Top 10 Best Dog Crates In 2018 Reviews


Your dog pet deserves a good crate where it will not just have access to light and air but also be able to feel comfortable, clean and at home. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog crate that will offer your lovely dog such services, then this article is meant for you. Below is a review of the best dog crates in 2018 where you should definitely choose one from:

10. Pet Gear Steel Crate

The pet gear steel crate has been carefully designed with four different doors for easy access into and out of the crate. One of the doors is located on top of the crate which will allow you quick and simple access to the dog while the rest of the doors are located on the sides. One of the side doors is designed to open upwards and remain up thus leaving that side open for your dog to go out to play and come back inside the crate without you having to be there to open the door! Its base is insulated and durable to keep any reptiles away. The corners are well rounded, and all the steel frames are covered ensuring that both you and your dog are not exposed to any possible injuries that could come from sharp steel edges. The crate folds down in seconds and comes with a storage bag where you can keep it.

9.Midwest Life Stages Folding Dog Crate

The Midwest life stages dogs’ crate is a large crate that is capable of accommodating dog’s weighing between 41 pounds to 70 pounds. The crate measure 36 inches long by 24 inches wide by 27 inches high. It has double doors installed throughout that allow for both front and side access. All its corners are rounded, and this helps in ensuring that your dog is protected from metal edges. The heavy duty metal making this material will keep the crate durable for lots of years. The crate has then been finished with a stylish black e – coat. The plastic pan that comes with this crate is easy to clean and comes packed with a free divider panel.

8. Amazon Basics Pet Kennel


The amazon basics pet kennel has considerably fewer ventilation holes compared to the Petmate kennel, but the holes are still enough to ensure that your dog receives constant supply of fresh air. The kennel is largely made of a plastic material, but the front door has been constructed from a see-through wire. This door, therefore, helps your dog to enjoy the views outside and also helps in making sure that the inside of the crate is receiving sufficient sunlight. The door can be opened towards the right or left, and this feature is essential in making the dog readily accessible for convenience. The kennel comes with screws that will assist you in reinforcing the crate both at the top and bottom when you are traveling or when you want to secure it at a relatively permanent location at home.

7. Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate


The Petmate Sky Kennel dog crate is made of high – grade plastic material that is easy to clean and durable to serve you for an extended period. The plastic material has also been treated and is therefore not corrosive. To give the crate an extra strength and durability the Petmate Sky Kennel has a steel wire that will help you to carry dogs weighing as much as 70 pounds. The crate has a clip where you can attach the water bowls. It has been designed with a few extra inches in height, and this will give your dog a chance to be able to stand on the spacious crate.

6. Aspenpet Pet Crate


This particular dog crate is a bit large with a dark gray finishing. The crate is made of a heavy duty plastic material which will make sure you can use the crate for a very extended period. The plastic is all over except on the front where you will find a wire door. On the sides, the manufacturers installed a few air vents to keep your dog inside ventilated. The wire door has chrome latches that keep it shut and are treated to protect them from rust. This crate is easy to assemble and fold down and has been approved for airline travel. It’s lightweight for increased portability and measure 36” by 25” by 27”.

5. OxGord Metal Dog’s Crate


The metal OxGord crate has a versatile designing that makes it very user – friendly. You will, therefore, be able to assemble it and fold it down within seconds without using any sorts of tools. When folded down this crate becomes small and compact, and this will allow you to be able to store almost anywhere when you are not using it. The crate is made up of heavy duty metal making this one of the most durable crates available in the market right now. All the metal has been treated from rust and this, therefore, makes the crate 100% washable thus highly hygienic. The crate has several doors for easy access and comes with a split divider that will allow you to keep several pets within the crate.

4. Aspenpet Pet Porter


If you are looking for a small dog crate that you can use to carry your dog around with or travel with the Aspenpet pet porter is made for you. This crate is lightweight for easy carrying and has met all airline requirements. It is manufactured using some strong plastic material making the crate durable. On the front, it has a wire door and some plastic wingnuts. The vents on the sides help to ensure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh air and light. This crate is ideal for dogs that do not exceed 34 inches in height.

3. Petnation Port A Dog Crate

The Petnation Port – A dog crate is made of mesh fabrics that have been weaved together tightly and another steel frame. The knitted fabrics are of premium quality, and they have contributed significantly to making the crate look and feel cozy. The other steel frame is quite strong but also lightweight, and this has not only helped in making the crate durable but also very portable. The crate can, therefore, be a perfect home for your dog allowing you to use it both indoors and outdoors. The sturdy steel frame has given the crate a capability of holding dog’s weighing as much as 70 pounds. The frames can be folded down easily for storage purposes in cases where you are not using it.

2. Midwest iCrate PET Crate


This Midwest iCrate is manufactured mainly for the little dogs and pets. The crate, therefore, measures 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches high. This gives the crate the ability to hold dogs and pets weighing between 11 to 27 pounds. The crate has only one swinging door while its base is made of a simple – to – clean plastic material that will help you keep the crate and your dog clean. The dog can fold down quickly, and it is super light for portability. This crate comes packed together with a divider panel.

1. Petmate Two Door Pet Kennel


The Petmate two door kennel was carefully manufactured using steel and plastic to make sure that your dog or other pets can enjoy sunlight and visibility inside the kennel. This steel and the plastic have been useful in ensuring that your dog remains safe and secured inside the crate against any sorts of vectors. A sturdy ergonomic handle has been constructed at the top of this kennel making it ideal for carrying your dog to doctor’s appointments or when traveling. This handle will, therefore, help you to carry the dog easily and is well integrated on the crate to prevent it from coming off. It has two doors which give you quick and easy access to your dog whenever you want. The ventilation holes are almost everywhere and hence with this crate you never have to worry whether your dog is receiving enough air or not.

The above reviews make up the best dogs crate that has been used by several other pet lovers and hence their usefulness and importance is confirmed. Therefore, give your dog a lovely home by buying any one of them.


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