Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads In 2016 Reviews


Did you know that heat is one of the greatest enemies of electronic devices such as laptops? If you enjoy using your laptop on your bed or couch and heat build-up reaches unprecedented levels, you will notice several changes in its functionality over the years. First, battery performance will drop significantly with a memory effect presenting after just a few months of usage. Structural problems such as deformed cases and screw up of electrical circuits and accessories such as motherboards are also common and often cause significant issues that might render your laptop useless over time. If you have a laptop that you depend on for work and or schooling and want to lower the risk of occurrence of the foregoing major issues, one of the best tools that might come to your aid is a quality laptop cooling pad. Even though simple, these fan-powered accessories cool laptops efficiently to lower the risk of both structural and mechanical damage. They are also aesthetic and improve the performance of laptops significantly when gaming or working for hours. The best are:

10. Thermaltake Massive 23GT


Designed for supporting and cooling laptops and notebooks measuring between 10 and 17-inches, Thermaltake Massive 23GT is a large and premium grade 200mm laptop cooling pad with an aesthetic LED backlit (Blue) body that creates a stunning light show when in use. The fan used for cooling a large and durable model with an adjustable 500-800 RPM system for custom cooling. It is also durable, works quietly in the background, and has a sturdy and adjustable metallic frame (five angles) and a rubberized mesh surface that prevents your laptop from slipping and falling when in use. Thermaltake Massive 23GT is black themed, dissipates heat well, and has high-speed USB ports (mini and full size) that you can use to connect several types of devices.

9. Manhattan 200mm


Featuring a high-performance 600-RPM fan with an impressive cooling rate of approximately 45cfm, Manhattan 200mm is a top-grade laptop accessory with a compact and travel worthy design that you can use in all environments. Setup is simple. Its self-powering design (via USB) does not need an electrical outlet to work while its stable and well-built chassis supports a lot of weight without crumbling and or compromising the safety of your laptop or notebook in any way. Unlike most models with small and inefficient fans, the single fan built into this accessory generates sufficient air to cool your entire computer at the same time. It is also quieter, withstands everyday abuse well, and comes with long and free USB cable for easier connection.

8. Belkin F5L001-BLK


Purchase Belkin F5L001-BLK to get a durable black-themed laptop cooling pad with a plethora of novel features that will keep your machine cool and production all year long. Its metallic chassis, for instance, is durable, dissipates heat effectively, and has an ergonomic and gently sloped design that orients laptops comfortably for easier typing and a better viewing experience whilst watching movies. It also raises the screen conveniently to lower neck strain and has a travel-worthy and patented wave design that improves its cooling power without compromising the safety of laptops or Notebooks. You also get a self-powering USB system and a long USB cable that eases connection to computers, a light and ever cool surface that you can use hassle-free on your lap, desk, or bed, and a collapsible system that eases transportation in backpacks and laptop bags. This way, when attending lectures and or presenting at work, you do not have to sacrifice its safety or performance because of the bulky cooling pad for laptops that you have at home.

7. iDeaUSA Cooling Pad


Popular among students, business executives, and video gamers alike, iDeaUSA is a top-grade USB-powered cooling pad for laptops with a stable yet ultra-slim design that does not clutter space. Designed to it and cool laptops and notebooks measuring up to 17 inches, this cooling pad is not only versatile but also offers an all in one cooling solution for individuals with two or more laptops. The fan that it draws its power from is a durable brushless model that moves a lot of air without overheating or making a lot of noise. Its compact design, on the other hand, fits conveniently in briefcases or backpacks for easier transportation. Other notable attributes are its ever-cool feature that lays comfortably on the lap and its additional USB port that you can use to charge your phone.

6. LotFancy Cooling Pad


Do you own an 11-17-inch laptop or notebook? Are you shopping for a high-performance cooling pad to boost its performance or lower the risk of heat damage whenever you are working or entertaining? LotFancy is a durable 17-inch model with a stylish and ultra-slim design that you can carry to work and or school without cluttering your backpack or weighing yourself down. Setup and usage are easy. Its USB-powered design is super convenient with the set of ultra-quiet fans that it comes with move a lot of air to keep your laptop cool and crash free as you work or entertain. With an original, you also get an adjustable height system that you can use to optimize viewing angle and an extra USB port that you can use to charge your smartphone while cooling your laptop or notebook at the same time.

5. SANOXY Laptop Cool Pad


Featuring a powerful three-fan system and a stylish clear plastic construction that blends well in homes and office environment, this laptop and notebook cool pad by SANOXY is a premium model that will extend that life of your notebook or laptop if used well. It is USB-powered, supports several brands and types of laptops and notebooks without compromising safety and or their performance in any way, and has a built-in LED bulb that creates a stunning light show (blue) whenever you are cooling your laptop or notebook. It also has a sturdy 4-legged body with non-slip grips that improve its stability on all surfaces and a power efficient electrical and fan system.

4. Targus AWE55US


Designed for individuals that like to use their laptops on their laps without clogging heat outlets and or compromising the performance of their computers, Targus AWE55US is a premium black and grey-themed lap chill mat that also works well on hard surfaces such as tables and countertops. The fans that it comes with are durable, super-quiet, and have high-performance systems that move a lot of air to keep laptops cool and working optimally. Its low profile design, on the other hand, is light, portable, and has a soft neoprene exterior for added comfort while the one-year limited warranty offered for it covers all production defects. You also get a convenient plug and play USB system and an RHOS-compliant open design that promotes a constant flow of air while dampening noise at the same time.

3. HAVIT HV-F2056


As most products listed herein, HAVIT HV-F2056 is an aesthetic and highly versatile laptop cooling pad with a large and ultra-slim design cools laptops measuring between 15.6-inches and 17-inches. It is USB-powered, attainable cheap in Web stores, and has an advanced three-fan design that cools laptops fast and efficiently while keeping power usage low. The lightweight materials used to manufacture it boost its portability. Set and usage are also simple while its adjustable height system (two) allows you to customize its performance for optimal comfort and or performance. HAVIT HV-F2056 is cost-effective, ideal for traveling, and comes with an extra high-speed USB port for charging phones. Order a new one online to get a full one-year manufacture’s warranty.

2. Cool Master (CM) Storm SF-17


A dominant player in the laptop cooling pad niche, Cool Master is home to many premium products with this (CM) Storm SF-17 model topping our list. It is affordable, has a large platform with a single 180mm fan that cools several types and sizes of laptops well, and has a stable body with four ergonomic height settings for improving its ergonomics and functionality. You also get a built-in power on and off function, grooved side for better cable routing and management, and a free four-port USB hub that you can use to expand connectivity.

1. Cooler Master NotePal X2


Durable, USB-powered, and with a powerful 140mm LED backlit (blue) 140mm fan, NotePal X2 by Cooler Master tops our list of the best. Even though standard, this pad is powerful and has a sturdy and non-slip mesh surface that dissipates heat well from notebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks, and laptops. Tested to reach speeds of up to 1500 RPM, this pad is surprisingly quiet. Its gaming grade design supports larger and heavier laptops while its adjustable two height settings allow you to customize its performance to match your needs.

To protect your laptop from heat damage and improve its performance at the same time, one of the 10 cooling fans listed herein are among the best to use in 2016. They are durable, very easy to setup and use, and accommodate diverse laptops and notebooks.


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