Top 10 Best Baby Slippers in 2018 Reviews


If you are looking for good baby slippers for your newborn infant or for a growing kid, then you have come to the right place. We have trawled the web looking for the best performing, quality and fitting slippers designed to be worn by babies. After evaluating dozens of different possibilities, we finally arrived at this shortlist of the top 10 good baby slippers on sale in 2018. They are the ones which offer the best fit, are priced affordably and guaranteed to last long as well. It is important for parents and caregivers to take note that these slippers are essentially indoor footwear products and should be used as recommended by the manufacturers. They make for great options if you are looking to protect the sensitive feet of the young kids even as they grow up and begin to explore the world round and about them. As we have personally tested each design, you can go ahead and place your order safe in the knowledge that they will meet and even exceed your expectations.

10. Marvel Avengers Spider-Man Kids A-Line Slippers

Designed, marketed and sold by Marvel the comics company, this is a high quality for young kids and babies. Warm, lightweight and designed to fit well around the growing feet of your child, you will find these slippers highly suitable to the growing demands of your young kids. If your kid is just getting hooked up on the Spiderman or Avengers epics, there can be no better way to help live out the fantasy of the superhero concept. In the same line you will find not only the Spiderman character but also Captain America, Ironman and all the rest of them. You can therefore choose your kid’s stylish preferences or even collect them all for good measure. The softly lined slippers are fully embroidered and feature sublimated graphics true to the original Marvel icons.

9. Disney Frozen Favorite Characters Toddler/Little Kid Slippers

For kids who love the adorable Disney character Frozen there is finally a slipper design which brings to life this epic character to life. Unlike other slippers and footwear products modeled on the Elsa Character, this is a truly genuine creation endorsed and sanctioned by Disney. Made of very lightweight synthetic materials, these are just the sort of slippers to help combat the cold weather as the cold bites in. Your fairy princess will feel light-footed and ready to go out and work her magic on the snowman in the yard. That said though, these are specifically indoor wear slippers and should be used as such.

8. Toddler Boys’ Doggy Slipper

With this slipper designed to fit the growing feet of your baby boy, you can offer protection and support to their sensitive feet even as they learn to take their first steps in life. Made of warm plush linen for the upper shoe, the slippers have an inner and outer layer to guarantee that your little man’s feet are always encased in warmth and protective padding. Underneath is a rubber sole that is substantive enough to absorb shock as well as offer adequate purchase even as your baby learns to take their first faltering steps. The doggy face made complete with adorable embellishments will serve to make the slipper even more suitable for your growing baby’s fantasy aspirations. Buy this adorable today and you will be in time to enjoy a limited time discount offer as well as free shipping.

7. Thomas & Friends The Tank Engine Blue A-Line Slippers

Now you can buy your kid this adorable slipper made in the fashion of the inimitable character Thomas the Tank Engine of the Thomas & Friends cartoon show. The blue slip-on slippers feature the distinctive appearance of the tank engine character and will therefore evoke wonder and attachment for your impressionable kid, already familiar with the famous TV show character. The A-Line slippers are intended to be easy to wear but nonetheless guaranteed to not slip off even when the young one is involved in plenty of boisterous play. They feature an upper shoe section made of a foamy material complete with fleece lining for warmth and shock absorption. As such your kid can run up and down, jump and generally frolic around the house without suffering injury for it.

6. Foamtreads Rocket Slipper for Toddlers and Little Kids

Cute and adorable, these slippers will be a perfect fit for your young infant or toddler. Available in a variety of sizes to suit babies of upward of a couple of months to big kids aged 12 years, you will be spoilt for choice when looking to fit your kid with the perfect pair of indoor footwear this year. The upper part of the slipper is made from quality fabric. This is soft and intended to provide support as well as warmth as the child tries to get their footing across cold floors. The synthetic sole is no less resilient in terms of construction and performance. It offers support and padding even when the wearer is walking in pretty hard floor surfaces. Moreover, it is completely waterproof and guaranteed to offer the best protection possible to the gentle feet the slipper enfolds.

