Top 10 Best Digital Voice Recorders In 2018 Reviews


Digital voice recorders are must-have accessories for note takers, reporters, as well as researchers who collect or survey qualitative data frequently. They are light gadgets that are highly portable and come integrated with many hi-tech features for recording high quality sound effectively, at the same time filtering any background noise to save only very clear sound. Besides rerecording speeches during seminars or lectures in college classes, or being used by news reporters and other researchers, digital voice recorders are great spy devices. By just switching on your digital recorder unit anonymously, you are able to explore your detective part by recording any conversation that takes place around the device, and if it was of your family or friend, prank them with it later when they least expect such a thing. All you need is choose a model that is convenient on your hand, one that is easily concealable, and with great recording efficiency and longer recording capacity and time. As such, this article has carefully selected the top 10 best digital recorders in 2018 reviews for you to choose your favorite from. Read on to discover them.

10. Olympus DP-10 142640


At nearly 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches in height, the Olympus DP-10 142640 is one of the smallest, portable models of digital voice recorders available on the market today. It is also one of the greatest functioning models in 2016, with lots of positive customer reviews to support it. As such, if you are shopping for a recorder full of features that do not disappoint, choosing this model is a great decision. Besides the cost, this recorder comes with 1 GB memory for greater storage, 72 hour record time, and also touch buttons that are color-coded to make operation easier. It records clear voice and saves it or your future reference, bringing a lot of convenience to your daily programs by saving you time.

9. Sony ICDUX523BLK


Are you a reporter or do you spend so many hours recording seminar speeches or lectures? This 3-in-1 Sony ICDUX523BLK digital stereo recorder is a great solution to your daily recording needs. Besides its Linear PCM and MP3 recording scope and MP3/AAC/WNA music playback features, this model includes a 4 GB internal memory for accommodating as many as 1108 hours of recorded audio voice. it further includes a microSD memory card slot that is expandable, has a music player, and integrates INC (Intelligent Noise Cut ) technology for improving the sound quality at the same time lowering any background clutter. Moreover, this model comes with a highly durable battery and also an integrated USB 2.0 port which you can use for backing up any recorded audio files to a computer or sharing them to your chosen colleagues.

8. Etekcity 8GB 560Hours


If you need more than just a normal digital audio recorder, Etekcity is your innovatively created model offering multifunctional capabilities for your convenience. Besides doing just the voice recording alone, this device provides you with great music entertainment. It comes with a big capacity to store files up to 8 GB for greater organization and storage. Its can supports up to a whopping 560 hours of audio content thanks to a great internal flash memory, and produces crisp clear audio, supporting many files with its high quality, built-in professional speaker. It further has a perfect timing feature, and its design is slim for greater user convenience.

7. RadRecorder – 8GB – 550 Hrs


If you have not yet made the final decision on the best quality digital audio recorder for your needs, this RadRecorder is the model you have been waiting for. This is an innovative device to provide you with top-quality and performance voice recording that you can confidently rely on. It is a highly convenient to use and portable model for greater user experience, integrating a long life rechargeable battery for your long duration recording without any inefficiency. The recorded file in this device can be easily transferred to your PC of flash drive thanks to its high speed USB port. It further features multiple kinds of repeat mode that is greater for replaying any audio file. You can use this recorder variedly, ranging from voice recording to music playing.

6. Zoom H1 Handy Digital Recorder


Zoom H1 Handy is compact and portable yet high performance digital recorder that combines great voice recording capability with simplicity and elegance. It is an affordable model that is liked by many, and for its high quality delivery it has become a bestseller on Amazon. This model integrates Zoom’s renowned audio recording technology as well as studio-grade microphones in an easier to use and carry device ever. It is available on the market today, bringing a wide range of applications for an improved recording experience and quality. From song-writing and practicing sessions, musical performances, seminar conferences, journalism and so on, the Zoom H1 offers you clean and crisp clear stereo sound effectively.

5. Olympus VN-702PC


for the ones looking to buy an effective digital voice recorder that has large internal storage capacity—Olympus VN-702PC has built-in 2GB memory and easily expandable microSD slot—fast USB connectivity, more than 800 hours of top quality voice recording, and WMA/USB recording scopes, this model is an excellent brand to go for. It is an easy to use, cost effective, and has a built-in stand, the only of its kind. Whether you need to comprehensively cover a press conference or extensively collect research data, using this great digital voice recorder will never be a wrong decision. Many people who have tried it before have attested to its superior performance by writing positive reviews about how they really got satisfied with this model, and they often rate it a high.

4. Sony ICD-AX412 Stereo


Sony is a renowned leader in manufacturing digital voice recorders, and besides having many other innovative models in this category, the ICD-AX412 Stereo has gained popularity to become one among the most sought after models the world over thanks to its ease of use, greatly expandable storage space, and high recording quality and precision. Whether you want to record indoor speeches or lectures, this recorder has intuitive noise elimination technology for filtering background noise in order to produce crisp clear sound which you can later listen to conveniently and audibly tanks to its built-in earphones and high performance speakers. It comes with a highly powerful battery that lasts up to about 72 hours when recording events, and has a built-in 2 GB storage memory for providing nearly 500 hours of undisrupted audio recording.

3. Olympus WS-802


Among the key features that have won the WS-802 digital voice recorder by Olympus a comfortable space among the top ranking models is storage. Storage is a critical concern of many customers who want to buy and use a voice recorder. Although this model does not provide the vastest storage capacity, it comes with ample 4 GB internal capacity and also has microSD card slot that is expandable to as big as 32 GB, well sufficient for any kinds of project recording. Clarity is another highlight. The WS-802 boasts three prime features great in improving recorded sound clarity: it has cutting-edge sound-filter technology feature for eliminating any background clutter or noise at the time of recording. Additionally, it has powerful omni-directional microphone as well as an innovative voice-balancing function which are highly effective, and it calendar search feature as well as USB direct connection feature make managing or sharing the recorded audio flies real simple.

2. Olympus DP-201


The DP-201 digital voice recorder from Olympus is one of the very best models today. This is a compact model that provides up to 80 hours of continuous battery life, as well as 202 hours of recording time. It further features a large LCD display that makes data management quite a breeze, and also has a calendar search feature as well as large speaker that ease saved data access and review. Having your DP-Olympus 201 will make you conveniently collect high precision sound data without any difficulties or inadequacies.



If you are tired of the frustrations of lecture or seminar proceedings you can hardly catch up with, the advent of the Sony ICD PX333 is your absolute solution. It deals with such a problem quite effectively by sufficiently recording every word quite clearly to help you revise better. This is made possible thanks to its internal flash memory of 4 GB capacity and also an expandable slot to allow greater space for saving recorded files; it requires just 2 AAA batteries to run effectively; is able to record mono-MP3s with intuitive noise eliminating technology and makes you listen word by word of the audio files thanks to it’s a to B repeat function; it further feature a track-mark function coupled with SB cable for easy transfers of files to PC/MAC, o other smart device; and it is a highly durable and reliable and versatile model in any condition you are using it. It is a bestseller on Amazon, with many favorably rated customer reviews proving just how high delivering it is. It offers great value for the cost.

Perhaps you are going to hear and learn of other models of digital voice recorders available on the market, but you should be well aware that the above highlighted models are the ones that provide the best services in your audio recording needs, from lecture halls to seminar conferences, anything you need well tapped for future revision.


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