Top 10 Best Beach Blankets In 2018 Reviews


If you are part of the millions of water lovers all over the world, chances are that you spend most of your weekends on the beach lounging and of enjoying time with family, friends, and or colleagues. To have a memorable experience whenever you spending time in your favorite, a beach blanket is an essential accessory that you should always carry. Manufactured using water and sand resistant materials, for instance, they are perfect for setting up picking spots when having an enjoyable time with family and or friends. The level of comfort that buyers enjoy is also admirable, while their stylish designs, portability, and ability to soothe radiant heat from hot sand appeal to individuals of all cadres, particularly those that are conscious about their health. To help you get the best beach blanket that you will enjoy using whenever you are spending time outdoors; this article highlights the features and benefits of the 10 most popular models in 2018.

10. ZOMAKE Beach Picnic Blanket


Recommended for use on beaches, camping, picnic, and as a sleeping mat when out hiking, this blanket from ZOMAKE is durable and has a large 59 x 79-inch design that fits up to three people comfortably. Featuring an advanced three-layer design (polyester fabric top, middle sponge layer, and water resistant PVC bottom it is a perfect outdoor accessory. Comfort levels are admirable while its sturdy and thickened design supports individuals of various weights well without sinking into the sand and or digging into the ground as some poorly designed ones often do. Styling (teal) is also impeccable and its wipe clean design very easy to maintain after usage on the beach and other dirty outdoor environments. ZOMAKE Beach Picnic Blanket is affordable, resists both moisture sand, and snow, and has a handy built-in carrying strap that eases transportation to and from the beach.

  • Dimensions: 0 x 59 x 79 inches
  • Weight: 1.55 pounds
  • Fabric: polyester fabric top, middle sponge layer, and water resistant PVC bottom
  • Gender: Unisex

9. Monstar Outdoor Blanket


To get a large and functional beach blanket that you will enjoy using every day, Monstar XXX is a large 69 x 79-inch outdoor blanket that ranks among the best to purchase. Even though larger than some models in this category, it is light, portable, and therefore perfect for travelling, camping, and picnicking. Its striking beige theme blends well in beach and other outdoor environments while the high-quality fleece used you manufacture it is not only durable but also soft and designed to minimize irritation of sensitive skin. When sitting and or laying on its bare chest or in your bikini, therefore, you do not have to worry about bruises and or irritation, as is always the case with other standard mats. It is also practical and has a PVC-free backing that resists water and heat.

  • Dimensions: 69 x 79-inches
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Fabric: Fleece
  • Gender: Unisex

8. Yoler Beach Blanket


Popular among both men and women, Yoler is an oversized (62 x 78-inch) camping, picnic, and beach blanket with a lightweight and foldable design that eases transportation. Featuring a soft microfiber top and a super-absorbent design that wick heat from the body to keep users cool, it is a perfect outdoor accessory. It ability to sit numerous individuals benefits those that host outdoor family reunions and beach parties, while the fixable pockets that come fitted on all sides enable you to clamp it down in high winds without tearing and compromising its overall value. Additionally, the matched bag it comes with offers sufficient storage space for personal belongings such as mobile phone and keys while its odorless and colorfast design retains its functionality and physical appeal for years devoid of the level of abuse that you subject it often.

  • Dimensions: 62 x 78-inchs
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Fabric: Soft microfiber
  • Gender: Unisex

7. DOZZZ Beach Blanket


Featuring a foldable (15.7 x 11.8-inches) and a waterproof design that measures approximately 60 x 50-inches, this beach blanket from DOZZZ is a versatile outdoor accessory that keeps users as comfortable as possible on the beach and on camping sites. It has a stylish zigzag theme that blends well in all environments. The quality polyester used to manufacture it is soft, very easy to clean, and lacks irritants (both physical and chemical) that might harm users, while its multi-functional design withstands abuse well without ripping and or losing its functionality devoid of the environment you are using it (indoors, camping, picnics, or the beach). DOZZZ Beach Blanket is affordable, machine washable, and delivers excellent water resistant in wet environments. The 5mm Taffeta sponge integrated into its body improves its stability and comfort levels, while its machine-washable design is not only easy to wash but also retains its shape well over the years.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 50-inches
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Fabric: Polyester, Taffeta sponge, and PVC (water proof)
  • Gender: Unisex

6. Koolsupply Beach Blanket


With this Koolsupply beach blanket, you get a water and sand proof outdoor blanket with an aesthetic blue theme and a large 70 x 56-inch design that accommodates several adults comfortably. Its polyester top is soft and non-irritant. Its foldable and easy to clean design, on the other, make it an excellent everyday accessory while its stain proof PVC bottom is not only sturdy but also resists water and heat well to keep users dry and as cool as possible in punishing beach environments. All seams are sturdy and designed to withstand abuse well indoors and outdoors while the decent amounts that buyers pay in stores such as Amazon have earned it acclaim among both hardcore campers and beach enthusiasts. Buy yours to get a quality beach blanket that you will enjoy using.

