Top 10 Best LED Headlamps In 2017


There are plenty of situations in which someone would find themselves forced to work in poorly illuminated conditions. This can make it very difficult to see what needs to be done or find something in the dark. In fact it can even lead to accidents and there are plenty of stories of people that got injured when working in the dark. It is a bad habit that many people have mainly because they do not have a decent headlight around.

Headlights are not something new. They have been around for decades. What is new is how they are made as some of the more reliable models use LED lights. The benefit of using a LED headlamp is low energy consumption which means smaller battery packs or longer runtimes on a single charge or pack of batteries. At the same time the LED array has a longer lifespan. Everyone knows just how unreliable the classic light bulbs are. Last but not least, a headlamp offers the great advantage of leaving the hands unoccupied. It makes it much easier to work in poorly illuminated areas.

Best LED Headlamps in 2017

Today we will have a quick look at 10 different LED headlamps that are reliable and affordable at the same time. Most of them use a comfortable adjustable harness and come even include rechargeable battery packs. With these things in mind let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best LED headlamps in 2017 reviews.

10. Lethu 2000 Lumen Miner’s Lamp Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

The Lethu Miner LED headlamp is one of the most powerful models in our list. Very few other headlamps offer the same brightness for such a low price tag and excellent design.

The product comes with a powerful LED array that delivers no less than 2000 lumen. It works on two regular AAA batteries that are included in the kit. The batteries are rechargeable and the headlamp actually comes with a wall charger. The head strap is quite comfortable and can be fully adjusted in order to fit properly.


9. Xtreme Bright X-99 Sensor LED Headlamp

Xtreme Bright X-99 LED headlamp is a great pick for the ones that need something for outdoor activities or need to work in areas without any other source of light. It is very bright with its reliable LED array and features a very robust construction using military grade components.

Similar to other headlamps the model has an adjustable headstrap. Brightness is decent as it offers 150 lumens. For some it might not sound like much but it should be enough. Also the lower luminosity means a lower battery drain and longer usage time.


8. GRDE Adjustable LED Headlamp

The GRDE adjustable LED headlamp is a great pick for the ones that do not want to spend too much money on such a device. It is simple, easy to use and quite comfortable while still providing illumination at a long distance.

It is a bright LED light using either one or two 18650 batteries that are included in the bundle. It comes with a dedicated wall charger and a USB cable. The model has a zoom feature that helps offer a longer illumination distance and has a waterproof construction.


7. Energizer Vision LED Headlamp

Energizer Vision LED headlamp is a great pick for the ones that want just a basic model without paying extra for it. It is cheap, well built and surprisingly reliable which is to be expected as Energizer is a rather big brand.

In terms of features the model offers four light models. It runs on 3 regular AAA batteries and it is very bright. It can be purchased in 3 other variations that use different LED arrays and also have different pricing. The construction of the headlamp is waterproof and it is energy efficient.


6. OUTERDO 5000Lumen Led Headlamp

The OUTERDO LED headlamp is the most powerful model in our list. No other headlamp offers a brightness of 5000 lumen. This also means that it needs more power than small models and it can run out of batteries fairly quick.

The model offers an adjustable luminosity with 4 light modes. The build quality is impressive as it was designed to survive under water. In terms of batteries the headlamp works with 18650 type of batteries. A pack of two is included in the bundle. They can be recharged using the charger the product is sold with.


5. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Foxelli sells a great headlamp for a very low price tag. It is inexpensive, well-constructed and quite bright despite using just a 3 watt LED array. It is capable of a maximum output of 165 lumen which is enough to make it easier to work in a dark environment.

To power the LED light the device needs 3 AAA batteries. The bundle does include a set of batteries but they can be replaced by rechargeable ones which will save money on the long run. The model is waterproof and very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.


4. InnoGear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlight Headlamp

InnoGear is one of the bigger brands that had great success in selling headlamps mainly due to the quality of their design. The 5000 lumen model is one of their most praised products.

The model requires two 18650 rechargeable battery cells which are included in the bundle along with a wall charger. It can also be charged using a USB cable. A full charge should provide about 4 to 6 hours of working time.


3. Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

The Shining Buddy headlamp is a great choice for active individuals. It is a must have gadget for people that spend time outdoors or working in difficult conditions especially since the model is shock resistant and can also work submerged under water.

Amongst its key features it is worth noting that the headlamp has 4 light settings. A small switch placed on the lamp allows the user to select the mode on the fly. The device requires 3 AAA batteries to work and provides a brightness of 110 lumens.


2. Aennon Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED Light

Aennon Headlamp is a great product that will seem appealing to the ones that wish to spend a little as possible on such a model. It is inexpensive, well-constructed and very reliable making it a great pick for individuals that work in difficult conditions.

The model is very bright despite requiring just 3 AAA batteries. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it can survive even when submerged under water. The model has a comfortable head strap that can be adjusted with great ease and comes with a money back guarantee policy.


1. Lighting Ever Headlamp

The Lightning Ever headlamp is a great product from many point of views. First of all the price is quite low yet the build quality is on par with other more expensive models. At the same time the headlamp is easy to adjust in order to provide a comfortable fit and it is extremely bright.

Similar to other models the headlamp is waterproof. It requires 3 AAA batteries and offers 4 lighting modes. The LED light is energy efficient which means it will run for many hours before requiring new batteries.


There are a lot of different LED headlights and also a lot that are just almost identical yet have different branding and prices. It can be a bit confusing but what needs to be clear is that the biggest difference between them is the LED lights used and incidentally the brightness.

To make it easier for anyone to decide upon a headlamp that would fit their needs we selected as many different models as possible. Their luminosity covers a wide range and most of them are waterproof. The head straps are generally comfortable and easy to adjust.


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