The latest product from iPhone is its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Generally, both models are almost the same. The only difference the two are the power and battery, size and weight, and display size. The price varies depending on the internal memory. However,it is still expensive with its starting price of $650. Thus, it is important to protect your precious device.

One way of protecting your iPhone 6S Plus is by using a screen protector. There are three different kinds of screen protectors: PET film, TPU or polyurethane, and tempered glass. The major difference is the composition, which are polyethylene terephthalate, thermoplastic polyurethane, and a collection of multiple layers.

When choosing the best screen protector for your device, you need to consider several factors. In most cases, people usually consider factors, such as clear, matte, and privacy. A clear screen protector is the best option because it will make your iPhone look the same but having the best protection. You may notice that some protectors are sold in several pieces while others include only one. The next factor is getting a glare protection for your eyes. It will definitely help reduce strain and stress on your eyes. However, the only disadvantage in the anti-glare protection is the distortion. Matte protectors often create a rainbow effect due to its materials. The last factor is the privacy. All of us hate it when someone tries to read your messages or checks out the content of your screen. Thanks to privacy screen protectors, you can now prevent intruders from seeing your iPhone 6S Plus’ content. Moreover, you will have added protection to your device.However, the downside to this feature is its limited viewing angle and the distortion. The screen of your phone will appear hazy and watching videos with several people will be very difficult.Below is the list of top 10 best iPhone 6S Plus screen protectors that you can choose from.

☆ Unique multi-layer design with polished and rounded edges
☆ Made of 6 protective layers
☆ Measures 0.3mm of scratch-resistant tempered glass
☆ Completely protects your device from scratches and drops
☆ Maximum clarity that will complement the smartphone’s screen
☆ Equipped with matte finish for anti-glare function
☆ It also has ‘oleophobic’ coating for oil and fingerprint resistance
☆ Equipped with TruTouch technology that offers 99.99% touch accuracy


☆ Full-screen protection; doesn’t have any gaps
☆ Can be easily installed without any bubbles
☆ It is ultra-thin with 0.33 mm thickness
☆ Doesn’t leave any residue when removed
☆ True Touch Sensitivity
☆ 9H surface hardness
☆ Highly transparent
☆ Scratch and shock-resistant
☆ Contains oleophobic coat so it’s resistant to oil and fingerprints


☆ Thinnest tempered glass screen protector which measures 0.2mm only
☆ Covers the round edges of iPhone 6S Plus
☆ Fully supports iPhone 6S Plus’ 3D features
☆ 99.99% touch-screen accuracy
☆ HD clear screen protector
☆ Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating so it’s sweat, oil, and fingerprint-resistant
☆ Surface hardness of 9H
☆ Three times stronger than PET film
☆ You will still have a natural touch-screen experience




You will never have to worry about costly repairs for your iPhone 6S when you purchase Witkeen Ultra-Clear HD Tempered Glass Protector. This screen protector is perfectly cut to fit the iPhone 6S Plus model. It has rounded edges so that it won’t be easily lifted and removed from your device.This screen protector is specially designed for iPhone 6S Plus, so it only covers the flat part of the screen. Moreover, it is reinforced to firmly keep in place with a special coating placed on the back of the glass. This is made from high-quality tempered glass that will make your iPhone always look new and be tough against shattering, scratches, dents, and cracks. Your screen will never look dull and worn but have a clear view with the help of oleophobic coating – which makes it resistant to oils, smudges, and fingerprints. You don’t have to worry about additional bulk or making your device unfit to its case because it has a slim profile. This screen protector is only 0.33mm thick. On the other hand, you will still have natural experience with the touch-screen function and excellent Retina HD visual.




Invest in the best insurance for your iPhone 6S Plus with InvisiShell Ultra Tempered Glass Screen Protector. You won’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for repairs of your iPhone 6S Plus in case it accidentally slipped on your hands and fell on the floor or bumped in furniture. This screen protector has almost the same molecular structure like the sapphire crystal so it is the first one to have a surface hardness of 10H. You will definitely enjoy the clear 3D features of iPhone 6S Plus; it will be as if you don’t have any screen protector in your device! There will be no problem with distortion or colors from your phone. In terms of touch-screen function, it will not affect the sensitivity due to its concentrated elastic bonding in the materials. Therefore, there won’t be any drag or delay but have the best 3D Touch feature when you use the InvisiShell screen protector. When you order this product, you can easily install it on your device – you simply need to follow the instructions from the manual. The silicone layer at the bottom of the screen protector’s film prevents having any bubble.




