Top 10 Best Label Makers In 2018 Reviews


It is now easier to create professional style labels using modern tech label makers available today. Whether you are just organizing items at home, working in retail where it is important to label your inventory, or just want to create labels for packages you need to send out, a quality label maker is going to take the hassle away and save you both time and cost. These accessories work just like printers, save they feature more specialized design and print options and sizes. With one, you are able to create labels hat fit your folders, envelops, disc sleeves, packages, and a lot more.

Label makers come in two types. There are the portable modes that feature keyboards for allowing you to print out your custom labels while on the go, and then there are the wireless models which are designed to easily connect with other wireless connection enabled devices. The wireless label printers normally are rich in more versatile features, but the aspect of portability can be quite significant for a range of retail tasks. In case design flourishes are your priority, shop for those featuring many font styles and options. For simple labels, however, you can forgo such a feature and reach for simplicity instead. Moreover, note that a larger incorporated memory is vital for ample space for saving templates, as well as a wide array of label sizes. That said, this article is generous to let you understand the top 1 best label makers in 2018 reviews, quality models for your effortless, excellent label making. Read on.

10. DYMO LabelManager 280

This is an easily portable label maker model by DYMO that is ideal for those who need a label maker to use in offices. It includes a rechargeable battery pack, which allows you to save a lot on power costs. It allows you to edit your labels directly thanks to its onboard keyboard, and you can also connect it easily to your PC or Mac if you need more specialized and precision editing. The thermal and easy-peel split-back D1 tape printing mechanisms it supports are hassle-free and highly efficient. Its printer is able to create labels nearly 50 percent faster than most other models.

9. Brother Printer PTD600 PC-Connectable


The incredibly high rating this product has received from those who have used it before makes it clear for everyone that it is one of the ultimate label makers to go for right now. It is a fully-featured and portable design label maker, a solid pickup for anyone who wants a wonderful solution for their organization needs. It has a full-color graphical display for allowing easy and clear viewing of your created labels before you print them. This allows you to have a much more precise preview contrary to the black-and-white displays other models may feature. You are able to use this gadget standalone, or you can choose to connect it to computer through USB in order to unlock even greater and more label design styles and possibilities. Its high-resolution PC-printing feature provides crisp graphics, while the multi-line function is able to print as many as 7 lines of text in one label.

8. Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 620


From Seiko Instruments is this sleek design smart label printer that not only faster and easier to use, but a lot more affordable device to keep you well organized. Featuring a very compact design—a smaller footprint indeed—this smart label print frees up a lot of valuable space while handling any of your labeling needs excellently. It is simple to use, for you only have to connect it to your Mac/PC via USB. It is also compatible with Mac OS, or Linux. Its agile and user-friendly design renders it effortless to change or load labels. It incorporates an enhanced new Smart Label Software that supports the latest word processing, spreadsheet, an even database software, making it easier and faster to format, crate, as well as print and save any labels you require. Thanks to its direct thermal print technology, you do not need ink, sheet ribbons, or toner. This is an ultra-reliable Smart Label printer by Seiko that you can rely on for a long time.

7. Brother PTD400AD


For those who are looking for a budget deal in high quality label making for their business or home needs, the PTD400AD model from Brother is an excellent option to consider. It is a stylish and compact design label maker that features a graphical display for allowing you view the text and layout of your labels before you print them. This device is powered by six AA batteries, or you can use the included AC Adapter to use the power outlet near you. It can excellently support larger character printing, which makes it easier to create easy-to-read labels. The complete package includes 14 fonts, 10 styles, more than 600 symbols, as well as 99 frames to choose from, making it one of the most versatile models to choose.

6. Brother P-touch PT-D200


With an attractive price tag and featuring a compact design size, the Brother P-touch PT-D200 label maker is an excellent solution for those who seek to acquire a great yet affordable model for their needs. It is ideal for creating quick and quality labels for the purpose of organizing their items at home or in offices. It utilizes laminated TZe tapes that are up to 12mm wide, and it is powered by 6 AAA batteries, or even via an included AC adapter. Its display shows a clear graphical preview to allow you get a perfect label design before you print it, while the one-touch keys allows you to access the graphical elements with seamless ease.

5. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal


Make and print as many as 71 address, file folder, shipping, as well as barcode labels, and name badges plus more in record one minute using this wonderful label maker. This model integrates DYMO Stamps software for printing USPS-certified postage directly from your laptop or desktop—even without contracts, fees, or monthly levies. It can print on easy-peel split-back D1-tape of 1/4, 3/8, and also 1/2 inch sizes. It also features thermal printing technology for creating high quality labels without the need of ink or toners. It is easy to connect to Mac or PC, and you are able to print your favorite labels straight from Excel, Word, QuickBooks, Outlook, as well as other computer programs.

4. Epson LabelWorks LW-300


Another wonderful performance label maker, the Epson’s LabelWorks LW-300 emphasizes versatility and efficiency. It features an incredible variety of 10 styles, 14 sizes, above 75 frames, as well as over 300 built-in symbols, making it easy for you to create the kind of label style that best fits your needs and preferences. It further creates nearly 62 percent less waste than other low quality brands by utilizing smaller yet legible margins on easy created label. It also integrate a vast built-in memory able to hold as many as 30 files, and it is able to print onto special labels which are printed automatically with a split-back for allowing ease of peeling.

3. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer


Also a bestseller on Amazon, this label printer provides some very good benefits to all its customers. You don’t have to send a lot of time learning about all of its features—it is super simple to use. It is a handheld model that features comfortable keyboard you can find very easy to use, and one that allows you to type any text you need to feature on your labels. The keyboard has all the numbers and letters, which are great for helping you easily create any of your favorite labels. Do not forget that there is a great LCD screen for easy and quality editing of your labels before printing.

2. DYMO 1790415 LabelManager 160


Also from DYMO is this simple and fast label maker that is easily portable. Its computer-style QWERTY keyboard makes it possible to type your desired label text easily, and you are able to edit it thanks to the one-touch, fast formatting keys and print for ideal and professional labels any time you need them. This is a lightweight and compact design device for easier portability, which allows you to use this label maker from anywhere, anytime. Its 6 font size options and 8 text styles, as well as more than 200 symbols ensure you are free to design top quality labels for any of your organization needs, to ensure longer battery life, this unit features an auto power-off function for turning the label maker off if left dormant. It is backed by a 1-year warranty, and it is another bestseller on Amazon today.

1. Brother PT-P700 PC-Connectable Label Maker


There is no question that this is one of the very, very best and most appreciated label makers you can get out there. It is, for its great quality, a bestseller today on the Amazon. So if you need a portable label maker that can connect easily to your computer, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, the PT-P700 PC model by Brother is a top choice. Since it features no built-in keyboard, it is more compact compared to many other standard makers. It uses USB to connect to PC or Mac and it comes ready to use without the need of additional drier downloads or software. You will be able to customize your labels with a wide variety of graphics, fonts, or even download more templates to add to your library. It prints labels up to a maximum width of 24mm.

You are going to find the above described top 10 best label makers in 2018 reviews highly efficient and versatile, indeed more excellent in their performance and reliability than most other poor quality models you may get on the market. To be safe, choose your favorite label maker model from the above options.


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