-Shop GentleThe-Body-Shop-Gentle

The Gentle Makeup Remover from Body-Shop is one of the most popular products in this niche, and you can use it to completely and safely remove all the makeup off your face. It is a very effective product in the removal of all-eye makeup and does not cause any adverse effects on your skin or eyes. This product normally has high amount of chamomile, a healthy natural extract that also helps in soothing your skin. The Body-Shop makeup remover has no added fragrance or colors, but it is an excellent skin cleansing formula that is tested to be very effective in the removal of your makeup completely.

8. Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover


The Neutrogena is an Oil-free makeup remover and one of the best types of makeup removers in 2016. It is a very simple to use product that helps you remove any type of makeup completely from your face. It has a dual-action formula that ensures quick and effective removal of your makeup. Moreover, this is an all-natural ingredients product, therefore safe for use even by persons with highly sensitive types of skins. It removes even the waterproof makeup and leaves no residue. It is an ophthalmologist tested product that is safe for even contact wearers, and it gently helps you take off all the eye makeup you had applied for your day.

7. Clinique Take the Day-Off


There are many people who are interested in the results this product delivers. It is a high quality product for removing any makeup from your lashes, lips, eyelids, as well as any other parts of your face. It instantly dissolves long-wearing makeup fast and easily, helping you perfectly remove the makeup completely without leaving behind any embarrassing residue. It can safely work on any type of skin, even on the sensitive ones, and it is even good and safe for contact lens wearers. It is, according to the reviews it has received from its satisfied users, one of the most appreciated and popular products in this niche today.

6. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Remover


When you want to quickly and easily remove the eye makeup, this is one of the best available products to use. L’Oreal Paris dissolves the eye makeup instantly, allowing you to effectively and safely remove any type of makeup with no risk to fear. Even the long-wearing foundations as well as the waterproof mascaras are simply wiped out when you use this product. It is a high quality product with a safe formula that is non-irritating and that also conditions any lashes. It is a dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested to be very healthy for your skin, even suitable for sensitive skins and eyes, and also for contact lens wearers. If used properly, it leaves no residue on the skin.

5. Vi-Tae Take It Off


This Take-It-Off make-up remover from Vi-Tae is an organic product that contains natural extracts from Aloe Vera leaf, lavender oil, safflower seed oil, and also natural vitamin C, ingredients that are all quite gentle on the different types of skins. It performs very well in the removal of makeup without irritating your skin or drying out the skin. The Ale Vera included in the formula is great in keeping your skin appropriately hydrated, and it is also very good in calming down any irritated or sensitive skins. It is one of the most popular products available on the market today.

4. Lavo Organic Makeup Remover


With the Lavo Organic Makeup Remover, you will melt away any eye makeup, even the waterproof mascara, lipstick, sunscreen, BB cream, powder, and even the heavy stage makeup effectively. It completely and easily dissolves the makeup, and rinses away completely, leaving zero oil residue. It also has fresh citrus scent to leave your face smelling fresh after the cleanup. It is an organic, thin, and light product that is great for all types of skins. It does not clog your pores or leave any greasy residue. You can even use it even if you don’t wear makeup, lightly exfoliating and leaving the skin feeling very soft, clean, and quite smooth. It is free of chemicals, parabens, and it is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Bee-Friendly Skincare Makeup Remover


Bee Friendly Skincare is an organic, high quality makeup remover that is safe and chemical free. It is a USDA-approved natural product that does not cause any adverse effects on any type of skins. It contains beeswax that improves the suppleness of your skin, making it more flexible and healthier. You will not only be able to effectively remove makeup when you use this product, but also add moisture to your skin. The product has a nice pleasantly fresh scent of natural lemongrass essential oil that you will not resist loving.

2. Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover


Most customers are very satisfied with this product, evident on the many positive reviews it has earned, pointing to its superior quality and impressive performance. Mary Kay is an oil-free makeup remover that works well on any skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Its professional, high quality formula has no added fragrances or harmful chemical additives, making it one of the safest products to use on your skin. You can use it even as frequent as you wear your makeup without the fear of side effects, and even those who wear contact lenses in their day to day lives can use this product.

1. Insta-Natural Facial Makeup Remover


If what you want is an effective yet safe makeup removal product, you won’t be wrong with the Insta-Natural Makeup Remover and Facial Oil Cleanser. It is a high quality product whose formula includes all-natural ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, as well as other great essential oils good for your skin health. When used properly on the face, this makeup remover will leave your face feeling fresh and comfortable. It is one of the best quality and most popular products in this niche, backed by a 100 percent guarantee on satisfaction. You therefore will not have any worries about the quality of this product.

For you to effectively and safely remove any makeup from the face, you ought to use a professional-grade product specifically formulated for this purpose. Makeup removers that you should use should be formulated to naturally restore the glow and grace of your skin and, of course, cause no adverse effects, such as drying it out, clogging up the pores, or irritating sensitive ones. It is supposed to be simple to use, and be able to remove all types of makeup fast and effectively. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and approved makeup removers are good to use, and the above top 10 best makeup removers in 2018 reviews have been approved as the best products in this category to help you deal with your makeup before bed in an effective and easy way, while ensuring safety to your skin and making it healthier and more gracious.


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