  • Dimensions: 70 x 56-inches
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Fabric: Polyester and PVC (water proof)
  • Gender: Unisex

5. WEIMY Beach Blanket


Forget about the heavy and slow drying beach blanket that you carry along during your numerous outdoor escapades. To get a lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying model that you will serve you well for long, this blue and grey model from WEIMY is one of the best. Featured in most top 10 best beach blankets in 2016 reviews, its lightweight and sand resistant design appeals to many individuals all over the world. Its quick drying weave benefits those that lounge in water-prone environments such as beaches, while its anchor pockets and the four plastic stakes provided improve its stability in windy outdoor environments that some individuals like camping. WEIMY Beach Blanket is 5 x 7-inches in size, made of a cool touch 100% parachute nylon that comes in handy during hot summer months, and has a durable carry bag that eases its transportation.

  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 4.6 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Fabric: Polyester and PVC (quick drying)
  • Gender; Unisex

4. e-Joy Beach Blanket Mat


Perfect for camping and spending time on the beach, e-Joy beach blanket map is a premium outdoor mat with a large 70 x 56-inch design that folds for easier transportation and storage. For those that lounge on water-prone environments such as beaches, this blanket has a water-resistant top (polyester) and bottom (PVC) that also resists stains. Stability is impressive while its suitability for use in various environments is impressive, particularly to those looking for high-quality mats that they can use indoors and outdoors (beaches and picnics, for instance). Maintenance is also easy using soap, water, and a soft bristle brush while its built-in sand anchors improve its stability in windy weather. Other notable attributes are its affordability and the large valuables pocket that buyers get.

  • Dimensions: 70 x 56-inch
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Fabric: Polyester and PVC (quick drying)
  • Gender; Unisex

3. Adalid Gear Beach Blanket


Attainable in royal blue and a myriad of other interesting colours, Adalid Gear is a premium beach blanket with a light and portable construction, an affordable medium sized design, and free lounging accessories including a pillow throw and a trap. Pricing is decent. Its ability to resist abuse well makes it a perfect outdoor accessory while the plush 100% woven nylon used to manufacture no only sheds off sand well but also has a water-resistant and fast drying design that comes in handy during maintenance. For optimal stability, you get four corner pockets that you can fill with sand and four corner loops for use with stakes/pegs (provided free) on the beach and on your camping site. Adalid Gear Beach Blanket is affordable, eye-catching, and has a one-year limited warranty and a hassle-free replacement procedure.

  • Dimensions: 1 x 10.8 x 11.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% woven nylon
  • Gender: Unisex

2. Labhanshi Indian Mandala Beach Throw


Manufactured using high-density cotton, this Indian Mandala beach throw and towel is an aesthetic navy blue themed accessory with a multi-functional design that doubles as a yoga mat and a tablecloth. Even though it is not water resistant, its smooth and durable design is fun to use outdoors. Transportation is also easy because of its light and portable design while its gorgeous handmade design is also machine washable without shrinking and or losing its shape and or aesthetic appeal. If you like spending time outdoors and looking for a quality blanket that deviates from the ordinary ones that most individuals use, an original Labhanshi Indian Mandala Beach Throw will benefit you.

Dimensions: Round
Weight: N/A
Fabric: 100% powerloom cotton
Gender: Unisex

1. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket


An acclaimed outdoor blanket among individuals of all cadres, JJ Cole is a foldable 5 x 5-foot blanket with a stylish red and grey themed body made of 100% polyester. The polyester fill foam used to pad its interior maximizes user comfort. Maintenance is straightforward while its sturdy sewn inserts not only ease folding but also create an admirable water resistant barrier that betters the experience of users outdoors. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket is affordable and has double straps for easier transportation.

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 feet
  • Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Polyurethane, 100% Polyester, and 100% polyester foam
  • Gender: Unisex


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