Top 10 Best Dog Shampoos In 2018 Reviews


Your pet is a faithful and friendly member of the family, and his or her welfare should be well taken care of, including their coat and skin. If you are as faithful and friendly to your dog as he/she is to you, you can never stand by and watch them get dirty, scratch themselves every other time, and, perhaps suffer from dirt-induced skin infections. You should give your dog the special attention he/she deserves, and one way of doing so is buying the best quality shampoo to help you in washing their skin and coat and keep them protected, healthy, and fresh smelling. However, as you go shopping for your dog’s shampoo, you ought to be very careful to check the ingredients involved in its formula. Some of the shampoos and/or conditioners on the market have harmful additives that may end up harming your pet’s skin. These should be avoided, no matter how attractively priced they may be. Instead, ensure to go for the medically proven types that are toxin-free and, more significantly, formulated with natural and organic ingredients. If your dog has an itchy skin, you must not spend too much looking for a treatment when a quality and safe shampoo is the solution. Here are the top 10 best dog shampoos in 2018 reviews. You will be impressed by how effective they are. The dog will love the experience, too.

10. Critter Comfort Shampoo


Brought to you by Critter Concepts, this is an easily affordable but very efficient shampoo for dogs. It is available in a generous 8-ounce bottle. However, the contained solution is concentrated and ought to be diluted before use. It is a US-made product that is professionally blended, containing multiple oils that have been extracted from teat tree, Shea butter, sunflower, as well as vitamin B5 and other natural safe substances. Dog owners can opt for this great shampoo for healing their pets from dry skin and itches. That it is a natural product it will never cause any allergic reactions on your dog.

9. FURminator deShedding Ultra-Premium


Although advertised and functions as a premium-grade shampoo, FURminator is an affordable product you can easily buy for your dog’s cleanliness and comfort and healthy skin and coat. It is actually more affordable that most other types out there, but also out-qualifies most of them. Like other high quality and safe-for-use shampoos, it is made using natural ingredients that are very effective in maintaining a healthy dog’s skin. What’s more, and most notably about this product, is that it effectively reduces shedding of the fur. In order to get your dog enjoy the best results from this great product, you need to use it once in a month, but you will still discover that the positive effect it has on your dog lasts, even if you spend a lot of time with the dog outdoors.

8. Bubbas Groovy Bath Ultra-Oatmeal Shampoo


A widely sough-after product by savvy dog-owners the world over, the Bubbas Groovy Bath is a professionally blended ultra-oatmeal shampoo for superbly cleaning, conditioning, and restoring essential coat oils which many dog owners may strip if they use harsh detergents or soaps. It is affordable but very effective in relieving the dog of itchy and dry skin, and it lathers easily and well to deliver a deep cleaning while neutralizing bad odors that most pets like dogs may develop over time. This product also relieves the disturbing scratching, and has natural organic ingredients for repelling fleas as well as other unfriendly parasites that can infect your dog. It is very safe for both your dog and you, never known to hurt either.

7. Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo


This is a great natural Oatmeal French dog shampoo that is vanilla-scented and available in 16-ouce bottle. Although affordable, this is professional-grade well-blended formula foe cleaning any type of coats superbly. It is effective in calming itchy, irritated, as well as dry skin and has rich moisturizers for keeping the skin supple and smooth, while the natural oatmeal has proven anti-parasite properties. This product lathers quickly and smoothly and also rinses fast without wasting a lot of water. it is free of chemical irritants and the sweet vanilla aroma perfumes your dog well. After every single bathing session, the dog will not just be good looking but also will smell very fresh for long.

6. Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo


This is a USA-made quality 18-ounce dog shampoo that is made of natural oatmeal extracts, potent moisturizers, and skin conditioners that improve dog’s coat health significantly. This is a 4-in-1 product featuring soothing vitamin B5 extracts which are also effective in the removal of static and de-tangling pet hair. It is a safe phthalate, phosphate alcohol, dye, and paraben-free quality blend that is non-irritating and doesn’t harm the dog ever. It is a gentle shampoo on the hands, with safe pH balance and containing a fragrant mango peach aroma.

5. Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo


This is another great product and one of the best in this category, an affordable pet shampoo you can confidently use for your beloved dog. It has more than 70 percent of its ingredients organic, and is absolutely free of soap and detergents. It is a highly recommended product for use on dogs that mostly spend a lot of time outdoors since is very effective in the removal of bacteria and parasites and germs from their skins and coats. If you correctly use it regularly, this shampoo will doubtless help eliminate your dog’s skin irritations while promoting his or her healthy fur growth. It is one of the inexpensive products that do not interfere with any tick or flea treatments.

4. Wahl 100% Natural


The Wahl’s Oatmeal Shampoo is also one of the greatest appreciated types for dogs today, containing oatmeal, lime, coconut, aloe, and lemon verbena for soothing dry, irritated, and itching skin. Healthy dog’s skin translates to a healthy coat and therefore less shedding. The specially created gentle formula of this product has a rich lather and is easy rinse for making bath-time easier and fun for both the dog and you. 100 percent natural plant-extracted safe ingredients make this product one of the most popular choices for most dog owners who need avoiding harsh additives and chemicals harmful to both the dogs and themselves. This is a PEG-80 free shampoo.

3. Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash


One of the most favored among the top 10 best dog shampoos in 2016 reviews, the Buddy Wash from Cloud Star is an excellent quality premium-grade lavender and mint-scented dog shampoo that helps you clean the pet effectively. Weighing 16 ounces, this products cleans, conditions, and moisturizes the dog’s skin and coat impressively. It features a collection of natural herbs and oils which leave your dog’s coat looking very clean, regardless of breed or size. In case the dog has any flea issues or you simply want to protect him/her against future infestations, this product will not disappoint. Besides providing a non-irritating, fun, and safe bath experience, it provides natural botanicals for repelling the fleas.

2. Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo


A bestseller product in this niche, this is one of the most popular dog shampoos appreciated for its superior properties and the ability to protect as well as cure your dog’s skin. It has lipacide, chlorhexidine, and also phytosphingosine salicyloyl, substances rich in medicinal properties that make this shampoo viable as a wonderfully effective treatment for dog’s skin rashes and parasitic infections. It features a safe antiseptic formula that is very efficient and great in the removal of most bacteria and other microbes off your dear pet’s skin. It is highly recommended to dog owners who like taking their pets for long walks and spend mostly in the outdoors, where your dog is likely to catch parasite or contact other infected/infested dogs.

1. OxGord Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner


To keep your dog clean, smelling fresh, and well protected from parasites such as ticks and fleas, having a quality dog shampoo is mandatory. If you are having a challenge choosing from among the tens of available products in the market, this shampoo and conditioner by OxGord is one of the best in the market. It is 100% organic, has a medicated and veterinarian-approved formula that will never harm your pet over time, and is attainable in a large 20-ounce container that lasts long. If you do has itchy skin or sheds fur often, this shampoo and conditioner also has Aloe Vera extracts that not only relieves dry skin but also relieves itching and other issues that might hasten shading. Other attributes that have made it a sought-after product all over the world are its potent odor eliminating ingredients, its ease of use, and the certified safe formula that buyers get.

Do not be deceived, because the kind of shampoo you buy to use when cleaning your dog means a lot for both you and the dog. If you want the best performance yet safe product in cleaning and healing dog’s skin, and still the one the leaves a pleasant scent on your dog’s coat without inflicting any harm, you should look no further than the above selected top 10 best dog shampoos in 2018 reviews.


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