5. Kamik Cozy Cabin Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid)

Elegant in appearance and soft to the touch, these slippers are designed for babies and growing kids. As such, they are available in different sizes ranging from 5M for 1 year old toddlers to 10M for bigger kids aged from 8-12 years. They are fitted with a felt sole that will provide protection and warmth as the kid panders up and about in the house. The upper shoe is also made from felt and finished off to show off very colorful hues, just the sort of shoes needed to complement your kid’s outfit. To offer maximum support as well as guard against the biting cold, the slippers also feature faux fur lining covering the shoes from the toe area to the heel. The insole is made from cushioned felt and includes foam elements to provide extra support. We were also very impressed by the ingenious approach in the design of the sole with its printed patterns offering resilient grip even when the ground beneath is slippery and treacherous.

4. DADAWEN Boy’s Girl’s Closed Toe Outdoor Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid)

The popularity of this “DADAWEN”style Sandal kids’ slipper has increased markedly this year. Looking at all its design features, comfort levels and sheer elegance it is not that hard to understand why new parents are falling over each other as they compete to see their kids bedecked in these truly magnificent slippers. Made of true cowhide leather cured and softened to prove just the right materials for your young kiddo, the slippers are certain to last long and retain their functional value considerably too. To guarantee the maximum comfort, the slippers are lined with pigskin leather inside guaranteeing you good cushioning and a sure protection against bad smells. Please note that these imported shoes have Chinese sizes indicated though it is easy to convert to US or European sizes using a readily available size chart.

3. Minnetonka Cassie Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid)

This is a comfortable and resilient pair of slippers made by Minnetonka and meant for toddlers and young kids to wear while indoors and even while having fun outside the house. Minnetonka is footwear brand which has distinguished itself over the decades for the design of shoes which reflect the free spirited, relaxed, timeless American style. This design philosophy is immediately apparent when you regard these impeccable shoes from the off. Made of a supple, cow suede leather; the slippers are resilient as they are comfortable. Their classic looks are enhanced by the inclusion or real rawhide laces. They also feature faux shearing lining which will serve to increase the warmth and protect the soft soles of the child wearing these shoes. The slippers are also fitted width well treaded rubber soles which add to the stability and non-slip qualities of the shoe. Indeed, these slippers offer you a choice to let your kid begin life off as a fashionable person without looking ostentatious or out of place.

2. ACORN Kids Acorn Moc Slipper

In keeping with their well deserved reputation as designers and creators of comfortable classic footwear, Acorn has yet again churned a definite winner in the form of this baby’s slipper. The Moc Slipper is as comfortable as its is fuzzy in appearance. It is just the sort of footwear you need to put on your young kid’s feet as they pander around in the home. As such, they will never have to feel the cold getting to their vulnerable feet. And, as the slippers are so adorable and comfortable, they will not dream of kicking them off. The soles are also durable and completely waterproof. The upper shoe is made of a fuzzy polyester material that adds to the overall attraction of the slippers. The soles are indeed treaded to ensure they are resiliently slip resistant. Indeed, you can get your toddler a pair of slippers which are not only trendy but also comfortable and safe to wear all the time in the house.

1. Sesame Street ELMO Red Toddler Sock Top Slippers

Made from synthetic materials, these toddler slippers will bring to life the drama of the Sesame characters when your kid begins to wear them in and around the house. In keeping with the profile of the loveable Sesame street Elmo toy, these slippers are cuddly and guaranteed to offer plenty of fun for the growing kid in your home. The slippers feature a soft as well as plush upper emblazoned with the unmistakable ELMO character complete width the gazing, unblinking demeanor. The soles are specially enhanced to ensure they are completely slip resistant and comfortable. They are an absolute must have for any kid who is entranced by the Sesame Street charade. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. These are the original Elmo Red toddler slippers. They are even licensed and passed by the creators of the Sesame Street kid’s show as authentic originals.

As outlined in the reviews featured above, there is no shortage of enticing and, indeed cute designs when it comes to slippers for the young and the very young. The ten featured above are the most suitable for young kids and are exclusively meant for wearing indoors or for short errands in the yard. But you do not have to take our word for it. Check out the offers as they are on the leading web stores and you might just in time to enjoy unbelievable discount offers to boot.


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