Top 10 Best Laptop Locks In 2016 Reviews


The best laptop locks are designed to ensure that your laptop is safe from opportunistic theft whether at the workplace or in campus. The locks are designed in such a way that they are virtually tamperproof while at the same time offering the user a measure of convenience while using the device as usual. Admittedly, there are many offers for laptop lock systems on the web at the present. However, to guarantee they work for your computer it is important to ensure that they meet the basic requirements for such equipment. As our in-depth guide will serve to show, you can get the very best designs available without using too much money in the process. This is as outlined in the following reviews collected and composed by our in-house experts. The reviews represent our best effort to help you get the best without losing time or your hard earned money in the process.

10. Combo Lock for Laptop and Notebook Computers


If you have a portable device and you would like to put in place the most effective theft deterrence measure, this security cable will prove as good a measure as any you will have. It works well with laptop computers as well as notebooks, netbooks and a motley collection of other devices. You can set your own combination key to ensure the best security and there is a guide included to help you set up the most secure regimen for you needs. Indeed, you can pick your preferred key from a possible ten thousand options, highly reducing any possibility for tampering with your settings. Unlike other lock systems, there is no physical key necessary to either lock or unlock your device. What is more, this sale is backed up by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty assuring you of faultless performance for the combo lock over a lifetime of use.

9. Enover 2 Pack Notebook Combination Laptop Computer Lock and Security Cable


Your laptop represents a very vulnerable security threat not only if the actual device is stolen but also the crucial data and information it may contain within it. As such, it makes sense to put in place a variety of measures to work as theft deterrents. The most effective of these would be this security cable designed for not only your laptop computer but a wide variety of electronic decries including digital projectors, flat screen displays as well as desktop PCs. The only caveat is that the device in question must bear the Kensington security slot as a standard. Once you have bought this cable you can then customize it by setting your own unique 4-digit lock combination. To guarantee tamperproof security, there are ten thousand possible digit combinations to pick from and the initial lock can be changed as often as you feel necessary.

8. Etekcity 6 Feet Notebook Laptop Computer Combination Lock and Security Cable


You can now ensure the complete security of your laptop against opportunistic theft when you secure it in place using this Etekcity security cable. It is especially designed to ensure complete compatibility with virtually all types of laptop computers provided they are fitted with the industry standard Kensington security slot. To guarantee completely unique security lock, the 4 digit combination lock can accept up to 10 thousand different combinations. The interior of the six foot cable is made of galvanized steel with a PVC coating to ensure complete security as well as flexibility necessary for daily use. For maximum convenience while in use, the security cable boasts as a 90-degree swivel cable joint. Moreover, it is easy and straightforward to install it and ensure your laptop is secure round the clock.

7. Belkin F8E550-CMK Notebook Security Lock, Master-Keyed


If and when you invest in this redoubtable security lock you can rest easy with the assurance that your laptop and notebook as well as a wide range of other electronic devices are safely locked in place in case you are not looking. As a theft deterrent, the Belkin F8E550-CMK works and ensures convenience when the electronic devoices are in sue as well. For a company security solution, the cables will perform with resilience that is admirable to say the least. To begin with, each individual cable can be set to work with a singular digital lock while a master key is set to lock and unlock all the locks in use at the office. The flexible cable has a 6-foot galvanized steel cable that allows the user to work with convenience while still locking the concerned device in place for as long as necessary.

6. Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock for Business


When it comes to tamperproof security of your laptop computer, you can always count on Kensington security cables to offer resilient performance. This 64068F MicroSaver Keyed Laptop Lock cable is meant for the business laptop and will deliver convenience as well as safety in equal measure. The six foot cable is enough to ensure you work with convenience while offering round the clock safety guarantees. And when you need to finally take your computer with you, all you have to do is twist the combination lock (a task so convenient you can do it with a single hand) and the cable with let go. What is more, the security lock will also work with LCD flat screens, digital projectors as well as any other device provided it features the industry standard Kensington security lock. You do not have to worry about brackets, screws or glues to make this lock work for the security of your computer.

