Top 10 Best Bath Robes For Men In 2018 Reviews


Considered among the must-have men’s accessories in homes, bathrobes have played a significant role since their inception years ago. After bathing, for instance, their plush and comfortable designs contain heat well, which minimizes the risk of hypothermia. Most models are also stylish; have form fitting designs that you can use to lounging at homes after a bath, and eliminate the need for a towel whenever you have a bath. For the best experience, however, the material used to manufacture your robe of choice should be durable and have a super-absorbent weave that sips water well. Seams should be flat and well sewn to minimize irritation and its size form-fitting and built to offer as much coverage as possible. While several contemporary models offer the foregoing benefits and more, the 10 bathrobes for men are the best in 2018. Combine both strength and comfort in stylish and easy to maintain designs, they are not only fun to use but also offer their users’ value for many years. Here are their desirable features and advantages.

10. John Christian (Royal Blue)

To dry your body well and stay warm and as comfortable as possible after having a shower or bath, this royal blue bathrobe by John Christian is a comfortable and super-absorbent accessory that can come in handy. Manufactured using a dyed 100% polyester fleece fabric, it is luxurious, non-irritant, and lays comfortably on the body. The material is also durable, machine washable without shrinking or losing its shape, and has bound edges (particularly around pockets, collar, and cuffs) to minimize irritation further. If you want a practical bathrobe that you can use often, this one comes with large pockets on either sided that you can use to warm your hands or of keep your phone when lounging after a long bath. Its large collar cushions the neck well and its affordability impressive.

9. Star Wars Jedi Master

Designed for Star Wars lovers and individual looking for comfortable bathrobes, Star Wars Jedi Master is brown-themed bathrobe for men with a stylish design that most users appreciate. If comfort is a major requirement, for instance, the 100% fleece polyester used to manufacture it is comfortable, skin-safe, and has well-finished surfaces (both inner and outer) that not only enhance style but also its functional value. The material is also thicker and therefore warmer that most comparable ones while its officially licensed design has an innovative self-tie feature that secures it well to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. You also get a built-in hood that offers additional coverage, an adjustable 54-inch waist that you can adjust to fit your body shape and size, and a stable embroidered design with a sturdy belt and deep and warm pockets.

8. TexereSilk Milano


Sought-after globally because of its luxurious and comfortable design, TexereSilk Milano for men is a premium spa-grade bathrobe for men with a natural white theme that works well indoors and poolside. Construction is sturdy using a plus 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. The fabric is comfortable. It is also super absorbent, has an all-natural blend that does not irritate users and of develop bad odors during use or storage, and has a stable machine-washable design that does not stretch nor shrink over time. The shawl collar and its long-sleeves handle cover and shield the body against the cold well. Its dual patch pockets, on the other hand, are also comfortable, deep, and have a well-insulated design that you can exploit to keep your hands warm both indoors or outdoors.

7. ExceptionalSheets Cloth Robe

Recommended for use in both homes and commercial establishments such as spas and hotels, this cloth robe by ExceptionalSheets is a comfortable and super absorbent robe for men made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The material is lightweight, breathable, and has a stain-resistant and low-maintenance black theme that does not fade after three or washes. Known for its softness, the material also lasts long and lacks chemicals and or irritants that might lower your experience over time. Maintenance is easy. Its unisex cut fits various body shapes and sizes well while its long sleeved design offers better coverage after a bath. Many people also appreciate its feature-rich design (two front pockets, terry belt, and fold back sleeves) and the 100 money back guarantee offered for it.

6. TexereSilk EcoComfort

As its name suggests, TexereSilk EcoComfort robe is a comfortable and environmentally friendly terry cloth bathrobe for men with an aesthetic medieval blue theme and a durable bamboo viscose (70%) and cotton (30%) fabric that absorbs water well. If you have a sensitive skin, the material lacks chemicals, dye, and or physical irritants that might irritate you and or lower your experience in any way. People also like its warm 3/4 sleeves that shield against cold well, its super absorbency, and the plethora of novel features that it comes with (two large patch pockets, comfortable shawl collar, stable piping, and a double looping belt that guarantees a snug and comfortable fit). As most contemporary models, TexereSilk EcoComfort is affordable, easy to wash (machine washable), and perfect for daily use.

5. TowelSelections Robe Kimono

Affordable, white-themed, and manufactured using a comfortable and super absorbent Turkish cotton material, this robe Kimono by TowelSelections is a top-grade white-themed bathrobe for men that lasts long. If you are tired of the heavy one that you received as a gift for your birthday, this bathrobe is an excellent replacement. It is lighter that most comparable models in the market. It is also comfortable, insulates the body well from cold, and is attainable in several adjustable sizes that you can choose to match your body type and size. If cash is a challenge, TowelSelections Robe Kimono is affordable. Its machine washable design is easy to maintain (without losing its shape) while its well-finished seams are sturdy, flat, and do not irritate the skin. Purchase a new model from Amazon and maintain it as needed to have a top-grade bathrobe that will serve you for long.

4. TowelSelections Kimono Collar

Popular in top 10 best bath robes for men in 2016 reviews, TowelSelections Kimono Collar is a Turkish-made terry robe for men manufactured using an absorbent cotton material that lays comfortably on the skin. It is white-themed, has a form-fitting collar design that covers the body well and has a low maintenance machine washable design (tumble dry) that does not wrinkle, lose its shape, and or rip after one or more wash sessions. Pricing is decent. The two front pockets and sturdy belt that it comes with boost its functionality further while the array of sizes on offers (adjustable small, medium, and large) can satisfy the needs of individuals of all cadres. Research well and purchase an original for the best experience indoors or outdoors.

3. Del Rossa Fleece Bathrobe

Manufactured using a light (15-ounce) 100% microfiber fleece material, this black and steel bathrobe for men by Del Rossa offers the convenience and comfort that most individuals crave. If you use your bathrobe to lounge indoors or outdoors, for instance, its light design will never weigh you down when indoors or around your pool. Its super-absorbent design eliminates the need for towels after a bath while its warm and well-covering design is ideal for use in chilly weather and or freezing winter months. Other notable features that have made it a darling of millions all over the world are its large, warm, and comfortable patch pockets, double belt loops that guarantee a tight and comfortable fit, and the contrast shawl that improves its sophisticated look. You will enjoy using an original one.

2. Del Rossa Robe

By purchasing this men’s robe by Del Rosa, you get a comfortable sweatshirt-style bathrobe with a hooded design that offers better coverage. A 4.4 star-rated product in reputable stores such as Amazon, this robe is not only aesthetic (dark heather gray) bit also has a light and super-absorbent design with several innovative features that users appreciate. Its 100% cotton exterior, for instance, is comfortable, breathable, and is easy to clean when dirty (dishwasher-safe). Its soft polyester interior seals heat well while its two pockets accommodate and warm the hands well during chilly days and or nights. Other novel attributes are its banded cuffs that keep cold out and its large classic hood that buyers like.

1. Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe

This combed 100% pure Turkish cotton terry bathrobe for men tops our list. Durable, white themed, and with a comfortable construction, purchase an original model to get a versatile all in one accessory on a budget. It also absorbs water well, contains body heat well to keep users warm and comfortable, and has a heavy-duty form-fitting design that does not bulk up not irritate users. Turkishtowels Terry men’s Bathrobe is cheap, attainable in small, medium, and large sizes, and offers years of sumptuous use if maintained well.


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