Top 10 Best Bass Headphones In 2018 Reviews


Do you enjoy listening to music and or playing video games with headphones on during your free time? Are you shopping for a new pair of headphones that you can use during such escapades? Instead of purchasing the standard low quality models that retail cheap in most online and offline stores, choosing a bass headphone is one of the best decision you can make. Even though slightly expensive than their competition, they are durable and have premium speaker systems that boost sound projection and bass output when listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games on computers and gaming stations. Most models are also comfortable, have adjustable headbands that benefit individuals of all cadres, and high quality drivers that boost sound quality further for an immersive listening experience. To get the best value or money, however, our picks of the 10 best headphone to purchase include:

10. JVC HAMR60X XX Xtreme Bass Headset

JVC HAMR60X XX is an aesthetic black-themed headset with a powerful speaker system that generates extreme bass output without compromising the safety of users. The robust plastic used to make it is durable and has anti-impact protectors that benefit individuals who travel often. The 50mm Neodymium drivers on offer deliver extreme bass output, while its dual extreme ports boost its functionality further whether you are using it with your smartphone (Android, Blackberry, and iPhone) or computer (both Windows and Macintosh). You also get soft-padded ear pads and headband that stay comfortable during extended use, an in-line button control for volume and its noise-cancelling microphone, and a durable braided cable that does not twist, kink, nor lose its functionality when use on an everyday basis.

9. Dragon X13

Are you a music of movie-watching enthusiast? Have you experimented with many types of headphones with poor and or unsatisfactory results? If you have saved a few dollars to spends on a new headphone and want a powerful bass model that never disappoints, Dragon X13 is an affordable 3.5mm accessory with an aesthetic and professional-looking design with 2.0 omnidirectional speakers that delivers Hi-Fi sound in all environments. This bass headset is durable, has universal electrical and mechanical systems that work well with cell phones, computers, and gaming consoles, and has a light and portable design that does not weigh down users nor lower their experience in any way when in use for long. Both ear cups have foam padding for added comfort. The long braided 1.2-meter cable that it comes with has durable in-line controls that ease usage, while its innovative head beam design is ergonomic and has adjustable plastic brackets that fit several head shapes and sizes.

8. iNepo Bluetooth Heavy Bass Wireless Headphone

Recommended for use with computers, smart phones, and mobile phones, iNepo is a wireless Bluetooth headphone, with a powerful heavy bass system that generates premium sound when in use. It is durable, works excellently with many accessories, and has an aesthetic white theme that does not stain nor lose its aesthetic appeal over time. For an immersive listing experience, this heavy bass headphone has two large speakers that do not crackle nor irritate ears when in use. The soft ear cups on offer lay comfortably on ears, while its adjustable headband has padding that boost comfort further. When listening to music, you will be able to connect your smartphone to the headset quickly and enjoy premium sound at home and on the road. You also get an advanced circuitry with a powerful amplifier chip and a built in 180mAh lithium ion battery pack that offers approximately 8 hours of playtime.

7. Reshow Transformation Headphone

Featuring an advanced stereo bass system and aesthetic showy design and a light and portable body that benefits travelers, Reshow Transformation Headphone is an advanced multimedia accessory that serves users well for years. It is affordable, made of a heavy-duty plastic that withstands everyday abuse, and has a microphone compatible system that works well with both computers and phones. As such, apart from listening to music, you can also use to answer calls or video conference with friends and or colleagues without sacrificing quality. If aesthetics is of primary concern, the black and gold finish on offer is impressive. Its flexible and foldable design is easy to store and transport, while two high quality speakers that it comes with are not only loud, but also have noise-cancelling cups that improve the overall experience of users further. Reshow Transformation Headphone is affordable and comes with responsive inline controls that boost its overall performance further.

