Top 10 Best Beverage Refrigerators In 2018


Everyone loves a good home party but without some cold beverages, things are not as fun. The big deal with a house party is having enough chilled beverages. Even for a party of 6 people, a regular refrigerator will not cut it. There is literally not enough space to have a large volume of drinks in the fridge.

A good option is to get a dedicated beverage refrigerator. They work just like a regular fridge but have a different design in order to help them take advantage of the interior space as much as possible. Most beverage or beer refrigerators have multiple shelves that allow only cans to be stored inside because the distance between them is limited. This makes it possible to store in such a compact fridge as much as 100 cans of beer or canned drinks which should be enough even for a large party.

Our list of top focuses on the top 10 beverage fridges that are not destined for commercial use. This means that they are compact, reasonably priced and offer decent performance in terms of cooling. The capacity of these models can vary a lot. Without delaying it any longer let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best beer/beverage refrigerators in 2018 reviews.

10. Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center

The Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series beverage refrigerator is a sleek and stylish model that can handle a decent volume of drinks. It has a simple interior organization with two shelves and a basket that makes it possible to store regular bottles of drinks.

From the outside the refrigerator looks quite stylish with a metal construction and metal accents on the door. It has glass that allows the user to see inside and operates are decently low temperatures.


9. Avallon 152 Can 24″ Built-In Beverage Cooler

Avallon offers several different beverage coolers such as the 152 can, 24 inch model. It is a model with a generous capacity that can be used at home or for commercial use as it has a small lock at the bottom and a see trough door made out of a durable glass.

The interior of the cooler is neatly organized with 3 shelves and a bottom area that can fit cans horizontally. As the name states it can hold 152 cans of drinks and features a durable stainless steel enclosure.


8. Haier HC125FVS – 125-Can Beverage Center

The Haier HC125FVS is a great option for the ones that are looking for something a bit more affordable. It is an inexpensive beverage refrigerator that offers plenty of storage space and comes with a sturdy construction.

Similar to most beverage coolers the model has a see trough door with an insulating layer that helps maintain a low temperature inside. The model comes with a security lock and an automatic light. As for capacity the refrigerator can hold about 125 cans.


7. EdgeStar Supreme Cold Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar offers a great beverage cooler for a surprisingly low price. The Supreme Cold beverage cooler is bot inexpensive, large and comes with a premium build using a stainless steel enclosure.

To cool the drinks the refrigerator uses a powerful compressor. Also an internal fan helps maintain an even temperature inside. The shelves can be adjusted in order to maximize its capacity. It comes with a bottom cabinet and a maximum of 6 shelves.


6. Kalamera 24″ Beverage Refrigerator

The Kalamera beverage refrigerator is a rather large model but with a decent price tag. It has a premium construction and can be use at home or for commercial purposes. The refrigerator has a bottom mounted security lock and a see through window that has a thermal insulating effect.

According to the manufacturers the refrigerator can hold a maximum of 175 cans of beverage. This makes it one of the larger model in our list. Its racks can be removed or adjusted in order to fit both cans and bottles.


5. EdgeStar 84 Soda Can Beverage Cooler Fridge

The EdgeStar 84 can beverage cooler is one of the smallest models in our list. It is also quite inexpensive which makes it very appealing for the ones that have a limited budget.

The model comes with a see trough door and a full metal enclosure. The shelves can be adjusted and the door is reversible. According to the technical sheet the model is estimated to hold a maximum of 84 cans which is quite decent for a party held at home.


4. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

Whynter BR-130SB is a great pick for the ones that are not willing to spend a lot of money on a beverage refrigerator. It is inexpensive and offers a generous capacity. At the same time it has a taller design which makes it take up less floor space.

The refrigerator offers a capacity of 120 standard cans. Its trays are removable and can be adjusted in various ways. On the inside the manufacturers placed a LED light and a mechanical temperature control. The door of the refrigerator is reversible while the fridge itself has a freestanding design.


3. EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar is one of the few brands that offers small beverage refrigerators that are suitable for a common household. The 62 can model is a great option from many points of view. It is compact, spacious and comes with a low price tag.

The model uses a powerful compressor and a thermally insulated glass door. It does not require a lot of power as it is quite energy efficient and can have its door reversed. The model weighs about 40 pounds making it easy to move around when empty.


2. NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

When compared with other refrigerator in the same class the NewAir AB-1200 is clearly much more affordable. It is inexpensive, well built and quite reliable. At the same time the model has a generous capacity and an adjustable interior setup.

All the trays inside the refrigerator can be adjusted. Its door is reversible and the interior capacity is large enough to hold 126 cans. The model can cool down to 34 degrees as it uses very powerful compressor.


1. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Danby offers a great beverage refrigerator. It is an extremely good deal due to its low price tag and excellent performance as its can lower the internal temperature to about 43F.

The model takes very little floor space making it easy to find a place for it around the house. It has adjustable internal trays and can hold about 120 cans of drinks. The model has a hidden doo handle and a small security lock mounted at the bottom.


There are a lot of different beverage cooler on the market. For most part these refrigerators are made for commercial use but there are some that can be used domestically. One of the main drivers for pricing is size but it is possible to get a great deal on some models. They have been included in our list mainly because of the value they offer for the money.

The 10 listed beverage refrigerators use similar designs. Some of them even come with very powerful compressors that can get the temperature below freezing point. Not everyone likes their drink this cold but for the sake of diversity these models have been included as well.


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