Top 10 Best Cat Bowls In 2018 Reviews


If you really love and treasure your cats, then you surely have to make sure that they are eating their every meal from a perfect bowl. By a perfect bowl means a bowl that is safe and always clean and one where the cats will be able to eat their food from without straining. The following review of the best cat bowls will help to enlighten you on which particular bowl you should be going for once you are out there shopping:

10. Vivipet Cat Dining Table with Bowls


This Vivipet cat dining table was perfectly designed to ensure that cats can have a nice meal without straining their necks and stomach in bending down to pick the food. The table is, therefore, raised a little using stands which will reduce the straining. To make them even further comfortable, the table has been inclined at a 15-degree angle that will give them a perfect licking and eating angle! The table then has two shallow ceramic bowls which are also wide enough to accommodate more food for your pets. On the sides of this table, you will find a grass tray where you can keep food, toys, water or grow playing grass for your pets.

9. Petfusion Premium Stainless Steel Cat Bowl


The Petfusion stainless steel cat bowl has been constructed using high-quality stainless material that is corrosion resistant, light, and an excellent impact on strength. The bowl has been given a premium brush finish that makes it very easy to mask water and food residue when it is being used and during cleaning. This brush has also contributed significantly to the bowl’s stunning feel and appearance. The outer rim is extended making it easy for you to clean and lift. The bowl has a depth of 1.1 inches, and its capacity, therefore, estimated to be 13 ounces.

8. Catit Double Diner Bowl


The Catit double dinner bowl is made of two types of materials. The exterior part is mainly composed of a plastic material while the interior is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel interior is very useful in ensuring that you cats can be served with either water or drink, and the steel won’t break or catch rust quickly. This steel is also dishwasher safe you can hence be able to clean every time allowing your cats to eat from a safe bowl thus keeping them healthy. This bowl has two compartments where you can put in one part food and on the other some water for a balanced diet.

7. Cat Friendly Ceramic Water Bowl


This ceramic bowl has a sleek finishing that could blend into your living room perfectly. The bowl is slightly raised making sure that your cats can access water comfortably without any struggles. The edges of the bowl have been designed to ensure that spillage of foods or drinks is reduced as much as possible. The inside of the bowl has measuring lines clearly illustrated, and this is very useful in helping you to control the portions of food that you are giving your cat. This bowl is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Cleaning of the bowl should therefore never be an issue for you.

6. Premium Elevated Dog and Cat Feeder with Bowls


These fantastic feeder bowls and table have helped to solve lots of digestion issues among pets. It has achieved that through the raising of the feeder a little bit high and then the shallow bowls are placed into their compartments for a cat to be able to access food at the recommended angle. Since the bowls are raised, the food will be better protected from germs or bacteria on the ground and hence your pets will be receiving cleaner and safer foods. The feeder stand comes packed with four bowls even though it can accommodate only two. The extra two are for rotation purposes where they will give you sufficient time to clean the other pair and dry them. This feeder stand is made of bamboo which is water resistant and therefore the food or water your pets are drinking will never be absorbed to cause bacteria growth on the feeder.

5. Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Fountain Bowl


Your lovely pet deserves to be spoiled too in different ways and serving them water from this amazing Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic fountain bowl is definitely one of them! The bowl has two falling streams of water that will make your cats happy and encourage them into drinking more water every time thus reducing kidney and urinary diseases. Your cats will have an option of drinking water from either the upper dish or the lower one. This bowl can hold up to 70oz of which is an ideal capacity for both small and medium cats and other pets. This bowl has a carbon filter which aims at removing bad odors and tastes and another foam filter whose work is to eliminate debris and hair. Both of these filters are replaceable. This bowl’s red designing is easy to clean and maintain and also blends in well with any home décor.

4. Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Bowl


This Petsafe platinum cat bowl has a luxurious designing with a single falling water stream that will make your cats spend more time on the bowl drinking the water. It, therefore, helps a lot in solving hydration problems not just in cats but also to other pets. It has a capacity of 168 ounces making it ideal for Pets of different sizes including the big ones. The bowl has a carbon water filter whose purpose is making sure that the bowl is free of any sorts of bad odor and taste. This filter can always be replaced when it starts fading off. The bowl has an inbuilt reservoir which has helped in solving refilling problems. This is a BPA-free plastic bowl, therefore, it is dishwasher safe and very simple to clean. In case you notice that the fountain motor is making a louder sound then you are to check whether the water levels are above the desired minimum.

3. Petsafe Healthy Cat Water Station


This Petsafe cat bowl product is mainly made for indoors use. It has been constructed using a combination of premium plastic material in some regions while in other is a stainless steel material. The bowl, for example, is made of a quality stainless steel material which is both durable and easily washable for increased hygiene. The premium plastic is very durable and gives the station a lovely finish for indoor usage. This safe holds up to 2.5 gallons of water which are released in little portions to ensure that your cat is supplied with fresh water throughout.

2. Bergan Gourmet Cat Bowl


Bergan Gourmet cat bowl is manufactured to make sure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and food. This has been achieved through the installation of a wide opening with a lid that allows water and food to drip down slowly. This lid has also been crucial in ensuring that there are no cases of unnecessary spillage and splashing thus helping you to utilize the available food more. The wide opening facilitates easy filling and cleaning where you will be able to access most parts of the bowl for thorough cleaning. The 1.5-gallon water capacity and 6lb dry food area provides sufficient space to store food that will cater for your cat for several hours.

1. Petfusion Elevated Pet Feeder with Bowls


This cat feeder station was designed to ensure that feeding time is comfortable and enjoyable to all your pets. The feeder is made of beautiful pine wood that has been sealed with a water resistant material for not just better hygiene but also to add some touch of class to the feeder. This wooden feeder stand then comes with two stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe hence easy to maintain. These stainless steel bowls have their insets on the feeder which assists in ensuring that they remain stable for your cat to enjoy. The feeder is available in various other larger sizes in case you are looking for one to serve your bigger pets.

Get more intimate with your cats and other pets by treating them well with the above-reviewed bowls. Shop for any of them right away and we promise you that they will impress you and your cat so much.


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