5. MacBook Pro with Retina Display Universal Lock Bracket


Ensure that your Apple MacBook Retina is completely safe when you secure it in place using this tamperproof lock bracket. As the innovative notebook computer already comes standard with a Kensington security locks, the bracket will easily lock into placed without need for you to call a specialist or make use of any tool. This is also one of the select few security lock brackets which feature a contoured design that guarantee you can use the notebook computer without compromising your ergonomic stance while at the work desk. Moreover, it works equally well for both the thirteen and fifteen inch MacBook Pro notebook computers. Many owners will also be glad to hear that installing this security lock does not tamper or void your Apple warranty.

4. Sendt Black Notebook/Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable


With its six foot long cable, this is a security device which will enable you to get the most from your computer while deterring all forms of theft or tampering if you are not around. It is dependent on a combination lock for which there are over ten thousand possible combinations, making it a virtually tamperproof way to lock your computer in place while at the office. Moreover, this is made to fit the standard Kensington security slot found in well over 99% of laptops as well as some desktop PCs as well. It will easily slot into place without need for special tools, gluing or tampering with how your computer works. The core of the cable is made of tempered steel and carbon fiber elements, making the cable virtually unbreakable.

3. Kensington K64670AM Combination Portable Cable Lock for Laptops


This is yet another Kensington security cable for your laptop designed to help you secure your important device and data while adding more convenience to the way you work or play. As with other cables in the K64 series, this one bears a superior strength lockhead to ensure virtually tamperproof locking of your computer. With the push-button design you will be able to secure your laptop with single hand motion. The system depends on a 4-wheel combination lock and there is no need for an actual key to lock your computer in place. Once locked in, the system will anchor to any solid support and give you freedom to move around and about without worrying that someone may take off with your laptop in your absence. You can also reset the combination lock, picking new alternatives from well over 10,000 possible combinations.

2. RUBAN 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable For Notebook Laptop PC


Ensure that you work with convenience while leaving nothing to chance as far as the safety and security of your laptop computer are concerned with this innovative security cable. With a length of 6.2 feet, you are at freedom to work with convenience around the office while still giving you the confidence to leave your workstation without having to lug the laptop along with you. Indeed, with its standard features as well as easy configuration, the security cable can be used not only to secure your laptop but a wide range of electronic devices including projectors, LCDs as well as plasma screens. It features a virtually tamperproof 4-dial combination lock which can be changed as often as desired to improve its effectiveness. It is an ideal theft deterrent which will work well at the office as well as in schools. To guarantee complete consumer satisfaction, the sale is backed by a comprehensive 18 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

1. Kensington K64673AM Combination Cable Lock for Laptops


When it comes to performance, resilience of construction as well as intuitive application, there is no laptop security cable that is at par with the Kensington K64673AM. It is fitted with a lockhead of superior strength in order to resist main force tampering. It is also very convenient to put in place with its one hand operation that is enough install the lock and guarantee it is virtually tamperproof. It is fitted with a keyless four-wheel combination lock, meaning you do not have to worry about someone stealing your key or being inconvenienced if a key is misplaced. It also makes the security device very versatile. Indeed, as is recommended by the manufacturer, you should keep changing the combination regularly to enhance the safety of your device. In doing this you have well over 10,000 possible security combinations to pick from. The cable itself is also strong and will anchor to any sold support including desks tables and such like.

Thanks to our in-depth guide top the top 10 best laptop locks in 2016, you can now order yours online and ensure your laptop is secure even when you have to leave it on the desktop for a period of time. The locks featured in this guide have been selected and rated according to their redoubtable construction, resilience of performance and longevity in normal use. You can trust our recommendations and save yourself some money as well as any potential heartache which may come as a result of using substandard equipment.


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