Top 10 Best Backless Booster Car Seats In 2016 Reviews


As you look for a comfortable booster seat for your kid’s needs it is important to prioritize safety and comfort above all other features. By their very design, backless booster car seats are very versatile in order to serve the needs of different users. As such, they can be fitted with ease on cars of different makes and models and can also be adjusted for use by children in different stages of growth and development. In our bid to help you shop for the best backless booster car seats available in 2016, we have evaluated dozens of offers available on the web and chosen the ten which, in our estimation and expert opinion, are best suited for your needs. Each of the booster seats featured below has been tested extensively for compliance with the set standards and suitability of use in different vehicles. You can therefore order the one which meets your needs secure in the knowledge that they will prove great value for your money in the long run.

10. Diono Solana Belt-Positioning Booster

Your kid has a right to a comfortable and safe seat as they ride with you in the car. The Diono Solana Belt-Positioning Booster does just what it is meant to do: enable you to place the seat in a way that the seat belt can be secured safely and comfortably even for long journeys on the road. Other than fulfilling this basic utility function, the seat is also properly contoured and fully padded to ensure the child does not suffer discomfort as the car moves along. The seat offers extra depth and includes enhancements to extend leg support. It is also one of the more versatile booster seats featured in this comprehensive review. Indeed, it is built to accommodate children weighing between 40 and 120 pounds and up to 63 inches in height. In terms of convenience features you get to enjoy a set of retractable cup and snack holders on either side of the seat. As you would expect, the seat comes with a colorful cover which can be removed for purposes of cleaning.

9. Disney Backless Booster Car Seat, Feeling Fanciful

Be assured about the complete safety of your kid as you travel with them in a car when you install this booster safety seat. With the seat in place and properly adjusted you can go ahead to fasten the car seat’s safety belts and guarantee that the child is securely strapped in place. With its lightweight design, you will find this booster seat the best alternative for your travel needs. It is fitted with a convenient cup holder which slides in place with relative ease. Moreover, it is fitted with a colorful microfiber cover (you can specify your preferred color and pattern as you place your order). The cover can be removed for cleaning. It only takes fifteen seconds to get the cover on and off the seat.

8. Dream On Me Coupe Booster Car Seat, Black

Dream On Me safety car seats are renowned for their innovative design which guarantees the best safety standards for young ones travelling in a typical family car. This particular booster seat is a step up in terms of safety and innovation. It boasts of a unique V-shaped design meant to promote even more foolproof safety levels for your kid. It is meant for forward facing installation. As such, it is not only suitable for toddlers but also for bigger kids. The seat itself has extra foam padding not only to take away the shock of the bumps on the road but also to offer extra comfort for your baby. The seat pad has a quality micro-suede covering. This cover is removable for cleaning and is cleared for machine washing.

7. Clek Ozzi Backless Booster Seat, Licorice

Taking your kid with you in the car should not be a cause for unnecessary perturbation or worry. Instead, you should invest in a proven booster seat and be guaranteed that your young one is safe and secure even as they remain comfortable and with relative freedom to enjoy the journey as it progresses. In this innovative booster seat, the safety of your kid is guaranteed no matter how long your journey is set to be. Fitted with a secure and rigid latch system the seat is certain to lock into place, guaranteeing the best levels of safety and comfort for the baby. The lightweight booster is very secure and designed to meet the most exacting structural standards. It is also much better than other seats owing to its removable cover made of microfiber textile material. As such, you can always ensure your booster seat is always clean and ready for the task at hand.

6. Evenflo Amp Performance No Back Booster Car Seat

If you are tired of cantankerous booster seats for your car, now here is a winning design which will satisfy all your requirements with plenty to spare. The designers of this backless booster car seat have left nothing to chance in making and customizing this seat for use in your car. Indeed, the seat has proven to be so versatile that its structural integrity is of such a high standard as to withstand twice the energy used in standard federal crash tests. Indeed, it is the perfect choice for parents who need a booster seat for long journeys. The seat is yet another proof that Evenflo is the preeminent brand when it comes to high performance safety seats as well as accessories. As it is very customizable, you can use it with children of different ages from four years and up. Do not settle for a seat that barely meets the set specifications. Go for this ultimate booster seat and be assured that your child is safe no matter what happens in the course of the journey.

