Top 10 Best Folding Bicycles 2017: Double Your Bike By Folding It Once Over


If you want to double your money, you fold it once over and put it in your pocket. Does the same thing happen with a folding bicycle? Imagine you’re in a situation where you need to make the last mile of your commute might be walking. A human typically walks at 3 miles per hour, or 20 minutes per mile. However, you can do that in 5 minutes flat with the best folding bicycles. That left over 15 minutes comes up to half an hour per day of less commute time. So, that amounts to 2 and a half hours per week or 125 hours per year, an entire work week! The most scientifically proven and reliable way to be happier is to have a shorter commute time. Hence, saving 125 hours per year is going to make you a week’s worth more happy.

What you need is the best folding bicycles humanity has to offer. However, whatever you do, do not be one of those people that never folds up their bicycle on the train. Everyone hates that.

Best Folding Bicycles

The Mariner 7 by Dahon is easily the most value for your money. Good, solid racks for luggage, fenders to keep you and the bike clean during weather, and 7 speeds for an easy commute. Like all Dahon bicycles, you can roll it around while folded. Clever people use the seat as a kind of lever or handle and roll it on the rear wheel when not in use.

One thing you’ve noted is that most folding bicycles are short, stout contraptions that only a mother bicycle could love. However, the Montague Navigator is an exception. Like the Dahon, it features a rack for luggage, fenders for protection, and a good range of gears to give you an easy commute. Unlike the Dahon, the Navigator features disc brakes. Disc brakes hold up well in wet weather. This Montague is slightly heavier, at 31 pounds. It’s also noticeably larger. This will make it difficult to keep on your lap on the train, or tucked away under your seat. Consider this if you have a car-bike commute.

So, you want to mix in the hipster chic in with your commute but want the folding bike, too? Then this is best folding bicycle for you. Cyclers use single speed fixies to get good conditioning or for competitive sports. However, they don’t get to slow down easily!. The Uno is a good compromise. It has a floating rear coaster brake. That is, pedal backwards to stop. Get this if you live in a relatively flat area.

Weird Folding Bicycle Territory

With the Strida we veer into weird bike category. It’s a fundamentally new kind of frame you don’t quite see on other bicycles. Even Dahon and Brompton bicycles are a variaton on the safety frame. This new ‘pyramid’ frame design is certainly new. The result is that the Strida LT folds up right and tight, easily in 5 seconds flat. The Strida LT also features a belt driven drive rather than a chain; no oiling or cleaning the belt needed!

OK, this thing is weird. The Micro Pedalflow doesn’t have a seat. I mean, it’s like a scooter but you have to pedal it. Maybe that’s what they were thinking when Micro Kickboard designed this machine. It certainly makes folding easier because it folds up like a scooter.

This is another odd combination that makes you pull back and say, “Wha..?”. It features lots of quality components, however, you may want to upgrade some of them as you go along. Certainly a new heavy-duty hand built wheel. That’s typical for most bicycles. The frame is pretty light given that it folds and is for a mountain bike. You’ll definitely need new grips. Out of all our bicycles so far, this one is the heaviest, at 45 pounds.

Legend has it this particular Montague bicycle was meant to be sold to theUSMC.


Beauty Contest Winner

Finally we have the Dahon Mu SL Mercury. The priciest bicycle of our mix, it also features the most features. For example, this is the lightest bicycle here, weighing in at 23 pounds. You get a full spread of gears. The Uno was the next lightest bicycle and it only had the one gear. There are other fine details, such as the having all the cables route inside the frame of the bicycle. It’s a level of quality that we don’t often see in many bicycles unless they start to approach the $2,000 mark. You get what you pay for with the Dahon Mu SL Mercury, probably the best of the best folding bicycles.

Honorable Mention

The Mountain Monk by Bergmönch is the most folding bicycle because it turns into a backpack, however, it also isn’t a bicycle because there are no pedals. You can coast down hill on this bicycle after you climb uphill for a long ways. This all adds up to this machine missing a folding bicycle’s ineffable qualities.


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