Top 10 Best Cat Carriers aIn 2018 Reviews


Did you know that over 3.4 million families all over the world have a cat that they consider part of their families? Even though frowned on by some people, these four-legged pets are fun to have around, particularly for those with pets and or those that depend on pets for psychological support (the elderly and invalids, for instance). If you have one that you like to travel with often and want to keep it safe on the road, a cat carrier is an essential accessory that can help. Even though simple, they are comfortable, secure cats well, and have durable and functional designs that also accommodate feeding accessories and during travel. They are also safe; protect cats from environmental elements such as direct sunlight and water, and have light and portable designs that will never weigh you down when traveling with your pet. If you appreciate their value and want the best of the best for your cat, this article reviews the top 10 best in 2018.

10. Sherpa Park Tote


Designed for carrying and or transporting cats and other medium-sized pets, Sherpa Park Tote is a light and durable per carrier with a low maintenance black theme that is easy to clean when dirty. Sturdy and designed to support cats weighing up to 12 pounds, this carrier is perfect for everyday exploration. It is also machine-washable, has a breathable roll-back mesh sunroof panel that optimizes comfort, and has a novel collapsible design that unzips into a large and comfortable blanket that your cat can sleep on at home and outdoors. Pricing is decent. Its quilted incognito design allows you to transport your pet inconspicuously and in style while the zippered side pocket that it comes with offers sufficient storage space for pet accessories such as collars and or food.

9. Pawfect Pet-Large


Best known for its quality and performance-driven design that benefits individuals with small cat breeds, Pawfect Pet-Large is a valuable product that you can travel with worry-free. It is cost-effective, tested for health and safety, and has a light, portable, and feature-rich design with a plush soft-sided body that optimizes pet comfort. If you travel often, this 18″ L x 12″ W x 11.5″ H black carrier is airline approved. The sturdy internal frame that it comes with supports its sides well to maximize internal space while its all-around top zipper prevents your cat from escaping in transit. It also has large side and front meshes that improve air circulation while its affordability and the 100% lifetime warranty offered guarantees value.

8. AmazonBasics (Soft-Sided)


An acclaimed pet carrier by cat owners all over the world, this soft-sided accessory is comfortable, medium-sized, and has a sturdy 16.5×9.4×9.8 inches (LxWxH) construction with a sturdy shoulder strap and a built-in handle that diversifies carrying options whenever you are traveling. Fitted with front and top zipper closures, loading cats is easier. Security is also better while its mesh panels improve ventilation to keep your cat as safe and comfortable as possible. If you are tired of the large and bulky carriers that people have relied on for years, this carrier will also work well for you. It has compact under-seat dimensions that do not clutter space. The machine-washable fleece pet bed that it comes with eases maintenance while its spot-clean surface is not only stylish but also has a fade-free design that lasts for several years.

7. Petmate Compass

Purchase the Petmate Compass to get a VIP-style kennel made of high-density plastic. It is sturdy, built to support up to 10 pounds, and has a light and easy to carry design that will not clutter your car and or personal space or weigh you down in transit. The dual chrome doors that it comes with are stylish, chew-resistant, and have sturdy quick latch systems that secure cats well to lower the risk of escaping. Its convenient slide ‘n go system is easy to setup while its slotted design not only improves visibility but also ventilation of pets. Petmate Compass is cost effective, good looking, and made of pet-safe parts that last long.

6. Cat1st Portable Pop Open Carrier


Perfect for caging and transporting several breeds of cats, Cat1st is a portable and versatile pet carrier that never disappoints. Manufactured using a durable and lightweight material, this carrier will never let you down. Maintenance is easy while its comfortable design ensures that your pet is safe and healthy even when you are traveling for long distances. Setup as needed, this carrier measures 20 x 20 x 31.8 inches. Its large front and side entrances diversify loading and unloading options while its mesh panels not only improve ventilation but also allow you to monitor the status of your pet from a distance. With an original, you also get a sturdy seat belt strap for optimal safety.

5. OxGord Pet Carriers (Airline Approved)


Do you have a large cat breed that you travel with on a regular basis? If you are shopping for a new pet carrier for everyday use and want a durable aircraft-approved model that you will enjoy using, OxGord Pet Carriers will never disappoint you. It is light, durable, and comes with a padded fleece bed that your pet can rest on comfortably in transit. Its crimson red-themed body is eye-catching while its integrated unwind and bind feature eases access to pets while lowering their risk of escaping at the same time. Other notable attributes that have earned it a spot in top 10 best cat carriers in 2016 reviews are is padded and adjustable shoulder strap that eases transportation, convenient storage compartments for medication, toys, and treats, and a comfortable, breathable, and sturdy construction that is also 100% washable.

4. Pet Magasin (Soft Sided)

Pet Magasin is a durable, portable, and airline approved travel carrier for pets that fits several breeds of cats, dogs, and even puppies. Its blue-themed body is durable, stylish, and made of a soft-sided material that maintains the safety and comfort levels of pets. For added comfort, you also get a padded interior with a plush finish that does not harm pets, well-ventilated sides that minimize the risk of suffocation, and a spacious interior with zippered panels that prevent your pet from falling off during transportation. Pet Magasin (Soft Sided) is also affordable, very easy to clean, and has a water-resistant body with a padded and adjustable carry strap for easier transportation. Purchase an original model to get a 100% money back guarantee and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Suncast Deluxe

This deluxe pet carrier by Suncast is a comfortable 23-inch long accessory with a comfortable and spacious interior that fits several cat breeds and their water and food bowls. It is stylish, designed to support up to 30 pounds without ripping or losing its shape, and has a wipeable outer surface that is relatively easy to maintain when dirty. This makes it an ideal accessory for traveling to the park and attending various outdoor events with your pet. You also get chew-proof bars sidebars that also aerate and improve the visibility of pets well, a durable plastic construction that is also easy to assemble, and well-finished pet-safe components.

2. Petmate (Two Door)


This two door pet kennel by Petmate is a durable travel accessory with a convenient top-loading design that supports up to 15 pounds. It is affordable, made of safe and high-strength plastic and steel, and has a convenient two-door design that eases loading access to pets in all environments. Construction is sturdy. The ergonomic carry handle that it comes with eases transportation while its thick and well-finished build withstands everyday abuse well without breaking and or compromising the safety of your cat in any way. You and your pet will enjoy the value of an original.

1. Sherpa Deluxe


Top on our list, this black themed pet carrier by Sherpa is a durable 17″ x 11″ x 10.5″ accessory that contains pets weighing up to 16 pounds. Recommended for individuals looking for cheap and dependable carriers for regular use, this carries is also airline-approved and has a light and functional design that guarantees optimal pet comfort. Its well-ventilated body, for instance, aerates pets well to minimize the risk of suffocation. Its leak-proof construction, on the other hand, protects pets from rain and environmental elements in general and has compact under-seat dimensions with safety enclosures that prevent your pet from escaping and or falling off when traveling.


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