Top 10 Best Atomic Wall Clocks In 2018 Reviews


Atomic wall clocks are stylish and innovative household accessories that work better than traditional wall clocks. Apart from displaying accurate time, for instance, most models display accurate weather statistics to help individuals to plan their days and have a productive experience overall. Their radio-controlled systems also synchronize time across several time zones without compromising accuracy while their durability and the sleek accessories that most individuals get have made them sought after by homeowners all over the world. To get the best of the best product your home, this article reviews the 10 best atomic clocks that you will never regret buying.

10. Ambient Weather RC-1250CH


Featuring a 12.5-inch cherry finished body that blends well in homes and a premium system that transforms ordinary wall clock in a fully-fledged weather station, Ambient Weather RC-1250CH is a well-designed atomic clock that scores high in terms of style and functionality. The radio-controlled system that buyers get, for instance, is accurate and designed to synchronize time metrics several times a day. As such, unlike most traditional wall clocks that go out of sync several times throughout their lives, you do not have to reset it often to maintain accurate time at home. It also has a unique override daylight feature that automatically adjusts daylight savings according to your time zone and a convenient battery-powered design that will serve you well for several years. Finally, forget about the noisy wall clocks that often disrupt sleep. This one of a kind atomic clock has lightweight hands that not only lower motor workload and extend battery life but also work silently.

9. La Crosse Technology 513-149


A dominant company in the atomic watch niche, La Crosse Technology has manufactured many novel products with this 11-inch 513-149 model ranking among the best-selling in 2016. Even though compact, the digital clock and thermostat that it comes with display accurate time and temperature metrics. Its screen is large, clear, and stylish while it accuracy and relative ease of use has made it one of the best for home use. When planning to spend time in your local park, for instance, you no longer have to gamble as most individuals did in the past. Apart from tracking time well, you will also know whether the environment in your locality is welcoming and therefore suitable for lounging. You also get trend arrows for both temperature metrics, a fully automated daylight time saver, and an environmentally friendly battery powered system with a built-in battery icon that mirrors the status of its sensor and battery life. This clock supports seven time zones (HAT, AKT, PST, MST, CST, EST, and AST), has a built-in alarm with a 10-minute snooze, and comes with a free weather resistant transmitter for outdoor use.

8. SkyScan 88909


Even though simple, SkyScan 88909 is a professional grade digital atomic clock with a built-in perpetual calendar that covers four continental zones (PST, MST, CST, and EST). The digital wall clock that it comes with is accurate and displays large 3-inch digits that you can read from a distance. The temperature data (outdoor and indoor) that it displays are very accurate (courtesy of its automated DST system) while the minimum and maximum temperature metrics that it displays enable you to plan well for your days without depending on the weather forecasts in your locality. If style is a concern, this atomic clock has an appealing design that blends well in contemporary and traditional homes. SkyScan Atomic Digital Clock 88909 is battery powered, affordable, and has a manual setting option that you can use to tinker with its settings on demand.



With this MARATHON CL030033SV atomic clock, you get a durable and aesthetic wall clock with a self-adjusting and self-setting system that displays time of eight time zones (AKST, HST, AST, CST, MST, and PST). It is battery powered, has a built-in stand that enables you to use it bedside and on tabletops, and has a sturdy body with an aesthetic brushed silver theme that blends well in most types of homes. If you are tired of your old and traditional wall clock, therefore, this model is an excellent replacement. Its four-inch high large display design is easy to read from a distance. The multiple display modes offered (24 hours, 12 hours, Fahrenheit, and Celsius) allow you to customize its performance to match your needs. MARATHON CL030033SV comes assembled and ready to use.

6. WT-3143A-INT


Durable, black-themed, and with a convenient 14-inch design,WT-143A-INT is a modern-looking clock (atomic) that reports time in hours, minutes, and seconds from four US time zones. Unlike comparable traditional ones that required manual adjustment, this clock auto sets and auto adjusts via radio signals to maintain its accuracy. It also auto-adjusts daylight time and has a low maintenance plastic frame that you can clean using a damp cloth. WT-3143A-INT is pocket-friendly, battery-powered (one AAA alkaline), and is accurate to the second.

5. WS-115U-S


With an original WS-115U-S, you get a quality clock (digitized) with a stylish silver theme that does not dull nor fades over time. Time display is clear and accurate courtesy of its self-setting system. The temperature display offered is also accurate while the plaid alkaline batteries that it uses boost its portability and ease of installation in all areas of the home. Whether you are looking for an atomic watch for use in your modern living room and or bedroom, this model will never disappoint you. It is affordable, has an impressive wireless range of up to 260 feet, and has three built-in languages (Spanish, English, and French) that you can set as needed to match you needs.

4. WT-8002U


WT-8002U from La Crosse Technology is a dependable digital wall clock that displays time metrics in both 24 hour and 12-hour modes. The digital calendar that it comes with displays accurate and detailed metrics (month, date, and week) while its built-in time alarm is not only loud but also has a snooze feature that you can exploit to prolong sleep for a few more minutes after a long night out. If you have a tight budget, WT-8002U is affordable. The diverse installation options (free standing and wall hanging) benefit individuals of all cadres while its convenient 5 x 3-inch design with a large built-in LCD screen that displays large 1-inch tall temperature digits. You do not have to strain to read its metrics, as is always the case with some traditional digital wall clock.

3. AcuRite 75077


A popular atomic clock and weather forecaster among homeowners, AcuRite 75077 is durable, affordable, and has a convenient Jumbo screen that displays clear, well-spaced, and uncluttered reading experience. All clock updates are automated to deliver split-second accuracy. The 12 hour and 24-hour temperature metrics that it delivers are also accurate while the remote sensor that it comes with boosts its performance in both household and office settings. AcuRite 75077 has a wireless range of 330 feet, has 14 dedicated icons that will help you to plan your day well, and has a patented and self-calibrating 6.2-inch x 7.9-inch x 1-inch design with an extra-large LCD screen that blends well in homes. An original AcuRite 75077 will benefit you immensely.

2. WT-3122A


Featuring a classic wooden body that adds warmth and style to drab homes, WT-3122A is also durable and has a well-designed atomic analog clock that updates automatically. Measuring 12.5-inches, it is large and recommended for use as an accent piece in homes. Functionality is also impressive while its automated radio-controlled settings (including daylight time saving) maintains its accuracy to help you to stay in time for all your appointments. Unfortunately, individuals outside the United States time zones have to set this AA alkaline battery-powered atomic clock manually to enjoy its value. WT-3122A is affordable and perfect for use at home.

1. WS-8117U-IT-AL 8117U-IT-AL


Choose WS-8117U-IT-AL 8117U-IT-AL to get a professional atomic wall clock in aluminum and black with temperature sensors that generate accurate metrics for efficient planning. It generates automated time and date metrics. The perpetual calendar that it comes with is also accurate while its automated self-setting and self-adjustment (wireless) technologies that it comes with keeps its data and statistics accurate to within one second. You also get daylight adjustment, an impressive 330-foot transmission range, time zone settings, and a portable battery-powered design that works virtually maintenance-free over the years.


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