Top 10 Best Distance Measuring Wheels In 2018 Reviews


Is it true that you are an engineer, a constructor, surveyor, and appraiser, or any other individual required in a profession where measuring separations is a piece of life and you are searching for the most dependable and effective device to gauge separations? At that point, you ought to put resources into a separation measuring wheel, an apparatus, which offers you a simple and exact method for measuring separations both inside and outside.

These instruments are extremely valuable to individuals who can’t stand to take a wrong or misrepresented estimation between two focuses and are celebrated for their usability and simplicity of perusing estimations. At the point when purchasing considers the diverse components that characterize a separation measuring wheels, which incorporates, the longest separation the wheel can gauge, the sort and the outline of the handle, the precision and the distance across of the wheel.

10. Komelon MK4512 Meter-Man 14-Inch Measuring Wheel

This is another separation measuring wheel by Komelon, which has a 14.3 inches distance across wheel. This makes it perfect for different open air employments. The wheels are planned with a composite tread, which gives the apparatus an enhanced footing when you are utilizing it on a smooth surface. It has a handle outlined like a gun, which offers the client a firm hold, adding to clients control and usability. The handle customizable, giving you the opportunity to set the length relying upon your stature and inclination.

The wheel is apparatus driven and has a 5 computerized counter, to give you the most elevated precision. The wheels have polyvinyl string, which adds to the wheels footing. This makes it simple to control it and push it when taking estimations.


  • Thing is fabricated in South Korea
  • Polyvinyl tread for enhanced footing
  • Agreeable single handed grip handle
  • This wheel measures in feet/crawls and is secured with a composite tread to give enhanced footing on smooth surfaces
  • Flexible wind and bolt handle
  • The 14.3″ width wheel is ideal for any open air use
  • Gear-driven, 5-digit counter with push catch reset
  • Kickstand shaped into counter lodging.

9. AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel With Large Digital LCD

He AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel is perfect for precisely computing long separations inside or out up to 9,99.9 feet. It is lightweight and effectively transported starting with one area then onto the next. Estimations are exact and obviously shown in U.S. alternately metric units on a LCD illuminated advanced screen. It has a brake, memory stockpiling, cordless operation, auto stop, and crumples to a minimal 27 inches for simple stockpiling. This computerized measuring instrument is astounding for development, examinations, law requirement, finishing, rebuilds, and any task requiring exact long separation estimations. U.S. also, Metric Measuring Units The AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel measures in units of feet, inches, 100ths, and centimeters. This is extremely helpful in the event that you have to compute blended estimations on one anticipate. Case in point, you can decide the square footage of deck for a lavatory furthermore decide the centimeters of a funnel that will run the length of the same floor. Various Applications The AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel is sufficiently flexible to use on an assortment of indoor and open air ventures.

Land appraisers will think that its exceptionally valuable for evaluating property, while law implementation can utilize it to break down the scene of a wrongdoing or a mishap. Those in development or finishing can utilize it to gage a stretch of area. Simple to Use The AdirPro Digital Measuring Wheel is light weight and ergonomic, making it compact and simple to utilize. Its handle has an advanced LCD screen with backdrop illumination that makes it simple to peruse. Its advantageous memory puts away reviews up to 5 values. What’s more, since it keeps running on batteries, you can work it cordlessly for up to 30 hours. All catches are water-evidence and clean confirmation.


  • Extending Handle, Electronic LCD screen with backdrop illumination, 5 memory openings
  • Water and Dust Proof, 12 inch width wheel, 3 foot periphery wheel
  • Decision of U.S. then again metric, Up to 9,99.9 foot/meter reach, Indoor or open air use
  • Plastic shaped wheel, Collapses to 27 inches, Extendable to 44 inches
  • Estimations incorporates the wheel span, 2 AAA long-life batteries.

8. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

This distance-measuring wheel by TR industrial can measure up to 9,999 feet, in diverse working environments. It has a collapsible handle, which can extend up to 2 ft. and 9”, and when collapsed the handles measures 1 ft. and 4”. The unit has a 1 feet diameter wheel, which rotates effortlessly, saving you from fatigue. You will love the design and reset button which is conveniently placed and the kickstand. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold and use the tool. This unit is reliable, convenient and accurate making it ideal for professionals and when measuring long distances.

This measuring wheel makes it simple to quantify separation up to 1,000 feet in an assortment of workplaces. It is entirely convenient with six inch haggles handle that is two feet and nine inches, however is collapsible to around one foot and four inches. It has an extremely helpful reset catch, kickstand and conveying pack. This unit is worked with consideration, it incorporates an ergonomic grasp on the handle, smooth wheels for moving about and overwhelming obligation quality for long haul solidness.


  • Handle is 2 feet and 9 inches, however is collapsible to around 1 foot and 4 inches
  • Effectively and precisely measure up to 9,999 feet in an assortment of workplaces
  • To a great degree advantageous reset catch, kickstand, and conveying pack
  • This measuring wheel makes it simple to quantify separation up to 9,999 feet in an assortment of workplaces. It is entirely convenient with 1 foot haggles handle that is 2 feet and 9 inches, however is collapsible to around 1 foot and 4 inches. It has an extremely convenient reset catch, kickstand, and conveying sack. This unit is worked with consideration; it incorporates an ergonomic hold on the handle, smooth wheels for moving about, and overwhelming obligation quality for long haul strength.
  • Worked with consideration – Ergonomic hold, smooth wheels, and overwhelming obligation quality
  • Wheels are 1 foot in width.

7. Komelon MK6012 Meter-Man 19-Inch Measuring Wheel

Komelon MK6012 is intended for use when measuring long separations and harsh territories. The unit has a 19″ measurement wheel, which makes it impeccable on differing surfaces. It is perfect for entertainment and athletic field estimations, black-top and solid constructors, and estimations when fencing, doing an overview or amid ground support.

The handle has an Adjustable turn and bolt handle, so you can conform when utilizing or putting away it. The 19 inches wheel is made with composite treads, making it ideal for smooth surfaces also. This unit offers you a high exactness and accuracy, as it has an apparatus driven counter which additionally has a push catch reset. For simple perusing, there is an amplifying focal point.


  • Movable contort and bolt handle
  • Exact apparatus driven counter with push catch reset
  • Amplifying focal point for enhanced intelligibility
  • Agreeable single handed grip handle.

6. Calculated Industries 6435 Wheel Master 4D Dual Measuring Wheel

The Wheel Master 4D is an adjusted double measuring wheel intended for experts. It is anything but difficult to utilize, lightweight and telescopes down to half size for helpful transport and capacity. Well-assembled and ergonomically planned, it will give you tried and true, precise results you can rely on for a considerable length of time to come. Its minimal size is awesome for land stars, appraisers, surveyors, law requirement, office engineers, flooring masters, protection specialists, agents, decorators, painters, roofers, DIYers

This separation measuring planned and made by Calculated Industries is one of a kind than numerous different brands. It has 2 wheels, which makes it more steady and simple to utilize. This unit is professionally worked, to give you precise and tried and true results. This ergonomically composed and well-manufactured separation measuring wheel is perfect for clients who need high precision level and a simple to utilize device. Favored clients incorporate roofers, painters, decorators, agents, protection operators, flooring experts, police, appraisers, and surveyors among others. Weighing 1.6 pounds and measuring 20 x 4 x 6 inches, makes this unit simple to convey. Furthermore, the adaptive handle which can reach out up to 42 inches, makes it is anything but difficult to use too, as you can alter the length of the handle.


  • 4″ distance across wheels; falls to 20 inches for simple conveying
  • Extending 3-piece handle with snap locks stretches out to 42 inches
  • Adjusted double wheels for most extreme security
  • Measures up to 9,999 feet, 11 inches with 99.7% precision (+/ – 1″ in 30′)
  • Intelligent tape for wellbeing.

