Top 10 Best Bicycle Locks In 2018 Reviews


A recommended mode of transport for individuals that are conscious about the environment, those that hate spending hours in traffic when commuting to work or school, and those that want to stay active as they commute to school or work, bicycles remain sought after globally, decades after their development. Unfortunately, over the years, bicycle theft has also grown significantly with approximately 400,000 victims of bicycle theft reported yearly in the UK alone. If you own a bicycle that you use to commute to work or school and or exercise regularly and do not want to be part of this statistic, buying and using a bicycle lock is one of the best remedies. They are affordable, do not require skill to setup and use, and have universal systems with foolproof locking mechanisms that make them ideal safety accessories. They also secure all types of bicycles well and have premium designs that work well in all environments. To get value for money, one of the 10 padlocks listed herein will serve you best.

10. Meetlocks Resettable Combination Lock


Perfect for securing road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and all other types in the market, Meetlocks is a durable and resettable combination lock for bikes with a versatile and protective design that will protect your bicycle from prying eyes at school, work, and or the parking lot of your favorite store. Featuring a saw and hammer-resistant coiled cable (1/2 inch x 4 feet) and a foolproof combination lock that is very easy to use and reset in all environments, you can work, learn, and or shopping worry free confident that your bicycle is well-protected. Its extra-long design allows you to secure your bicycle to posts and trees while its striking yellow theme offers visual deterrence from a distance. Its light and portable design is easy to transport while its attached Velcro sling allows you to stow it conveniently on your bicycle’s shaft and use it on demand.

9. WordLock WLX Hex


WordLock WLX Hex is a top-grade MatchKey cable lock that offers several levels of protection. Its blue themed body, for instance, is not only striking but also offers visual deterrence from a distance. With it on, therefore, a thief will think twice before attempting to outsmart its otherwise foolproof design. The heavy-duty (8mm thick), WLX cable used to manufacture it durable, hexagonally-shaped to resist sawing and hammering and has a long 5-foot design that you can use to secure it to a pole, a lamp-post, and even a tree without running out of room. Finally, with an original model you get a patented Match key security system (lock and a unique laser-etched key shape) that is virtually impossible to pick. Even with its myriad of innovative features and its effectiveness, this lock is cost effective and very easy to secure and remove.

8. Mongoose Large Bicycle Lock


Large, durable, with a patent U-Lock design that secures several types of bicycles well, Mongoose is a top-grade security accessory that far outmatches its competition for several reasons. If maximum security is a major requirement, for instance, the shackle that forms part of its system is durable, rustproof, and made of a saw-proof hardened steel that works well in high-risk areas. It is also large (8.25 x 5.125-inches), has a smooth and well-finished body that does not scratch bicycles, and comes with a secure bicycle mounting bracket that improves its functionality further. If you have a tight budget, do not compromise the safety of your bicycle with the cheaply made budget locks that currently litter stores. Purchase Mongoose large bicycle lock to have peace of mind whenever you leave your bicycle outdoors at school and or at work.

7. OnGuard Bulldog DT


OnGuard Bulldog DT is a trusted 4.53 x 9.06-inch U-Lock for bicycles with an aesthetic black themed and a saw-proof 4-inch cinch loop cable that optimizes bike safety outdoors. Attainable cheap in online and offline, this lock is a recommended budget solution to the rampant bicycle theft statistics recorded all over the world. Installation and removal are simple while its fully coated braided cable not only diversifies locking options but also protect bicycle finish from scratches. With a security rating of 65, buyers also get a multi-position Quick Snap Lock and release system that eases use, a bump, pick, and drill resistant Z-cylinder, and five laser-etched keys (four extra grip and one micro light) that thieves cannot replicate or duplicate easily.

6. Kryptonite Keeper


With the Kryptonite Keeper, you get a black-themed integrated chain bicycle lock with a reliable end pin-link design with a hardened deadbolt that works well. Manufactured using manganese steel, this lock is saw, hammer, and Freon resistant. The 7mm four-sided chain links used to manufacture it enhance its resilience further while its long three-foot design eases installation on posts trees and even traditional bicycle racks commonly found around supermarkets, schools, and workplaces. Whether it is subjected to heavy-duty leverage attacks or sawn, you do not have to worry about this chain giving and compromising the safety of your bicycle. You also get a disk-style high-security cylinder that is drill and pick resistant and three ergonomic I keys with laser etched foolproof edges.

5. Ushake Bike Lock Cable


Measuring 4 feet long and 0.5 inches thick, this one of a kind bike lock by Ushake is a long and convenient model that benefits individuals that depend on their bicycles for everyday travel. Featuring a saw-proof, braided, and self-coiling steel cable that does not fatigue easily, it is durable and very easy to install around poles, trees, and posts. The resettable combination system (four digit) that it comes creates a tight and foolproof barrier that frustrates even the most experienced of bicycle thieves. All you have to do is personalize its combination system and secure it around a sturdy bicycle part such as its frame to optimize its safety. Ushake comes with a free instruction manual that eases setup and a free mounting bracket for transportation.

4. Cocoweb Heavy-Duty


This heavy-duty edition of the popular Cocoweb bicycle lock line is a sturdy and reinforced model made of 14mm solid steel. The material is durable, saw and hammer-proof, and has a PVC-coated exterior that protects it from rust and your bicycle from scratches. It also a novel weather guard that protects its from the elements further and a secure cable and lock design that will protect your precious bicycle from prying eyes in all environments. Installation is easy. The carrying clip mount that it comes with eases transportation while its unique U-Lock design is not only aesthetic but also works well on all types of bicycles. If you are skeptical, Cocoweb offers a one-year warranty for this bicycle lock. If yours has flaws or if it fails to meet your needs, you can ship it back before the warranty expires to get a replacement or cash.

3. Etronic Security Lock M4


Ranked among the top 10 best bicycle locks in 2016 reviews, Etronic Security Lock M4 is a long (4-feet by 5/16-inch) lock with a striking green theme and a convenient self-coiling design that eases installation, transportation, and storage. It is durable, has a keyless combination locking mechanism that most users find convenient, and has a versatile and easy to use design that you can also use to secure your skateboard, your gate, and even work tools such as ladders. The flexible steel used to manufacture its cable resists cuts well. Its protective vinyl coat, on the other hand, prevents rust and the risk of scratching bicycles while it affordability and convenience makes it an ideal accessory for protecting valuables. Etronic Security offers a one-year warranty for this bike lock.

2. Master Lock 8143D

Top 10 Best Bicycle Locks In 2016 Reviews

When choosing a bicycle lock, durability, convenience, are safety are three essential attributes that you must not sacrifice. While most contemporary models meet this threshold, Master Lock 8143D is among the best. It is long (4-feet by 5.16-inches), made of a saw-proof self-coiling steel that eases storage and transportation, and has an easy to use combination lock that offers the keyless convenience that most individuals crave. If you have used many models with poor results, consider a Master Lock 8143D. Apart from securing your bicycle, you can also use it to secure your gate or skateboard in high-risk areas.

1. Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2


Talking about the best bike lock, Series 2 Kryptolok U-Lock from Kryptonite tops our list. Even though compact (4-inches x 9-inches), it is durable and comes with a long 4-foot flex cable that eases setup in all environments. The hardened 13mm steel used to make it resists leverage attacks and cutting while its unique Bent Foot design offers users great value in both low and high-risk areas. This lock comes with two I style keys with laser-etched edges.


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