Top 10 Best Golf Bags In 2018 Reviews


Unlike in the old days when golf was widely believed to be a rich man’s sport, a reserve for the senior citizens with deep pocket, development of many golf courses, sensitization, as well as easier access to important golf equipment in the modern history has opened up this sport to most people with great results. Golf is a wonderful, relaxing as well as recreational activity. It further is an ideal way platform of socialization, and also offers an awesomely fulfilling workout. Moreover, it helps its enthusiasts pass their time in a rewarding way, especially when spending long weekends out of work. If you want to get the foregoing benefits, are looking to adopt the sport as your hobby, and you would like to have a great experience whenever you hit that golf course, you should seriously consider buying, among other accessories, among other accessories, a high quality golf bag for carrying your gear and those accessories conveniently and safely. As such, this article outlines the top 10 best golf bags in 2018 reviews to help you land thee best deals on the market today.

10. Affinity ZLS Stand Bag


One of the very best golf bags today, Affinity ZLS is a high quality white, black, and royal-themed premium carry stand bag that provides sufficient and convenient storage for your golfing clubs, your valuables like keys and phones, and other sporting accessories like towels and gloves. It is very durable, featuring a well-designed 6-way top, and a very secure pocket for golf. You will also enjoy large garment pockets, accessories pocket, and also a sturdy but lightweight build that ensures convenience for regular travelers. It is a budget friendly product that is simple to maintain. It is made of premium-grade materials that are tear and rip resistant. It is a worthwhile investment that will offer you real value for money for long.

9. Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag


Another great quality bag for your golfing activities, this is a spacious model that can accommodate the clubs and lots of your sporting gar. It features a 14-way rotating top with conveniently designed individual dividers. Extra storage space is offered by not less that 8 total pockets, while its frontal pocket is ideal for the storage of your golf balls, with the side pockets for storing equipment and other accessories. This bag is made of water-resistant polyester material and comes in 6 different colors for you to choose your favorite.

8. Callaway 2015 Org-15 Golf Cart Bag


For a long time, the Callaway has been the go-to brand when it comes to golf bags for solid reasons. The overall style and value statement its accessories provide is attractive. Made to endure for long, Callaway bags are affordably priced, and feature functional designs for accommodating a range of sporting accessories for a greater, better golfing experience. When you are planning to buy a high quality golf bag o a budget, one that will provide the forgoing benefits plus more, the 2015 edition of the Callaway Org 15 is one of the most ideal models to go for. It features novel-way full design, a great divider organization system for enabling you categorize storage for your accessories, and also 3 integrated grab handles for simplifying transportation. You further will get 16 waterproof and velour-lines pockets, 2 full-length apparel pockets, as well as a sturdy E-Trolley base system for simpler loading and/or unloading.

7. Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag


One of the most trusted brands the world over, Nike is a home to very many functional and convenient sporting accessories, with their Air Sport Lite Stand Bag featuring among the top best golf bags in 2016. It has a large one-piece design that provides maximum contact area, while its light padding ensures safety, a quality flex bottom providing easier loading as well as unloading, and its continuous webbing weaves which attach to well cushioned double straps for easing transportation. You also enjoy the convenience of a light but strong exoskeleton frame as well as Xtreme suspension system for easier usage.

6. Tour Edge Max-D Cart Bag


The tour Edge Max-D Cart Bag provides golf enthusiasts with handsome features and looks for the best and rewarding golfing experience. To begin with, this bag features 10-inch 14-way divider top that has full-length and convenient dividers. Moreover, for securing the bag strap if on the cart, a built-in cart strap clip is included. To offer you with more options for storing your important golf equipment, there are well designed 2 pockets for valuables, 4 spacious garment pockets, a well insulated pocket for drinks, a golf ball pocket with a secure magnetic closure, as well as a rain hood. This bag model is available in different colors—white/green, red/white, navy/white. It comes backed by a 2 year warranty.

5. Nike-Air Sport Stand Bag


The Nike-Air Sport Stand Bag is another very popular and high quality golf bag today. It is covered with a water-resistant fleece, meaning that you don’t have o be worried about your accessories and equipment getting wet if you go golfing during rainy seasons. Moreover, this bag is attached with several pockets for allowing you store other valuables and gadgets, and also making the bag look even greater in design. It features Nike equaflex max air double strap system, making you easily carry it anywhere. About its looks, it is a simple and attractively designed model that is available in several colors, among them black, blue graphite, bright grape, red violet, military blue, white, and university red.

4. OGIO Grom Stand Bag


This is a stunningly attractive golf bag model that is also one among the most popular and appreciated. It has an incredibly unique textured cover available in various colors to choose from. With modest color at its background, this bag is highlighted with great color for making it look classy and nice. Looks aside, this golf bag is made of high quality material to provide long time use. Moreover, it features 14-ways diamond-performance stand top for standing the bag and ensuring easier loading/unloading. It further features a front handle, while its ball pocket is uniquely zipper-less, with a load equalizing SHOXX X4 full-suspension. It comes in many textures and color—blinders, white, grey, cynderfunk, zigpin, grey, and strilux.

3. Golf Travel Bags Caravan 3.0


This is another high quality golf bag that has great traveling wheels for allowing you move it with ease. Moreover, this bag is made of high quality polyester material with sturdy 600 denier polyester blend. It also features cushioned top for covering your club for great protection from accidents. It also features 2 exterior pockets and also a protective PVC bottom that is water resistant. It also has a security strap. It comes in an assortment of colors, among them black with blue trim, black with lime trim, black with red trim, black with tangerine trim, and black with slate trim.

2. RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bag


This is a wonderful option for those who are looking for a large bag to conveniently and comfortably carry their golf sporting gear. RJ Sports EX-250 features a 14-way top that has full-length dividers, and 2 oversized external tubes for your many accessories. It also has six extra pockets for accessories and equipment, integrating a special well insulated compartment which is ideal for storing your beverages/drinks. It further features a rain hood and is easy to use and carry at just 7.5 pounds.

1. Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag


Favored among the top 10 models in 2016, Callaway Hyper Lite is a superbly designed 5-stand golf-bag that is perfectly ideal for both professionals and beginners. Quite aesthetic, this bag is manufactured with premium-grade materials, featuring a well-built 5-way divider to allow you organize your clubs in a neat way as you travel. The bag also features a turf contact for extra stability. It further features an ergonomically molded handle that has an improved Xtra traction technology, and also has a stable system flex base for easing loading and/or unloading. It also provides a convenient tech strap system, well padded EVA foam for protecting clubs and other accessories and valuables from damage. Its design is light and easy to transport.

If you are a serious enthusiast of golf and want to enjoy your experience golfing in the best way, you need to have the best quality bag for carrying your accessories and golfing gears. To be safe and sure that you are investing in a high quality model, you should consider choosing from the above highlighted top 10 best golf bags in 2018 reviews.


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