5. Boxed Compact Executive Wheel (Inches and Feet)

Keson’s lightweight RoadRunner RR112 measuring wheel is perfect for measuring bended, flat, and unbalanced surfaces. Famous with property holders, real estate brokers, appraisers, cops, roofers, and the sky is the limit from there, the RR112 measuring wheel is conservative and frequently utilized for short runs and inside.

The five-digit amplified counter subtracts backward and shows estimations in feet (up to 9,999 feet) and inches. The wheel is one foot in periphery and four inches in distance across with a general tallness of 38 inches—in spite of the fact that it withdraws to a stature of 17 inches for simple versatility. It includes a plastic formed wheel with an expelled aluminum handle, and it’s sponsored by a constrained lifetime guarantee.


  • Predictable execution from wheel to wheel through prevalent assembling forms Tested for parity
  • Complete offering for universally useful to specific superior applications
  • This item is made of brilliant material
  • Prominent with real estate brokers, appraisers, roofers, cops, and property holders
  • Precisely measures bended, vertical, and even surfaces
  • Weighs just 1.2 pounds
  • Perfect for speedy assessing occupations
  • Extending handle considers adaptable stature.

4. Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4-Inch Measuring Wheel

This Komelon ML1212 separation measuring wheel is perfect for appraisers, agents, protection specialists, decorators, real estate agents, painters and any other individual searching for a precise and simple to utilize separation measuring instrument. The unit has a wheel, which has 4 inches distance across and can make the grade regarding 10,000 feet. The counter is exceptionally exact as it is rigging driven. It has a polyvinyl tread, which enhances footing of the wheel, making it simple to work. The adjustable handle makes it simple to store and offer the client a firm grasp. The handle has a lock and handles and a flexible turn. For precise and simple estimation perusing, there is an amplifying focal point.You will likewise adore the solid and lightweight configuration as you are ensured esteem for your cash.

ML1212 Style: Wheel Diam:4″, Units:Feet/Tenths, Price Each This thing highlights: – Adjustable curve and bolt handle. – Polyvinyl tread for enhanced footing. – Magnifying focal point for enhanced meaningfulness. – Accurate apparatus driven counter with push catch reset. – Range: 10000 ft [Max].

The 4-Inch distance across measuring wheel is perfect for indoor measuring on smooth, hard surfaces. The ML1212 is lightweight and smaller for advantageous use. Applications incorporate adjustors, appraisers, decorators, protection operators, painters, real estate brokers and incalculable others


  • Flexible bend and bolt handle
  • Lightweight strong configuration. ^ Telescoping handle for simple stockpiling. ^ Wheels are made of consumption safe ABS. ^ 5 digit counter peruses up to 10,000ft.
  • Polyvinyl tread for enhanced footing
  • Exact rigging driven counter with push catch reset
  • Amplifying focal point for enhanced comprehensibility
  • 4-Inch distance across measuring wheel.

3. Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel

On the off chance that you need a separation measuring wheel, which has stood the trial of time, this is our proposal. This unit is a result of ceaseless change and planning by Keson. It has a plastic wheel, which makes it a simple to utilize apparatus. The separation counter offers you a 5 digit amplified counter, giving you a simple decipherability. With this device, you can gauge a separation of up to 9,999 feet, on any surface. Adding to the usability and solace is that you will measure up to 2 miles, without the need to reset the counter. Despite the fact that you should collect it upon buy, it is a simple procedure. The unit has an adaptive handle, which is bended and is movable. This unit is perfect when fencing or amid developments, whether the surface is even or bended.

Whether you’re measuring terraces for fencing or unpaved streets for a future expressway, the Keson 3-foot RoadRunner is an enduring smash hit because of its unwavering quality and adaptability.

Accuracy shaped out of effect safe ABS, the RR318N is gladly inherent the U.S.A. furthermore, is intended for quite a long time of utilization. Its gun like rubber treated grasp considers a beyond any doubt hold and easy directing when measuring, which in blend with the extending handle for customizable stature facilitates client weariness and enhances precision. The RR318N is even perfect for use on bended surfaces or uneven ground. The amplifying focal point over the five-digit counter builds their size for less demanding perusing and measuring. It’s upheld by a restricted lifetime guarantee.