Give yourself a peace of mind when you useintelliGLASS PRO by intelliARMOR. It may be slim and lightweight but it can give 100% protection to your iPhone 6S Plus. This is specially designed and made of hardened glass so it can protect the entire screen plus the tapered edges. As a result, you will have 360° protection to your device in all angles but still preserve its original design. For the installation process, it is super easy thanks to the silicone adhesive and the precise cut for the home button and ports for the speaker. It will be a bubble-free and effortless process. Aside from protection, the screen protector also offers clear viewing on your iPhone. The screen will never lose its brightness, crispness, or touch sensitivity with the help of special coating built into the clear glass. Thus, the screen will be resistant from smudges, dust, oils, and fingerprints. You can simply wipe these things off from your screen and it will be clean. This product also comes with a microfiber cloth, a cleaning wipe, and dust removal stickers.




Get a screen protector that fits like a glove to your iPhone 6S Plus like BELUGA® TRUE 3D Curved Glass Edge. This is equipped with the latest TRUE Curved Edge Glass so your device will have a full protection up to its edges, touch screen sensitivity, and 3D Touch compatibility. It will make your iPhone feel and look perfect. The screen protector is also specially designed to protect the user’s eyes from fatigue and strain. It is done by blocking the bluelight emitted from your iPhone’s screen using a filter. This has a surface hardness of 9H so you can be certain that it will protector your iPhone from scratches, dents, and break. In the event that the protector was broken, it will be in small pieces that are not sharp. In addition, this authentic tempered glass is ultra-thin and ultra-clear. It won’t add any bulk to your device or have any difficulties when you place the case. You won’t even notice that your device is equipped with a screen protector because it still has high-sensitivity and best glide experience for your fingertips. It also has anoleophobic coating so you can easily wipe off oil, sweat, dirt, and fingertips on the screen.




Protect your iPhone 6S Plus and your privacy at the same time with Alia Tech™ Anti-Spy Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Its main feature is its ability to protect the content of your screen from another viewer. The content of the screen can only be viewed by the person who has 90° angle. Note that you need to turn up the brightness of your iPhone 6S plus because this main feature darkens the images in your phone. This product is precisely made to fit iPhone 6S Plus but remember that it doesn’t cover 100% of the screen. The space left is for the protective case that you may additionally install for your device. To give maximum protection, the screen protector has anti-scratch and anti-shatter film plus oleophobic coating. Thus, it is resistant to dirt, scratches, oil, and fingerprints, and there will be no adhesive residue left in case you remove it. In addition to these features, the screen is 99% transparent, 99% accurate touch screen and highly sensitive, and has athickness of 0.3mm and 2.5D round edges. No need to fret about the installation process because it will surely have no bubble spots or lifting corners. This product comes with 3 screen protectors, 3 dust removal tape and guide sticker, 3 cleaning wet and dry wipes, and 3 microfiber cloths.




Have the best touch-screen experience in your iPhone 6S Plus when you install the G.D.SMITH Ice Max Series Apple 3D Screen Protector. The smooth touching feeling is a result of the plated nano-coating technology that makes the glass smoother and even better than the actual screen of your iPhone 6S Plus. The 360° protection was due to the Safety Curved Protector screen that reaches up to the edges of your device. One of the layers of the screen protector is an anti-shatter film which makes it safer for your device in case it breaks. It can guarantee that this small glass pieces are not sharp and will not cause harm to you and your screen’s original surface. Another feature is the screen’s high-response and high-transparency. It can preserve iPhone’s original viewing quality and touch sensitivity with its high light penetration ratio. If you are using protective case to your device, note that it may not be compatible with G.D. SMITH screen protector because it puts additional layer to the screen. In the installation process, some bubbles may appear but you can remove it by pushing the screen for a few seconds or realigning it in the iPhone’s holes.




Don’t let nosy people see the content of your iPhone 6S Plus while protecting its screen with the help of Patchworks ITG Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The privacy filter is its main feature, which was manufactured by 3M. From one of the most trusted brand, your iPhone will have a 2-way privacy filter. This works using a unique light filter system so when your viewing angle exceeds 30° then the screen will appear dark and the people around you won’t be able to see the contents of your screen. No need to worry about your screen’s sensitivity because it won’t affect your touch-screen experience. In terms of protection, this product has 9H surface hardness, thickness of 0.33mm, scratch-resistant, anti-shatter film, oleophobic coating, and 2.5TR Beveled Edge.The hardness is three times stronger than regular PET screen protectors. It is designed to withstand strong impact; resist scratches from knives or keys; repelling dirt, smudges, oil, and fingerprints so you can simply wipe it off from the screen; and being able to disperse into small pieces in case the screen protector shatters. Lastly, it has silicon adhesives so the installation will be free from bubbles.


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