5. Clek Olli Backless Booster Seat, Jet

If you are convinced that the safety and security of your kid in the car is something that you cannot afford to bargain with, then here is a backless booster seat that will meet all your expectations. Designed to be as versatile as it is comfortable, this is a booster seat which will suit different car designs as well as children at different stages of growth and development. To add to its impressive utility value, the newest design of this booster seat now comes complete with a cup holder. The designers of the seat have elected for a truly innovative approach which guarantees the seat feels like part and parcel of the main car seat. Moreover, it includes an extra layer of padding material to prevent what is known as the “numb-bum” effect.

4. Evenflo Amp Lx No Back Booster Car Seat, Pop Blue

This is a cool looking backless booster seat for your family car. With your kid securely strapped in on this booster seat, you can now rest assured that they are reasonably safe even in the most unexpected of incidences. As such, you can concentrate on driving and leave them to enjoy the ride, sunk in the seat’s sumptuous comfort. As you would expect, this booster seat relies on your car’s safety belts. However, it makes it makes it more comfortable to strap in your child as it adds some height as well as padding to make up for their lack of height and girth. With a set of belt clip accessories, you can easily position the belts, irrespective of your car seat’s design or size. Moreover, there is a set of elastic cup holders which offer the perfect fit in the car. This particular booster seat is pop blue in appearance. However, you can order alternatives all set in beautiful, vibrant finishes.

3. Cosco Juvenile Top Side Booster Car Seat, Turquoise

Finally here is a backless booster seat for your car that you can affix with ease without need for special tools or contracting a handyman for the task. The Cosco Juvenile Top Side Booster Car Seat is designed with the need to prioritize the safety and comfort of your child all the time they are in the car. While the booster seat is one of the most secure available in the industry, it does not unnecessarily curtail the freedom of your child in the car,. Moreover, it is designed to offer maximum comfort for the child even if the journey is meant to last for lengthy hours. As versatile as they come, this booster seat can be transitioned from one car to another with relentless ease. Moreover, the new 2016 design comes with wan extended 100 pound limit to offer capacity for securing bigger children.

2. Graco Affix Backless Youth Booster Seat with Latch System

Owing to the excellent pedigree of products designed and marketed by Graco, it will be of little surprise that the runner-up in this comparative ranking is also manufactured by the esteemed company. The Graco Affix Backless Youth Booster Seat with Latch System is also designed to securely protect the child while riding in the back seat. Moreover, it makes it very easy for you to fix the safety belt more securely, guaranteeing the safety of the child without much of a compromise in the comfort levels. As it comes complete with a set of front adjustments, you can easily as well as speedily secure the booster seat to the vehicle without losing time or making errors. It is also made with standards dimensions to guarantee that it fits well within a variety of vehicle models and makes. With this booster seat you can now travel with your kid and be assured of their safety even as you keep your eyes on the road.

1. Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat, Galaxy

When safety and convenience are the essential factors you have in mind as you shop for a backless booster seat for your car, you will find that this specimen from Graco will fulfill all your requirements aptly. The seat is designed to be versatile to suit the needs of different users. For instance, it is possible to use this seat to securely strap in kids aged from 4 to 10 years. According to specifications of the manufacturer, the seat is suited for kids weighing between 40 and 100 pounds. It has a limit on children measuring 57 inches in height. The variety of features enjoyed by this seat as well as its innate comfort means that it is one of the best selling from the web at the moment. Indeed, the excellent qualities, comfort value and bargain pricing has prompted our high rating as well as the ranking position at the sharper end of this guide. We are not alone in according this seat the best ratings. It has also received numerous awards and top ratings in a variety of publications, magazines as well as websites dedicated to child and parenting products.

By investing in a great booster seat you are guaranteeing the safety as well as the comfort of your young one as they travel with you in the car. The top 10 best backless booster car seats in 2016 as featured above meet the most exacting standards of performance and comply with laid down guidelines. What is more, they are now available at bargain pricing if you place your order online.


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