  • 5-digit, simple read, amplified counter that measures in feet and creeps and will subtract backward 3-piece single handed grip handle with fast snap cam locks
  • Overwhelming obligation, 3-foot, accuracy formed plastic wheel takes years of field misuse
  • This is fabricated in United States
  • Keson Single, Large Measuring Wheel, 3 Ft
  • Bended, extending handle changes with solace level
  • Time-demonstrated plans with more than twelve years of ceaseless change
  • Five-digit simple read amplified counter (9,999 feet) subtracts backward
  • Measures very nearly two miles without resetting.

2. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro 12 Distance Measuring Wheel

This separation measuring wheel made by Calculated Industries can make the grade regarding 9,999 feet, with a precision of 99.7 percent. This is one of the most noteworthy exactness rates, making this unit, best for clients who need the most astounding accuracy. On a single handed grip are the handbrake, which makes it simple to get exact readings and moment stops. Resetting the middle mounted counter is simple. You can reset from the highest point of the handle, either when stationary, strolling or rolling. It is made with a 12.5-inch wheel, which is overwhelming obligation. This makes it proper for unpleasant and rough landscapes.

For simple stockpiling, the handle is collapsible. You can overlap it to minimized size from 38 inches to 19 inches. This makes it simple to use, as you modify the tallness to your inclination furthermore simple to store. So when you need a simple to utilize instrument, which is great when taking straight estimations, this is one of our proposals.


  • Re-set the simple perusing focus mounted counter from top hold handle or counter unit while moving, strolling or stationary
  • Simple to utilize strolling straight estimation apparatus, precise and dependable – accompanies 2-year guarantee and Free Carrying Pack
  • Hand brake on single handed grip for exact measuring; fixed, gear-driven transmission for toughness, convenient kickstand bolsters wheel
  • Substantial obligation 12.5 inch breadth wheel smooths unpleasant landscape; collapsible handle folds to minimized size (from 38″ to 19″) for simple stockpiling and transportability
  • Measures up to 9,999 feet, 11 inches with 99.7% precision (+/ – 1″ in 30′).

1. Rolatape RT312 12-inch Measuring Wheel

The Rolatape RT312 Series Measuring Wheel gives a straightforward answer for separation measuring. Perusing separation in both ft. furthermore, creeps, the RT312 can read up to a most extreme of 10000-ft to give you exact separation estimations each time.

Features Durable and lightweight aluminum measuring wheel with accuracy shaped tire over aluminum spoke Comfortable and ergonomic single handed grip Three area aluminum adjustable handle with fast clips for simple stockpiling Heavy-obligation development for strength and long life Counter with reset switch peruses to 1 in. increases Convenient kickstand includedIncludes3.4 ft. RT Series-312 Measuring Wheel – RT312SpecificationsSeries: RT Weight: 3.1 lbs. Counter Digits: Counter Type: Single Handle Type: Telescoping Height (Collapsed): 24 in. Height (Extended): 42-1/2 in. Max. Measuring Distance: Units of Measurement: Feet/Inches Wheel Circumference: 3.4 ft. Wheel Diameter: 1 ft.


  • Adjustable Aluminum Handle lightweight and collapsible for simple stockpiling
  • Single handed grip for most extreme solace amid use
  • Substantial Duty development for toughness and long life
  • Aluminum Measuring Wheel – light weight and solid with exactness formed tire over aluminum talked
  • Kick Stand included.

Separation measuring wheels are a standout amongst the most progressive apparatuses that you can use to gauge separations. They offer you a dependable, helpful and simple approach to take estimations. At the point when purchasing one, consider the precision of the device, the longest separation it can gauge and the width of the wheel. Other imperative thought includes how simple it is to reset and read estimations. Likewise, consider the sort of handle and in the event that it’s customizable is additionally a basic element. A decent handle offers you a firm hold and places you in control of the device when utilizing it. When you need to buy one, pick one from the above-investigated instruments and hoist your exactness when measuring separations.


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