Top 10 Best Complete Longboards In 2018 Reviews


A popular sporting and recreational activity, longboarding is an adrenalin-packed that is enjoyed by many millions of people tin many parts of the world. It is also very entertaining and further acts as a great form of exercise for the individuals who want to engage some enjoyable activity in their daily lives. If you are an enthusiast of longboarding and you are therefore looking forward to a great experience on the field or track, buying the best quality model of complete longboard will be quite essential to the success of your endeavor. Most models are fairly priced. They also are available in a range of interesting designs and the best ones are made of high quality synthetic as well as natural materials for supporting colossal amounts of weight while improving the overall experience of their users when appropriately used. To assure yourself of a memorable and rewarding moment while longboarding, this article has gone extents to find for you the top 10 best complete longboards in 2018 reviews. Read on to discover great accessories that will never disappoint.

10. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down

Designed for experienced and professional longboard riders, the Yocaher Professional Speed is one uniquely made drop-down model of complete longboard which comes stained, completely assembled, and read for the rider. A very durable accessory, it features large heavy duty hanger wheels that are 180mm and has Abec 7 Chrome quality bearings. It has an aesthetic attractive clean-finished design which is remarkably low maintenance. The incorporated 9-ply maple wood that is used in manufacturing this accessory is very long lasting. It can support big weights, features unique style for greater control and support, and it flexes quite well to enhance speed. This is an affordable longboard model that is recommended for regular use, and it is longer lasting than most other contemporary models.

9. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

Quest is a highly reputed skateboard brand, and it presents here its best sought after longboard skateboard—Rorshack. It is a complete longboard model whose singular design integrates fantastic aerodynamics that offer matchless durability. It has a 34-inch long high quality bamboo deck that is streamlined to make an exceptional longboard. It includes 6-inch trucks. These trucks are made of durable aluminum and provide ideal fit 65mm diameter wheels. It has, as a proof to its super performance and irreproachable durability, received many good-rated reviews online, especially from the people who have bought and used it to their satisfaction.

8. SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop-Down/ Drop-Through

Superbly designed using top-grade wood, the SCSK8 is a high quality, professional-grade and highly popular drop through/ drop down complete longboard which is appropriate for sporting, recreation, as well as regular commuting to work or school environments. It is very stable, and features durable top-performance premium-grade tires that are optimized for speed, and that roll smoothly on either smooth or rugged terrain. For starting longboarding enthusiasts, this is the longboard to consider buying. It features wide and stable standing base. It further offers lower center of gravity which doesn’t tip even when riding at top speeds. The gorgeous and chip-resistant wood paint finish as well as grip tape detailing help in boosting the aesthetic quality of this longboard significantly.

7. YOCAHER New KICKTAIL Complete Longboard

This is a new model from the famous Yocaher that is vintage themed and measures about 40 by 9.75 inches. It is very durable, comes with great performance 71mm, and a durable aluminum alloy 7-inch truck which is also long lasting. Its 5 ABEC bearings make this accessory roll well even on tough terrains. It further includes premium-grade hardware for both boosting your performance as well as longevity. If you are on a tight budget, for this is an affordably priced option. It is quite simple to maintain. It is one of the most preferred models of longboard skateboards by a bog number of skateboarding enthusiasts.

6. EIGHTBIT 41-Inch Drop-Down

This is an extra large, 41-inch drop-down model of compete longboard which works very well for experienced and novice skaters. It is made of 9-ply maple wood to make it quite durable. it has an aesthetic laminated finish that is slip-resistant, while the high-tech drop-down design with a lower center-of-gravity for boosting stability and therefore safety. It is 42.25 by 9.75 inches, features an electrostatic-coated wheel of 180mm diameter integrating high-rated ABEC-7 bearings which smoothly roll on any terrain, while its comfortable build orients the body and legs naturally when commuting, carving, and/or cruising for longer distances. It is an affordable longboard model that comes fully assembled and backed with a limited one-year limited warranty.

5. Quest Tribes Pin-Kick Tail

When you buy this Tribes Pin Kick Trail from Quest, you have a superbly built 40-inch complete longboard that features a sturdy and durable all-hardwood maple deck, rugged yet lightweight 7-inch high quality aluminum trucks, as well as 5 precision-made ABEC bearings which smoothly roll on any terrain. This Longboard features 70 by 51mm PU wheels. You further get well-built wheel wells which reduce wheel bite to ensure smooth turning, an efficient and stable design that is appropriate for commuting over extensive distances, and a weather-resistant and resilient construction that works successfully in indoor as well as outdoor settings. You will enjoy a plethora of great benefits when you choose this very popular longboard model.

4. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

The Atom Drop Neck from Atom Longboards is a top performance, highly admired 41-inch complete longboard featuring stable ultra-low profile riding design which works admirably well for both professional and novice skaters. It is very comfortable, excellently carves and steers downhill, and smoothly rolls to reduce fast wear and tear especially if used on a regular basis and for longer commutes. The high quality laminated maple that is used in the making of this longboard model is very durable. It has exceptionally durable heavy-duty 245mm axels. The 1-yrear limited warranty cover provided on any purchase of this accessory gives customers the confidence of investing in a high quality product. If you buy an original of this model, you will no doubt come to appreciate the professional-grade trophy-winning workmanship that went into its designing, the ease of use, as well as the superior performance this longboard delivers.

3. SCSK8 Natural Blank-and-Stained

The SCSK8 Natural stands out as a greatest choice among many longboarding enthusiasts today. It features very attractive patterns, with a 40-inch long deck that is streamlined in shape in order to comfortably ease wind resistance s you ride. This longboard skateboard is fitted with super performance and supportive wheels of 70mm diameter and which are colored in a yellow shade. It has 7-inch long trucks which support the wheels excellently. The high quality bearings ensure that this accessory’s wheels ride smoothly and without making any discouraging noise. You will easily get addicted to regular longboarding when you opt to try this longboard skateboard model, ultimately falling in love with what it offers.

2. Atom Drop Through Longboard

Professional skaters give this Atom Longboard’s model of longboard double thump-up. it is a high performance model I regards to both sped and durability. It is a highly sought after skateboard featuring a 40-inch long deck, and it is bejeweled with impressive and inspiring graphics that are not easy to fade. Its trucks are uniquely designed with 40-degree architecture to ensure improved stability and safety. It features extra-wide wheels, which is what you won’t usually find with standard models of skateboards. These wheels have a diameter of 70mm and are 51mm wide. Its wheel bearings offer smooth run and ultimate support.

1. Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser

Once again, Quest offers another great aerodynamically designed and very elegant longboard to allow you have a great and highly enjoyable skating experience. It is a very appreciated and bestselling model of skateboard with a 44-inch long deck. It is made of natural quality bamboo and decorated with highly pretty black stripes to offer that pleasing to the eye, inspiring appearance that happens to boost your performance. Its trucks are 7 inches long and are made with sturdy and durable aluminum for ensuring remarkably great support. It is a skateboard with PU wheels of 70mm diameter to provide smooth motion in almost all terrain. It is one of the highest-rate selling models of complete longboards available on the market today.

Longboards are like skateboards, but longer and more stable. You will come to find that the market is flooded with many models of these accessories today. However, you need to invest in the best models in order to, besides enjoying a great, safer, and more rewarding longboarding experience for longer distances and through different terrains, you will have the opportunity of using it regularly for a long time, saving you the cost of frequent replacements. As such, you cannot be safer that when you choose your favorite model from the above highlighted top 10 best complete longboards in 2018 reviews.


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