6. Sennheiser HD 600

A reputable manufacturer of bass headphones, Sennheiser has a plethora of valuable products in its arsenal with this HD 600 model gaining popularity in top 10 best bass headphones in 2016 reviews for several reasons. It is open back design, for instance, is aesthetic, breathable, and keeps the ear cool and as comfortable as possible for an enjoyable listening experience. The lightweight aluminum used to manufacture its voice coils on the hand guarantee an excellent transient response, while its Neodymium ferrous magnets not only have excellent dynamics, but also sensitive design that improves sound clarity. As most headphones reviewed herein, Sennheiser HD 600 comes setup and ready to use. It has an elegant black and grey theme and a durable, detachable, and oxygen-free cable made of reinforced Kevlar. You also get a one-year international warranty from Sennheiser for an original one.

5. Maxell AMP-B

Maxell AMP-B is a lightweight amplified bass microphone with an aesthetic blue theme that most users find interesting. It affordable, made of high density plastic, and comes with large 40mm drivers and extra-large speaker systems that generate superior sound with deep bass when listening music or watching movies. If you travel a lot and like to carry your headphone a long, this accessory will work best for you. In addition to its lightness, it has a compact and foldable design that saves valuable space during transit. Both ear cups are ergonomic and have soft padding that lay comfortably on ears. Its affordability is interesting, while its compatibility with CD players, DVD players, Mp3 players, and several other portable devices rank it among the best models around.

4. Sony MDR-V55 MDR-V55/BR

Christened the Red Extra by music enthusiasts worldwide, Sony MDR-V55 MDR-V55/BR is a multi-functional extra bass headphone that remains among the most sought-after by Disk Jockeys and other professionals. It is durable, has a stylish studio monitor design that lays comfortably on the head, and comes outfitted with large 40mm closed-type driver units that improve balance and sound reproduction. The Neodymium magnets on offer improve bass and mid-range response, while its slim design is light, portable, and has a unique swivel designs that folds compact for easier storage and transportation. You also get reversible ear cups that boost its portability further, a premium construction that offers valuable service for years, and a high-speed connector that works perfectly with phones and computers.

3. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher is a professional-grade bass headphone with a powerful built-in amplifier that improves sound quality and projection significantly. It is black-themed, has patent-pending sensation55 drivers that improve bass output, and has well-built dual speakers that guarantee a realistic and powerful listening experience. Both ear cups have soft padding for optimal comfort. Its ergonomic headrest adjusts to fit various head shapes and sizes, while its novel acoustical porting technology reduces sound distortion while increasing bass output at the same time. Instead of the bulky in-line amplifiers common in most traditional headphones, Skullcandy Crusher has a built-in AAA-powered model with an adjustable bass control system that you can use to adjust and optimize sensation to match your playlist.

2. Sony MDRXB950BT/B

By choosing Sony MDRXB950BT/B, you get a powerful wireless Bluetooth bass headset that is perfect for entertaining in all environments. It is black-themes, has an advanced electronic bass boost circuitry that emphasizes bass, and has a novel system that supports both apt-X and AAC Bluetooth audio streaming. The 40mm drivers on offer generate a wide frequency response. The powerful microphone that it comes with supports hands-free calling, while its aesthetic around-the-ear design is not only comfortable, but also has a sophisticated swivel design that folds for easier storage and transportation. Many people also prefer Sony MDRXB950BT/B for its 20-hour rechargeable battery, support for both passive and corded operation, and the high interference-free signal quality offered.

1. Sennheiser RS120

Top on our list, Sennheiser RS120 is a comfortable on-ear wireless RF headphone with a light and portable construction that benefits individuals of all cadres. When in use, its powerful transmitter connects reliably to targets (televisions and laptops for instance). The charging dock that it comes with charges it to capacity fast and efficiently, while the two AAA NiMH batteries that it comes with keeps its powered for up to 20 hours for an entertaining listening experience. Both speakers are large, professional-grade, and deliver Hi-Fi sound. The three RF channels on offer allow you to customize channels for clearer reception, while its headphone mounted on/off, tuning, and volume controls ease usage. You get a two-year warranty for it.



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