Top 10 Best Home Gyms In 2018 Reviews


If you want to do serious workouts yet you cannot find the time for the commercial gym (or you simply like taking your regimens at home), all you need to get set is a quality home gym. It is a very vital unit that helps you train all your body parts and muscles effectively and easily. There are several types of home gyms with their own features, and a novice may find it challenging to pinpoint the best ones. That is the reason this article was written—to take you through the top 10 best home gyms in 2018 reviews. Now keep on reading to learn about them and discover the one that best suits your exercise needs.

10. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym


If you need a total body workout home gym yet you are on a budget, the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is the right pick, offering a compact total body exercise solution with over 70 exercises to take. It includes a leg extension, Lat Tower, an abdominal crunch harness, as well as a 4-position squat station/lower pulley. This home gym utilizes Bowflex’s patented power rods that offer resistance/weight which feels as good as, or better than, free weights, yet with no inertia or peril of joint pains typical with free weights. You can hook one or two or three, four or all the power rod units to the quality cable pulley system and then from as low as five pounds through to 210 pounds resistance, which is upgradable to 410 pounds. Among other features are an adjustable ergonomic seat for comfort and convenience as you exercise, no-charge cable pulley system, and 5-way convenient hand grip and ankle cuffs.

9. Powerline BSG10X Home Gym


Powerline BSG10X was expertly designed an array of challenging and muscle building workouts in a quite limited space, making it an ideal home gym. For optimal convenience right outta the box, this gym come 90 percent assembled and is set to use after you install nine simple bolts, which generally takes about 30 minutes. Its compact frame which is less than 4 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall allows you to use this gym nearly anywhere. But easy assembly and space efficiency are not all this unit has to offer. Besides being compact, this is a sturdy, full-body challenging home workout station. It features a stable platform and multiple seat adjustments for accommodating fitness fans of all sizes and shapes, while a 160-pound easy to adjust weight stack; high, mid, and low-pulleys; adjustable 8-position press arm; and an effective leg developer station all come together to over 40 exercise options.

8. Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym


Providing more than 100 body shaping exercises, this gym helps you tighten, firm, and define your whole body, while making you increase overall flexibility and strength. It uses your own weight, together with 4 adjustable Power Bands, to offer a challenging workout to you regardless of your level of fitness. You also can reduce or add your workout intensity by selecting one of the 7 different incline settings that are available in the unit and, after you finish exercising, this unit seamlessly slides away for storage convenience. It is a versatile, effective yet compact home workout system that won’t disappoint.

7. Weider Ultimate Body Works


This home gym kit includes an incline bench which is adjustable, and it features wheels for greater convenience moving it around. The can be adjusted to achieve a steep incline, which can improve the amount of resistance-to-weight offered on this device. It further features resistance bands and also a cable-and-pulley system, allowing you for greater versatility and a broader range of movements while you exercise. It is an affordably priced home gym model that will nevertheless meet the needs of individuals who need a simple yet effective system to carry out workouts on.

6. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System


This is another high delivering home gym you can buy for yourself and family. It is a 100-pound stack gym that can be used for strengthening the upper body effectively. It features dual-function arm supports, allowing you to take some vital upper body workouts at the comfort and privacy of your home. It further features high and low pulley stations to enable you train all your body parts, including the back, shoulders biceps, and more other muscles easily. Its high-density boxed upholstery is very durable with just minimum maintenance required. Other features are an off-the-floor base frame design for improved stability, adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers, and diamond-plated no-slip foot brace to allow for seated row workouts. It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty on parts.

5. Thane Total Flex Home Gym


This ultra-compact home gym makes men strong and sculpted while women get leaner and long. The secret behind Total Flex’s efficiency is progressive resistance which comes preloaded in the left and right Power Pods. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness veteran, you easily choose the right resistance level for you and then opt from more than 50 different exercises provided. There are leg raises, squats, inner and outer thigh adductions for your legs, butt and thighs. For arms and the back, you have flys, shoulder presses, lat pulls or bicep curls. There are also many abdominal moves such as the seated crunch, crunch combo, and oblique twist. Moreover, this is an easy to learn how to use unit thanks to the included workout DVDs and charts showing you how fast, easy and fun it is to flow form one move to another for a rewarding total body exercise. It is a worthy considering home gym.

4. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze provides over 60 exercises that work on all your body muscle groups. It utilizes a highly versatile pulley system, and includes a lower squat/pulley station for working out glutes, quads, and hamstrings, as well as a lat tower that has an angled lat bar for building shoulder and back muscles. The elastic bows stretch to offer great flexibility to your workouts, and you are advised to tie them back at the end of your workouts to avoid them stretching out of shape. With this gym, you can quickly switch routines all from the same place, and it is much safer compared to free weights.

3. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym


If you want to tone your body without investing in a space-hungry fitness machine, choose the Total Gym XLS, a top of the pack home use device for helping you sculpt and strengthen all major muscle groups of the body using a single-glide board plus a few helpful attachments. This home gym model delivers by making you lift a percentage of your own body weight against the gravity, creating a fluid, smooth resistance. As your conditioning and strength improve, you also should boost the incline to increase the total resistance, therefore increasing the body weight you lift progressively. This gym does not only work your upper, but again your lower body muscles, the abdominals, as well as your cardiovascular system. And by reducing excess body fat while increasing the proportion of lean muscle mass in the body, the strength-training turn up the thermostat effectively to make your body burn more calories constantly.

2. Total Gym 1900 Leg Exercise Machines


This gym is designed to make you sculpt, tone, and also strengthen the entire body without incurring the bulk and cost of a so sophisticated and complete model. Total Gym 1900 features ergonomic glide board with handles for allowing you work your upper, lower, and abdominal muscles excellently. Moreover, the included wing and leg attachments allow you to well focus on your arms and legs. This compact yet efficient trainer equipment can replace complete gym equipment, yet it easily folds away for ease of storage inside a closet. The unit provides over 60 various exercise options, allowing you to lift a progressively adjustable percentage of your body weight against the gravity. Glide-based exercises are fluid and smooth. As you improve, you will be able to boost the resistance percentage by increasing the incline and also the weight lifted at each stage.

1. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym


PR1000 Home Gym from Bowflex is one of the very best functional models to buy for your indoor exercises. It features a rowing machine and offers more than 30 various strength exercises, and a horizontal bench press and lat pull down too. It is easy to assemble, taking you slightly above one hour, which, considering the nature of the product, is pretty fast. Bowflex PR1000 is a high quality machine. It is quite sturdy and superbly put together. It is suitable for aerobic exercises and strength training. It is fit for use for both starters and experienced guys, thanks to its not so high resistance but effective weight.

There are other models of home gyms available on the market, but one thing is clear—that the models highlighted in the above top 10 best home gyms in 2018 reviews are matchless in delivering the best admirable body muscle toning and shaping effect, as well as improving your overall health condition. And all that you get from the comfort of your own living place.


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