Top 10 Best Christmas Decorations Reviewed In 2017


Christmas decoration is any type of ornamentation used at Christmas time. Christmas decorations are put up at the end of the year, usually in late November or early December. In the US, Christmas time starts on Thanksgiving, while in the UK Christmas lights are switched on in late November. Usually, this coincides with the start of Advent. The traditional colors of Christmas are heart red, evergreen and snow white. White and blue colors represent winter. Gold, silver and other metallic colors are also quite common.

10. Northlight Lighted Tree Christmas Window Decoration

North light Lighted Tree Christmas Window Decoration is set of 43 red and green pre -lit mini lights. They have a gold mini light on top that represents the star. They come in a transparent frame that allows double side use. The set is fully assembled and comes in one piece. It has a plug with an end connector, which allows you to stack multiple lighted decorations. However, you must not exceed 210 watts. The ornament is made of durable high impact plastic, wire and glass bulbs. This Christmas decoration is ideal for indoor use. You can use it to decorate your kids room, they will love it.

9. Esky Crystal Glass Globe Christmas Decoration

The Crystal Glass Christmas ornament has a heavy duty metal stake, which is easily driven into the ground to put it up. This is a solar powered color changing crystal glass ball light. It is an ideal Christmas decoration for patio, lawns, gardens, or decks. The glass ball is 3.15 inches in diameter and has a crackled finish. The ornament has solar panels that convert solar energy into electric power. The rechargeable battery unit can give 8 hours of lighting when fully charged. So, this Christmas decoration beautifies your home and saves on energy costs.

8. Ecandy White Meteor Shower Rain Christmas Decoration

This is a durable LED shower meteor light Christmas decoration. It creates a meteor effect that is warm, Joyful and romantic. You can use it to decorate your gardens, yard, patio, porch, gate, lawn among others. It is dust proof, waterproof and corrosion resistant. The lights turn on and off, one by one, in a sequence and in rich colors, which creates a beautiful snow like effect. It is certified by CE.

7. Crazy Fire White Copper Light Christmas Decoration

Crazy Fire is a copper wire LED starry lights with a computer, wall charger and USN port for power bank. You can use it to decorate your gardens, yard, patio, porch, gate, lawn among others. You can also ideal for parties, weddings and other events. It is a durable ornament with heat resistant copper wire, which is flexible. This allows you to tailor the decorative patterns to suit your taste and the occasion.

6. NOVT Laser Light Christmas Decoration

NOVT Laser Light Christmas Decoration creates a magical sparkling effect in your home. It covers a large area and has over 1000 blinking points of red and green lights. You can use it to decorate a house, room, or garden during the Christmas season. You can also use it for parties, weddings and other events. The lights automatically turn on or off according to the light intensity. It is ideal for outdoor Christmas decoration. NOVT Laser Light Christmas Decoration is certified by FDA, ROHS, IP65 Test Report and FCC. So, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

5. Icicle Dragonflies Christmas Tree Decorations

This is a solar powered Christmas ornament that is durable and environmentally friendly. The LED lights are waterproof and are made of a durable strong glass and hard plastic. They use solar power which saves energy costs. The ornament is easy to set up and use. It has 2 control buttons. One button is for power control. The other is for lights control and has 8 lighting modes. This allows you choose the one that suits your taste and the occasion. The lights turn on automatically at dusk. You can use it to decorate you garden, lawn, patio, wall, yard, window, ceiling, trees, and grass among other.

4. Santa Restroom Door Decoration

The Santa Restroom Door Decoration lets you know that old Santa is never too busy to be attending to his list. It measures 30 inches x 5 feel, and is printed on a 2.25 mil plastic. You can use it both indoor and outdoor. It is a popular Christmas decoration.

3. GRDE Solar Powered Waterproof Fairy Lighting Christmas Decoration

This is a wonderful indoor and outdoor Christmas decoration. It is a string light with a panel unit that converts solar energy into electric power. The lights automatically go on at dusk. You can use it to decorate your gardens, yard, patio, porch, gate, lawn among others. It has a length of 65 feet with 200 LED beads. The ornament is well sealed with water proof performance. However, to prolong its life avoid using it in heavy rains. The Christmas ornament is easy to install and saves your energy costs.

2. Benson Mills Christmas Fabric Table Cloth

This is an ideal table cloth to decorate your dinner table during the Christmas season. It is made of 55 percent cotton and 45 percent Polyester. It measures 60 x 84 inches, and is large enough to cover a table of 6 to 8 chairs. It is an easy care. Just machine wash it and let it dry.

1. Tao Tronics String light Christmas Decorations

This is a waterproof star starry light Christmas ornament. It features warm white yellow mini LED strings. It creates a festive ambiance. It brings warmth and joy to your Christmas. You can also use it for holidays or weddings. It has 10 levels of brightness and has a remote control with a short circuit protection. You can adjust it to create a range of vibrant and dynamic festive environments. This is an Eco friendly Christmas decoration with an insulated copper wire that keeps the light at a low temperature. This makes them safe to touch and protects your children from burn injuries.

In many countries Christmas people begin to put up their Advent and Christmas decorations on the first day of Advent. In the Western Christian world, these decorations are removed on 12th Night, and if they go beyond this day, then on Candlemas. Leaving Christmas decorations beyond Candlemas is traditionally considered inauspicious.


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