Top 10 Best Highlighters For Students


For years now, highlighters have remained sought-after educational accessories by students of all levels for several reasons. Even though simple, for instance, the come in handy during note taking. They are also perfect for highlighting discrete units of text, do not smudge pages as traditional inks do, and are attainable cheap in stores, which make them a sustainable option for individuals of all cadres. However, because of the many brands that are currently available in reputable web and offline stores, choosing the best remains and arduous task that millions of people grapple with at some point. If you are part of this group and want the best of the best in this niche, here is a review of the 10 best highlighters for students to buy in 2016:

10. HI-LITER Pen Style


Starting our review of the best highlighters for students in 2016, HI LITER is a package of 24 pen-style highlighters that offers value. It is affordable, contains an array of interesting colours, and has durable and well-made highlighters with easy to use chisel-shaped tips that do not smudge on all types of paper. Whether you are highlighting notes for classwork or a presentation or use highlighters to add color to your design projects, this one of a kind package will serve you well. All highlighters are ACMI-certified, fast drying, and have sturdy clips for easier storage in pockets, binders, and organizers. They also have ergonomic and gripped bodies that fit comfortably in the hand and dyes that create vibrant read-through colours that stand out.

9. Paper Mate Intro Micro Chisel Tip Highlighters


Designed for use by students, pupils, and business executives alike, Paper Mate Intro is a package of six colored highlighters each with a well-designed micro chisel tip that glides smoothly on all types of paper. They are also durable, have light and comfortable designs that are ideal for everyday usage, and quick drying ink that do not smudge nor obscure text whilst in use. Whether you are also looking for a set of versatile highlighters for underlining, highlighting, and or marking notes for presentations, Paper Mate Intro will serve you well. Many people also like these highlighters for their portability, easy to hold pen-shaped barrels, and sturdy clips that boost their portability.

8. Sharpie Accent Pen Style Liquid Highlighter


A reputable brand online, Sharpie is a reputable manufacturer of pens that has made a significant impact in the highlighter niche. If you are shopping for a new package for everyday usage, this package of 10 Sharpie Accent Pen Style Liquid Highlighters is one of the best in the market. It is affordable, contains durable, well made, and chisel-tipped liquid highlighters in an assortment of colours, and uses vibrant and pigmented ink that works better than traditional ones that individuals have relied on for years. The ink does not smudge. It is also fast drying, packaged in a clear container that allows users to monitor progress, and lacks harsh chemical irritants.

7. Dixon Ticonderoga Emphasis Fluorescent Highlighters


Designed for laying emphasis without smudging and or obscuring text, Dixon Ticonderoga is a package of six emphasis fluorescent highlighters with an assortment of interesting colours that you can use as needed. This package is affordable, readily attainable in stores, and contains a plethora of high performance markers with the following desirable properties. They, for example, are ergonomic and manufactured using high-quality plastic that offers value. They also have well-made chisel tips that glide smoothly on all types of paper, and sturdy and pocket-friendly clips that ease transportation. You also get gripped handles and a unique and patented thumb button cap that supports fast and easy one-handed release.

6. Sharpie Clear View Highlighter


Sharpie Clear View is a package of four clear view highlighters that benefits both students, business executives, and everyday persons. It is affordable, has an assortment of interesting colours, and contains durable chisel-shaped marker that are perfect for highlighting, underlining, and note taking. Unlike most poorly built highlighters, this model lacks blind spots that often lower productivity of users. It guarantees precise highlighting, generates straighter lines than its competition, and uses a specially formulated Smear Guard ink that prevents smears on both light and heavy paper types. This in is also fast drying, generates a bright and see-through hues, and lasts long.

5. Sharpie Accent Pocket-Style Highlighters


By choosing this package of Sharpie Accent highlighters, you get a dozen of premium-grade, chisel-tipped, and fluorescent yellow markers that work well on all types of paper. All markers are super-bright. They are also see-through, have well-designed chisel tips that are perfect for highlighting and underlining, and have unique easy glide technologies and smear guard ink that does not leak nor smudge on paper whilst in use. Whether you are highlighting wide or narrow bands of text, therefore, you will experience notable results every day at school and in your office. This package of pocket style highlighters is affordable, long lasting, and is ideal for everyday use.

4. BIC Brite Liner Highlighter


A recognized brand globally, BIC is a reputable manufacturer of study and wellness accessories that has also made a significant impact in the highlighters niche. Judging by the positive attention that this Brite Liner highlighter pack has attracted in top 10 best highlighters for students reviews, for instance, there is no doubt that it is one of the best in the niche. It is affordable, readily available in stores, and comes with 12 professional-grade yellow highlighters in packages of three. All markers have fine pen-style chisel tips. They are also super-bright, can stay uncapped for up to a week without drying, and have ergonomic and easy to use designs.

3. Sharpie 1803277 Accent Gel Highlighter


Sharpie 1803277 is a pack of five assorted highlighters that offer superior smear protection across ink jet printouts, marker inks, and even pens. It is affordable, contains quality blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow markets, and uses a new gel technology that does not bleed on several paper types including newsprint and glossy ones. These markers do not dry easily when left uncapped. They are also ergonomic, work better than most traditional markers, and have compact and portable designs ideal for everyday travel.

2. Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters


By choosing Sharpie Accent, you get a pack of eight retractable highlighters each with a narrow chisel tip that highlights and underlines well without breading or smudging. They also have easy glide systems, compact and portable designs that support one-handed operation, and a durable plastic bodies that lasts long.

1. Sharpie Accent Tank-Style Highlighters


This tank style highlighter set by Sharpie is our pick of the best to purchase in 2016. It contains six colored highlighters each with an economical chisel-type head. Even though they are not retractable, these pens are durable, easy to use, and work well on all types of paper. They are also portable, non-toxic, and have odorless quick drying Smear Guard inks, perfect for highlighting and underlining.


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